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The Department of Culture, is the voice of the Trade Federation. It is up to the skilled authors and graphic designers of the Department to publish the recent news and events in the Federation, as well as prepare GNS posts for publishing by the Cabinet. Each team of the Department of Culture strives to make the Trade Federation a better place in their own way.

The position of Director of Culture was discontinued on Year 15 Day 304. Since then the Team Leaders are responsible for working together within the Department and work directly with the Chancellor of Government Affairs.


Department of Culture Teams

Development Team

The maintenance of the Trade Federation's holoserver is a hard task and certainly not something that a single person can do. This is why the Trade Federation Development Team, a group of skilled programmers, was formed.
Team Leader: Olwin Froon

Art Team

The Art Team manufactures all images for the Trade Federation. They are the ones responsible for creating and maintaining the pleasant look of the Trade Federation's holosite, holoboards and assets.
Lead Artist: Jacob Jansen

Library Team

The Trade Federation is an organization rich in history and knowledge, and someone has to preserve them. This is the reason why the Library Team was created. Revitalized in Year 13, it works tirelessly to archive everything about the Federation and its members.
Chief Archivist:

Morale Team

Personnel activities are an important part of the day-to-day life in the Trade Federation. Due to the need of someone to organize and monitor these activities the Morale Team was formed. The team makes sure that the life of the Federation's members is full of entertainment and never dull.
Morale Leader:

Federation Ledger Team

The Federation Ledger is the Trade Federation's magazine. In it are posted the most interesting events in the Federation and the Galaxy. It is due to this and the art team's collaborative work that the Ledger is published once a month.
Ledger Editor-in-Chief:

Hall of Houses

Each house is responsible for the local governing of a home system, which they are tasked for developing into unique cultural havens showcasing the Federation's own rich diversity of life.
Administrator: Jacob Jansen

Join the Department of Culture

Are you satisfied with the work you do for the Trade Federation, but yet feel that there is more you can do to help the Federation? Do you have a talent for graphics design, writing or programming? Then the Department of Culture is just the place for you. Working in the Department of Culture is a part time job; meaning you do not need to leave your current department/job. Additionally, performing tasks for the Department will earn you additional income above your base salary. The Hall of Houses does not directly have any jobs, for more information see our House System page for details about the individual houses.

If you would like to join one of the Culture teams contact the team leader for further information.

Department of Culture famous members

Tal Ercrow

Kurner Dahtar

Dominic Masters

Siejo Kutol

Drakken Ryder

Sephiroth Rhapsodos

Ted Winner

Garon Lennister

Otto Kipler

Lilith Delcroix

Department of Culture awards

Image:Ledgersmall.png - Ercrow Star

Image:Wikismall.jpg - Dahtar Award

Image:Gae.jpg - Graphic Award of Excellence

Image:MSR.png - Morale Support Rose

Image:MoC.png - Medal of Culture

Image:IDB.png - Identifications Dedication Bar

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