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Navigational Information
Planet: Taanab
Sector: Zeemacht Cluster
System: Taanab
Sun(s): Tive Sun (17, 18)
Geographical Information
Size: 10x10
Atmosphere: Temperate/Breathable
Climate: Temperate/Breathable
Social Information
Goverment: Trade Federation
Population: 317,620,661 inhabitants
Native Species: None
Languages: Galactic Basic
Industry: Unknown
Currency: None
Important Cities: None
Point of Interest: None
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Taanab is a planet kept consistently temperate by the extraordinary shape of its orbit. The elliptical shape of the orbit narrows as it approaches the system's lone star, keeping it closer to the star for longer then a normal orbit would. Astronomers do not agree on exactly why this is, however. Taanab's surface is dominated by a large ocean and dotted with several continents. While its largest continents are covered in old growth forests and rolling grasslands, its lush, thick jungles have large sections that remain unexplored, attracting adventurers from around the galaxy, and its pristine beaches make the planet equally popular with tourists.

Historically most of the planet's population has lived in several small urban centers on the largest, forested island where natural resources were more prevalent and easily attainable. Mines, farms, and forestry camps were common throughout the continent which remained relatively undeveloped compared to other metropolitan areas until the Trade Federation chose the planet for its new capital after the First Galactic Civil War. Taanab was originally chosen by the first Viceroy Corbin Esco to be the site of one of the viceregal palaces, but after the decision was made to move the capital from Nemoidia Viceroy Corbin chose to move the government to Taanab as well. Its underdeveloped landscape made it ideal for the large scale urban planning that a new capital demanded. Forsetti, the capital city, was then built around the growing palace complex on the main continent's western shore. After the completion of Forsetti, the embassy district in the south sea, the viceregal retreat at Camp Gunray, and the headquarters of the Department of Logistics at Fort Esco, Taanab has grown to be the political hub of the whole Federation. Many officials and soldiers are stationed on Taanab, and many more citizens have flocked to its growing cities in seek of employment and advancement, making Taanab one of the most populated planets in the Federation as well.

Outside of Foretti, the most popular destination on Taanab is Solitudous on the northernmost continent. The barren, rocky deserts north of the city challenge even the most experienced hikers, and the city itself is home to the Federation's national zoo, a ranch, luxury hotels and apartments, a state of the art sports arena, and both public and private beaches with are commonly rated the most beautiful in that region of space.

Other notable sites include Tal'Cor, the former capital of the Taanab system, and the ruins of a former wartime regional capital of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. The artificial island that supports the embassy district is one of the Federation's proudest pieces of architecture and engineering, although it is closed to visitors without the proper authorization. The viceregal retreat at Camp Gunray, named after a Nemoidian leader of the old Trade Federation, is also closed to visitors but is rumored to be one of the most picturesque places in the entire sector.

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