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Image:Lilith delcroix ava.png
Biographical Information
Full Name: Lilith Delcroix
Homeworld: Unknown Regions
Born: Year -8 Day 177
Physical Description
Race: Hapan
Gender: Female
Height: 1,68 meters
Colouring: Pale skin
Hair Colour: Various
Eye Colour: Amber
Trade Federation Service
Status: Expelled
Prior Service: -

Lord Lilith Delcroix, also known by her full name Countess Lilith Delcroix of Vorsia, was born approximately in Year -8 Day 177 (24 years old) by the Combine Galactic Time. In her late teendage years Lilith left her homeworld in the Unknown Regions and travelled to the Core Worlds where she gained experience of business in the known galaxy. Her reckless lifestyle led her to joining the underworld and eventually the Black Sun crime syndicate. After several dramatic events in the Family, she returned to legitimate business by working in the Royal House James of Hapes and in mid-Year 13 starting her own company. Dark Skies Gearworks lasted over a year before it was closed down after Lilith lost her wife to a tragic accident. She agreed to join Trade Federation when she was offered to lead the newest nationalize company. After almost a year as the CEO of Vorsia Gearworks, Lilith was replaced by Ithael Slite and moved to a different career path in Trade Federation. On Year 15 Day 289 Minister Salamku Derov announced Lilith as the new Director of Trade.

Lilith was the Director of Trade, Chief Archivist, Lead Artist of the Art Team, Headmaster of Evocati, Judge of Terr'skiar Sector and sovereign of Vorsia Companion. She is also renowned artisanal starship designer with a reputation spanning the galaxy.

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Early Years

Young Lilith.

Born in the Unknown Regions of the galaxy, Lilith was born into a noble House Delcroix, she grew up as a child of nobility with Hapan ancestry. Her mother Amelia had passion for work and politics; she was not very interested in raising a family. It was up to Elenar, Lilith’s father, to care for Lilith in her earliest years whenever time allowed him to and do his best to make up for the lack of mother’s affection. As part of the upper class Lilith received the best education since young age and was groomed towards her eventual role as heir of the noble House. Unfortunately education of young noble women involved more practical lessons as opposed to academic. Manners and etiquette were of importance, including how to curtsey and how to mix with the other noble Houses.

Lilith hated all of it. The academic and business classes she preferred a lot more. In later years it led to many arguments between her and Amelia. The political scene of her home-system was where Lilith discovered her affinity and talent for business and management. She often accompanied her father on meetings and diplomatic events. Lilith’s first relationship was with Jacqueline de`Lorraine, a year older noble girl. Jacqueline parents did not agree with the relationship when they found out and convinced their daughter she would be better off with someone else while Lilith was away for several weeks. Upon return Lilith was heartbroken to find her girlfriend in arms of another, and even worse, a man. Consumed by jealously and hate Lilith attacked the man and badly injured him.

Jacqueline was furious with Lilith and after that day they never saw each another. Week by week the heartbroken young Hapan grew more distant from her. Feeling trapped, Lilith didn’t see a positive future in her home and decided to leave the system. She knew it was a great risk trying to reach the known galaxy through uncharted space but she had to try. The Force granted her fortune and Lilith reached the Core Worlds without any major accident. After settling into the initially overwhelming environment Lilith used her talent for making connections. She travelled a lot, setting up meetings and negotiating contracts on behalf of many different companies. She made contacts with manufacturers, mining corporations and traders among others, becoming the link that brought them together in profit for all involved.

Roots of Underworld

Hologram of Lilith.

During her rising career Lilith began frequenting night clubs and bars. There she developed a taste for alcohol, especially Corellian Whiskey and still feeling heartbroken about Jacqueline, she was happy to find comfort in arms of other women. The reckless life style, however, led her down a path she did not anticipate. One night a mystifying woman set her eyes on Lilith’s charismatic and playful personality, later revealing herself as a Dark Jedi. Oblivious to the manipulation Lilith was drawn to the Dark Side aura and fell into a trap of deceiving love. Without realizing it Lilith became very submissive and dependant on the relationship. The Dark Jedi changed Lilith’s personality, beguiling her with false hopes and promises.

Lilith followed the woman into Maurari Force sect of the Black Sun trading syndicate. Being the only person not attuned to the Force changed her life, suddenly she had access to information and training most in the galaxy only hears rumours about. When Lilith proved her worth she was accepted into the Family by Vigo Amaranalah Jou on her flagship MC-80b “BSS Prosthetic Conscience”. The meeting was a life changing experience and Vigo Jou became Lilith’s icon. Service in the Family wasn’t without its difficulties but Lilith embraced the core values of Family, Honour, Profit and tirelessly worked on improving her skills with hopes to become a Spectre. During her time in the Family, Lilith became close friends with Jecal Nadrihm and Keyukep Xiuhcoatl

Unfortunately her hopes didn't mean to have a happy end; the deception of the Dark Jedi woman had crushed Lilith’s dreams and left her with more than physical scars. Using their relationship, she deceived Lilith into leaving the Family with her. Too late Lilith discovered the Dark Jedi’s treachery and it wasn’t taken well by Vigo Jou. As consequence the Dark Jedi was executed and Lilith was held in prison for several days before being released to home-custody under direct supervision. It lasted for weeks but Lilith was allowed to work directly for her Vigo so she was happy to go through it to clear her name. Lilith hoped the second change would allow her to reach her dream, but time proved her wrong yet again. Vigo Jou stopped communicating over night at the begging of Year 12 and was gone from the galaxy. After waiting for several weeks to no avail, Lilith was disheartened and sought permission from the Dark Prince Orion to retire, it was not granted often but Lilith was allowed to part from the Family.

Independent Enterprise

Forgemaster Lilith.

Using her amassed finances and connection Lilith bought control of a large moon in Neshig sector while she was still in the Family. It took time and effort to create a new form of government but eventually the massive population accepted her as the sole ruler. It began a new era for the moon, an era of development and prosperity for Lilith began a large scale operation to reconstruct all the major cities to improve the standards of living. The operation lasted for several years. During that time Lilith met Princess Jessica James of Hapes. Their friendship led to eventual invitation to join the House James where Lilith worked as Retainer for two years.

The time in House James was very rewarding and Lilith developed many skills when working on large industrial projects, ranging from production to planet development. After the two years of work, the Terephon system was vastly improved and House James fleet saw many new additions. In year 13 Lilith decided to use the experience to create her own company and formed Dark Skies Gearworks with one of her oldest friends. The business partnership lasted for several months till Lilith was able to afford buy control of the whole company. From that point Gearworks was faced with rapid expansion, signing Act of Vorsia with Trade Federation and later pursing diplomatic agreements with Avance Coalition. Dark Skies Gearworks lasted as an independent company for over a year.

Several months before closure of DSG, Lilith met Ankha Natanaele, diplomat and Senator from New Republic. The mutual attraction for each another developed into a relationship and on Lilith’s 23rd birthday, Ankha asked for her hand in marriage. Lilith was eager to accept and it seemed like her future would be happy. However the Force had different plans. It manifested itself inside of her, awakening Lilith’s connection to the Force. Not long after Ankha had a tragic accident and Lilith was left heartbroken. It was even more traumatic due to her inability to cope with the newfound sensitivity to the galaxy around her. Combined with the stress from work, it was simply too much and Lilith couldn’t continue with leading the company. DSG officially closed on Year 14 Day 282.

Trade Federation

Director Delcroix with her girlfriend.

Taking few weeks away from business and responsibilities helped Lilith to get her life back together. She slowly learned to cope with the emotional pain, mostly through alcohol which led her to rediscover her taste for Corellian Whiskey. While in seclusion of Vorsia, Lilith remained in contact with Trade Federation and talks with Olwin Froon and Nohv Schiller developed into proposal to form the Department of Recycling. Trade Federation was still in need of urban renewal and preferred to deal with Lilith because of the prior successful business partnership. The proposed position meant less stress and more time to concentrate on demolitions, so Lilith agreed and joined the Federation. Department of Recycling was officially revealed on Year 14 Day 311 with Lilith appointed as the Director.

Trade Federation proved to be beneficial not only to Lilith’s business life and career, but also to her personal life. One of her oldest friends Jecal Nadrihm joined Federation’s Ministry of Defence on Lilith’s advice. Excited to see Jecal after she was spent almost two years exploring the galaxy, they spent much of their free time together whenever possible. After so much turmoil in her life, Lilith enjoyed to catch up and remember the good times in the past. Over the course of several weeks they discovered their desire to be more than friends and became lovers in begging of Year 15. Much later in the same year after almost a year as the CEO of Vorsia Gearworks, Lilith was replaced by her appointed Deputy Director Ithael Slite and moved to a different career path in Trade Federation. Several weeks later she was officially appointed as the Director of Trade.

Alongside her job as Director, Lilith is also Chief Archivist of the Library, Co-Leader of the Art Team, Judge of Terr'skiar Sector and Headmaster of Evocati.

Service Record

Rank Insignia


Promotion Date

Director of Recycling [HC-2]

Year 14 Day 311

Director of Trade [HC-2]

Year 15 Day 289

Regional Governor [GL-1]

Year 16 Day 36

Trade Federation Government Affairs

  • Knight - Year 14 Day 322, Evocati Order
  • Chief Archivist - Y15 D61, Department of Culture
  • Art Co-Leader - Y15 D62, Department of Culture
  • Headmaster - Year 15 Day 65, Evocati Order
  • Judge of Terr'skiar Sector - Year 15 Day 184, Department of Justice
  • Lord - Year 15 Day 298, Evocati Order
  • Lead Artist - Year 15 Day 346, Department of Culture

Awards and Commendations

Award Image

Award Name

Given By

Date Received


Directorate Ribbon

Olwin Froon

Year 14 Day 311


Bronze Seal

Jacob Jansen

Year 15 Day 37


Distinguished Service Medal

Jacob Jansen

Year 15 Day 37


Dahtar Award

Marco Salo

Year 15 Day 37


Medal of Recycling - Gold

Marcus Justinian

Year 15 Day 173


Medal of Culture

Marco Salo

Year 15 Day 173


Identifications Dedication Bar

Marco Salo

Year 15 Day 173


Evocati Seal

Inner Circle

Year 15 Day 202


Evocati Service Medal Level 1

Inner Circle

Year 15 Day 297


Tour of Duty 1 Year

Jacob Jansen

Year 15 Day 302

Non-Federation Awards

Accolades obtained in Dark Skies Gearworks:

  • Dael`mor Logistics Veteran - For being part of Dael`mor Logistics before Gearworks.
  • Ancient Gear III - For continuous activity over 1 year.
  • Holonet Activity III - For posting over 600 times on Gearworks HoloNet.
  • Demolition Expert III - For recycling over 150 entities.
  • Logistic Ace I - For completing logistic missions.
  • Iron Gear - Nominated by employees and awarded by Tex Navos for commitment to Gearwork.
  • 1st Year Memorial Gear - Given on Year 14 Day 185 to all those active at the time of first year celebration.
  • Foundry Foreman I - For managing production of 12 entities.

Personal Information

Description and personality

Lilith is a very pale, small sized Hapan woman with long blond hair, often coloured fiery red or natural black. She was born with emerald green eyes but the Dark Side turned her eyes amber long time ago, something she is quite fond of. Lilith is not very tall for a human and has a skinny figure; though she always managed to keep it athletic shaped with training. Lilith’s most prominent distinguishing feature is the cybernetic arm. Her whole right arm and part of her shoulder is artificial. The cybernetics changed many times and Lilith had at least one major operation to improve its efficiency, but she never tries to hide the fact that she has an artificial arm. The cybernetics can be easily recognised by the metallic silver surface and engraved flowery patterns. For casual clothing Lilith is often seen wearing a tailor-made suit with trousers and fitting boots. Contrast to the expensive attire is tattered black robes Lilith wears during Force training, though during ceremonies Lilith wears white robes. When required to wear armour, formally or for protection, Lilith prefers her custom forged ivory heavy battle armour.

Lilith’s personality changed the most after the loss of Ankha. After finding her way into the galaxy’s underworld and having her will broken the by Dark Jedi woman, she was struggling to fill the hole that false love left behind. For many years Lilith searched for purpose through relationships, blindly believing that the only way she would feel whole again was by being with someone. Her eyes were opened when yet again she was alone and in pain after Ankha’s accident. It was not just a realization of how ridiculously dependant she was, it was matter of survival. Her dominant personality buried beneath submissiveness, resurfaced again when she needed it the most. Lilith took charge over life, no longer clinging to the foolish ideals of true love. Since then Lilith demeanour became more dominant, independent and abrupt, though the numerous mistreatments and heartbreaks left behind emotional insecurity she was not yet been able to overcome entirely.

She won’t let anyone or anything stand in her way. She relies on her instincts and sense of honour. If she disagrees with someone, Lilith makes no attempts to hide it and will go into great deals to either get her way or find middle ground. Though she is not unreasonable and if it is clear she is wrong, she is not afraid to admit it and/or work with others if their way is more efficient.

Lilith is confident, intelligent, opinionated, sometime very stubborn and often sarcastic but she is also playful and charismatic when she wants to be. She likes to make decisions, is not easily intimidated by others, and doesn’t worry about what others think of her. Lilith always strives to be in charge when it comes to her professional life. In her relationship, however, she treats her partner as equal and with respect.

Since young age Lilith practiced sword fighting skills, at first out of interest as martial arts appealed to her more than blasters. Which was influenced by the stories of the Sith and their duels. Much later during her time in Maurari and Black Sun Lilith trained more vigorously to advance her skills. In the underworld of the galaxy she needed to be able to defend herself and once aspired to be the Spectre of her Vigo. In the years following her retirement Lilith kept on training, becoming exceptional swordfighter. Other combat orientated skills are lacking, interest in heavy weaponry made her only averagely accurate. Most of her life Lilith was mainly improving engineering skills to help her with work; such as management, capital ship piloting, crafting and repair.

The Force

Knight Lilith.

In the past Lilith's views on the Force have been heavily influenced by the Dark Side teachings and different views were shunned by the single minded perspective. However over time she developed a different opinions and when her sensitivity was discovered she quickly realized she would not be able to embrace hate and anger of the Dark Side as many who followed that path did. Though neither she was able to abandon the darkness. Lilith doesn't view the Force powers as inherently good or evil. Instead it is up to how the Force powers are used.

Different to many others, Lilith believes that there is only the Dark side, often referring to the Force simply as the darkness. In her opinion the Dark side is not necessary evil, cruel or corrupted. Those are merely aspects of the Dark side and actions of each Force user determine their morality or immorality. The so called Light side is just another aspect of the Dark Side; as light cannot exist without casting shadows but darkness can exist in the absence of light. Lilith believes without embracing hate the Dark side can offer the same peace and serenity the Jedi claim can be found only through light. This believe is her own and she also follows the Code of Evocati.

Since initial attempts at self-training Lilith focused on lightsaber combat skills more than powers of the Force. Though while strengthening her connection she began to discover her potential in manipulation of fear by attuning to her own emotional scars. Healing with the Force and channeling Force Lightning became other areas of interest during her training. On Year 14 Day 323 her teacher Olwin Froon announced Lilith's promotion to Knight of Evocati. As her knowledge of the Force grew, her potential was recognised by the Inner Circle and she was appointed as Headmaster of Evocati on Y15 D65. Later in the Year 15, Lilith took on more responsibility by taking an Apprentice when she discovered the Force potential within her girlfriend Jecal Nadrihm.


  • "Guide me Force, guide me to where the traveller never tires, the lover never leaves, the hungry never starve. Guide me home."
  • "Stand in the ashes of a dying world, and ask the ghosts if honour matters. It is all we have left."
  • "Drinking whiskey never solved anything but then again neither did drinking blue milk."
  • "Never compromise. Not even in the face of Armageddon."
  • "Make profit, not war."
  • "Truth at any cost."

Personal Fleet

Just like many other wealthy individuals Lilith is a collector of rare and hard-to-get assets, though her private collection is secondary concern to being able provide for her people due to the Vorsia moon's independence. Many of the vessels registered under Lilith's ownership are part of Vorsian Defence Fleet. The small private fleet is easily recognisable by its white and black paint, turquoise viewports and a crimson lily, Vorsian and Lilith's personal sigil. All ships are registered with prefix "LDS" (Lilith Delcroix Starship). The following ships are just a few in her ownership:

  • Nebulon-B Frigate " LDS Vigo Jou's Revenge"

The frigate was constructed by Olanji Corporation in 4037 (Year 11). It was commissioned by King Jessy James for his daughter Princess Jessica James to accommodate her needs during space travel within Hapes Cluster. It served in the Phoenix Fleet as Princess Jessica’s personal vessel under the name "HJ Enterprise". In late year 4038 (Year 12) the frigate was presented to Lilith Delcroix as a reward for her outstanding services in the Royal House James of Hapes. Since then the ship operates mainly within Vorsia system. It is the most unique ship in Lilith’s fleet due to its macabre and necrotic design. It was named in honour of Vigo Jou.

  • Namana-class Light Cruiser "LDS Last Hour of Sunlight"

The unclear origins of the ship suggest that it was serving in the Black Sun fleet until it was given to Fleur`De Rouge as part of an exchange for captured trader Helena Gladio, although this cannot be confirmed. The unknown original name was changed to “Ankha's Heart” and Fleur kept using it to commit her crimes until her death in Year 14 Day 61. The ownership then passed to pirate Consigliere Syn and in Year 14 Day 122 it was bought by Gilbert Reed for Minerva Umgee, who could not afford the ship on her own and it was held as collateral by Gilbert's company. Later in the same year, Minerva was given a different Namana-class Light Cruiser and “Ankha's Heart” was sold for large amount of Z-95 Headhunter datacards to Robby Rae, owner of FreiTek Inc. He then gifted the cruiser to its namesake, Ankha Natanaele while she was on a trip to Southern sectors. It was rechristened as “AN Tsek” and underwent heavy modifications all designed and remotely managed by Lilith Delcroix, leading to its assignment as the AN fleet's flagship. Unfortunately its new owner did not see the competition.

The cruiser came into Lilith's ownership after the tragic accident of her wife Ankha Natanaele when they were returning from the galaxy's South. Unhappy with the ship's complicated history of dishonourable crimes, causing emotional distress to Ankha and used for misguided shows of affection, Lilith redesigned it entirely again. Majority of the modifications were remotely supervised and done in the Messert shipyards but for the final retrofitting the vessel was moved to Vorsia system where Lilith could overseer it directly to ensure only the core skeleton of Namana-class was all that remained of the original ship. Upon completion it was rechristened to “LDS Last Hour of Sunlight”. Since then the cruiser rests in Vorsia system.

  • Veltraa-class cruisers "LDS Her Will", "LDS Tex Navos" and "LDS Synful Dream"

In late Year 14 Lilith gained information about derelict Interdictor-class Cruiser on the outskirts of the known galaxy. Through her numerous business connections she was able to obtain the ancient vessel and had it delivered to Vorsia. The anonymous manufacturers of Veltraa-Class Cruisers were even harder to contact but eventually they agreed to help repair the defunct ship and sent droids to oversee the operation. With majority of the hull and rooms inaccessible yet, the ship currently resides in Vorsia shipyards where it is being retrofitted with modern systems to match the manufactured Veltraa-class. Upon completion the ship is planned to enter service as Vorsian Defence Fleet flagship under the name "LDS Her Will". The second cruiser of the same class was given to Lilith by her close friend Tex Navos before she died, Lilith decided to name this cruiser in her friend's memory. On Day 250 of Year 15, Lilith obtained her third cruiser from Falleen Federation celebration event. It was named after her companion for the evening Syn.

  • GR-75 Medium Transport "LDS Miss Leviathan"

"Miss Leviathan" is a modified GR-75 Medium Transport and served in the overthrown Corporate Sector Authority (CSA) logistic fleet under the name "Orion" between Year 5 and Year 10, as far as reports go. In the first month of Year 12 the ship was offered for auction via Centrepoint Marketplace by Orphaea Imperium who stole it from CSA. It was eventually purchased from Centrepoint by Lilith Delcroix for 136,000,000 Credits. The heavy freighter is easily recognizable by its unique engines that are much larger than those of standard GR-75, making it twice as fast in sublight.

  • M-Class Mon Calamari Luxury Liner "LDS Dance With The Devil"

The Luxury Liner was purchased by Lilith for 140,000,000 Credits in Year 12 and became her favourite ships to use for recreational cruising or for attending diplomatic events.

  • J-Type 327 "LDS Kaab be Werde"

The Mandalorian name translates to "LKD Sound of Darkness". It was a gift from Mand'alor Kai Oryk.

  • Modular Taskforce Cruiser sister ships "LDS Venus Aversa" and "LDS Mars Genesis"

Terephon shipyards built four Modular Taskforce Cruisers when Princess Jessica James negotiated datacard uses from the Old Republic before it fell apart as a government. Two of the ships were given to Lilith for her contribution in the business deal and management of their construction.

  • Hammerhead Cruiser "LDS Rii Princess I"

A sister ship to Hammerhead Cruiser "Rii Princess II", both named in honour of Princess Jessica James who purchased the cruisers and gifted one to Lilith. Their collective cost was over 300,000,000 Credits.

  • Bayonet-class Light Cruiser "LDS Bloodflower"

The light cruiser was purchased for 300,000,000 from Karvainen Kummajainen. Its relatively fast hyperspeed, armament and ability to carry smaller ships made it perfect for independent operation outside of Vorsia during vacation travel and recreational hunting trips.

  • Carrack/I-class Light Cruiser "LDS Gracefallen"

A long sought after ship by Lilith because of her love of ion weaponry. It was bought from Gilbert Reed for over half a billion Credits. The light cruiser is often used by Lilith as personal transport around Federation space.

  • Tabder-class Heavy Hauler "LDS Prometheus"

“Prometheus” is easily the largest ships in Lilith’s fleet. Its colossal cargo holds largely contributed in several industrial operations around Vorsia and Federation space. It was obtained in mid-Year 14 on public market from Aliyah Shee`lil in a trade for restricted technology.

  • DP-20c Gunship "LDS Gatekeeper"

Available only in limited numbers for private ownership, the small, agile and heavily armed gunship was traded to Lilith in early Year 12 by Jormungand Gand. It was one of the few ships in Lilith ownership that took part in the initial subduing of Vorsia Companion. It safeguards the moon’s orbit ever since.

  • Arquitens Light Cruiser "LDS Billionaire's Prerogative"

The cruiser was among the newest Year 15 additions to Lilith’s fleet. Early in the year it came from bounty hunter underground of Hutt Space. Its astrogation computer showed it participated in skirmishes on Derra IV before relocating to Vorsia.

  • Corona-class frigate "LDS Sanguine Sunset"

In early Year 15 the frigate was a gift from Viceroy Jacob Jansen for Trade Federation Directorate service.

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