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Biographical Information
Full Name: Marcus Justinian
Homeworld: Taanab
Born: Year -6
Physical Description
Race: Chiss
Gender: Male
Height: 1.96 metres
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Red
Trade Federation Service
Status: Active
Ministry: Government Affairs
Position: Chancellor
Prior Service:


Early Years

Marcus Justinian was raised in an orphanage in Taanab, and never knew his parents. His orphanage supported itself through farming activities, and so he lived the simple life of the farmer growing up. To add to the meager diet served at the country orphanage, some of the residents were obliged to hunt for food in the wild. Being a decent shot and posessing good wilderness survival skills, Marcus often was sent out on hunting expeditions. On one such expedition, he was separated from the hunting party, and became lost. Spending the night in the wilderness, Marcus started a fire to keep warm and prepare food, not knowing that the area was restricted for fires. The fire attracted the attention of a small patrol of government security troopers. The platoon returned Marcus to the orphanage in their ship, and the brief experience of flying deeply impressed young Marcus. Upon turning 15, he applied to the military academy, determined to fly again in service to his government. He proved extremely proficient in piloting skills and astonavigation, and he graduated with honors from the academy.

Serving the Trade Federation

After graduating from the academy, Marcus signed on to work in the Trade Federation's Department of Logistics. He piloted cargoes and passengers around Federation space for nine months, before promotion to Flight Lead Officer. During his time as a pilot, he served on Jas Nightblade's Team Raiders and Vlasta Zmaj's Team Rum Runners. As an FLO, Marcus led his own team, Team Silent Assassins. His aptitude to many tasks was evident to his superiors, and it wasn't long before he was promoted again, first to Coordinating Flight Lead Officer, then to Deputy Director of Logistics.

Acquiring Wealth

Upon entering the galaxy, Marcus began to cultivate his meager savings into a proper fortune. After a year of service in the Trade Federation, he had saved up enough funds to begin a small trading operation. Specializing in package deals of ships, droids, items and other equipment, Marcus soon had a tidy profit. He used that profit to reinvest in his trading business, and to invest in real estate as well. Today, Marcus is the landlord for Jawa Mechanic's Friend Conglomerated Industries' galactic headquarters. He has also invested in ship construction, via Hoersch-Kessel Drive, Inc. His success ensured he would never want for money. Astute traders know Marcus for his reliability in trade deals, and his undying love of Naboo-style ships, such as the J-type series of freighters. It has also been rumored that Marcus has cultivated an extensive collection of weapons. This has never been definitively proven, but he is always armed and has been known to purchase large orders of melee weapons, grenades and other explosives.

Service Record

Rank Insignia


Promotion Date



Year 17 Day 195



Awards and Commendations

Award Image

Award Name

Given By

Date Received



Federation Star

Jacob Jansen

Year 17 Day 1195

The Federation Star is awarded for consistent and exemplary service to the awarding officer and or actions which resulted in overall improvement of large sections of the Trade Federation under his control, above and beyond the call of duty... it cannot be awarded for general activity. The year of the award is engraved on the reverse, along with the name, rank and unit of the recipient.


Prospectors Cross

Salamku Derov

Year 16 Day 113

Awarded to those who have dedicated themselves over an extended period to the pursuit of raw materials to feed the forges of the Federation, this is an acknowledgment of consistent exemplary aptitude and self-sacrifice in the field. Can only be awarded once.


Distinguished Service Medal

Otto Kipler

Year 15 297

The Distinguished Service Medal is awarded to any member of the Trade Federation who, while serving with the Federation in any capacity, distinguishes themselves by extraordinary service in a duty of great responsibility. Awarded for combat or non-combat service.


Good conduct

Otto Kipler

Year 15 297

Awarded for demonstrating honorable behavior consistently beyond that expected of personnel in the Trade Federation. Can be awarded up to three times, each level replaces the previous..


Medal of Loyalty

Jacob Jansen


Awarded for exemplary services to the Trade Federation showing extreme loyalty in any scenario within the Trade Federation. This award can only be awarded once.

Image:Silverseal small.jpg

Silver Seal

Jacob Jansen

Year 12 Day 346

The Silver Seal is a medal of high prestige, and may be awarded when an member has performed consistent or exemplary services to the awarding member which were highly notable and influential, but not profound enough to earn a Gold Seal.


Medal of Interior - Gold

Jacob Jansen


Awarded to members of the Ministry of the Interior that have showed consistent or exemplary services to their Interior Department, their support has been invaluable towards the growth of the Trade Federation or NATs and their dedication becoming a shining example to others. One Tour of Duty is the minimal prerequisite for this award.


Housing Project

Jacob Jansen


Awarded to any member who took part in the Trade Federation Sector Housing Project.

Image:Interior veteran.jpg

Interior Veteran

Jacob Jansen


Awarded to members of the Ministry of the Interior who have completed 1 Tour of Duty (1 Year) within the Ministry showing consistent or exemplary services to their Department.


Medal of Industry - Silver

Jacob Jansen


Awarded to Class A construction licensees that have actively and consistently served the Department of Industry in the field of construction, their assistance improving Federation planets and security. The previous medal, The Medal of Industry has been discontinued. Holders have had been reissued the Medal of Industry - Silver in its place.


Ercrow Star

Jacob Jansen


Named in honor of Tal Ercrow, the Ercrow Star is awarded for the extraordinary work in the Confederate Ledger, the newsletter of the Trade Federation.


Tax Planet Pengalan

Jacob Jansen


Awarded to any member who took any part in the Pengalan Tax Planet Construction Project.


Cabinet Ribbon

Jacob Jansen


Awarded to members of the Trade Federation who have served on the Cabinet.


Directorate Ribbon

Jacob Jansen


Awarded to members of the Trade Federation who have served on the Directorate.


Tour of Duty

Jacob Jansen


The Tour of Duty Medal is awarded to members of the Trade Federation who have completed 1 Tour of Duty (1 Year) under the current Viceroy of the Trade Federation. A gold dot is added to the medal bar to indicate further Tours.

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