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Seal of the Viceroy

The term Viceroy is widely spread and used across the Galaxy, although in recent years it has become mostly associated with the Head of State of the Trade Federation.



The Viceroyal title, in the traditional sense of a ruler in lieu of a Monarch or a person with large jurisdiction, has been in use long before the Trade Federation was even created - a fact Federation historians are aware of. How the title came to apply to the leader of the Trade Federation is a very disputed question, although the most widely accepted theory is that the Federation, at its beginning, was sponsored by royalty or a ruling benefactor, and the title came to reflect this. Unfortunately, in due time the Trade Federation fell apart and a significant portion of its history, along with the Viceroyal title, were lost.

The Reformation
After Corbin Esco found historical records about the Trade Federation and the Confederacy of Independent Systems in the great archives of the Hapes Consortium, he brought them back to life. The title "Viceroy" was once again used to signify the head of the Trade Federation. This time, however, its use was based on tradition, rather than relationship. Esco assumed this role, and thus became the first Viceroy of the reformed Trade Federation.

Past and present Viceroys

Below is a list of all people, who have ever held the Viceroyal title, which also includes the present Viceroy of the Federation.

Past Viceroys:
Corbin Esco [Year 0, Day 5 - Unknown]
Toran Slisik [Unknown - Year 6, Day 135]
Horley Cyan [Year 6, Day 136 - Year 7, Day 34]
Corbin Esco [Year 7, Day 35 - Year 7, Day 140]
Bren Morgarr [Year 7, Day 164 - Year 8, Day 332]
Jacob Jansen [Year 8, Day 333 - Year 18, Day 68]
Nohv Schiller [Year 18, Day 68 - Year 19, Day 136]

Current Viceroy:
Jacob Jansen [Year 19, Day 136 - Present]

Role of the Viceroy

The Viceroy of the Trade Federation is the driving force behind the entire government and acts as its Head of State. The Trade Federation Head of State is the de facto head of the Trade Federation Cabinet, Commander-in-Chief of its Armed Forces, Lord-Ambassador for the Federation as well as Governor of the entirety of Trade Federation territories. The position of Viceroy is one of great power and responsibility, and commands tremendous dedication. In the past the Viceroy was also the leader of the Confederacy of Independent Systems, however in recent years the that role has moved on to the Confederate Consul.

Leading one of the Galaxy's most successful governments is a position, that demands unbelievable amounts of work and dedication, and is, as several Viceroys have put it, "not a regular job, but rather a way of life". And even though every Viceroy has their own way of leading the Federation, none of them have ever failed to excel at their task. It is due to the work each Viceroy contributed, that the Trade Federation continues to grow.

Viceroyal Powers

Per the Trade Federation Articles of Confederation

  • To be eligible for Viceroy, one must be ether appointed by the Trade Federation Cabinet or hold the title of Regent of the Trade Federation. The Regent will automatically assume Viceroy if the position becomes available. If no Regent is appointed, the Duceroy will assume the title of Acting Viceroy and the Trade Federation Cabinet must appoint a new Viceroy. All Cabinet members must agree unanimously on the appointment.
  • The Viceroy can be removed from office for the following reasons. Treason, Theft of Federation property, incapacitating illness and death. The Viceroy may also wish to give up his title and retire if he therefore wishes.
  • The Viceroys residence and thus the capitol of the Trade Federation is in the Government House on the planet Vinsoth, of the Vinsoth system, of the Glythe sector. If the Government House of Vinsoth is captured or it is deemed unsafe for the Viceroy, the Viceroy's residence and HQ is then transferred to the closest possible Lucrehulk Battleship, or a different, established and undisclosed location under the protection of the Trade Federation Armed Forces.
  • Any Trade Federation Capital ship transporting the Viceroy holds the call sign “TFF” (Trade Federation Flagship). If the Viceroy is not present on any Federation Capital ship, the call sign will transfer back to the designated Flagship of the Trade Federation.
  • The Viceroy can deploy forces at will, but under supervision of the Cabinet. Only a unanimous vote of the Cabinet can overturn such an action.
Logo of the Trade Federation Viceroy
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