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Image:Dominic masters ava.png
Biographical Information
Full Name: Dominic Masters
Homeworld: Hapes
Born: Year -11 Day 43
Physical Description
Race: Hapan
Gender: Male
Height: 1,80 metres
Hair Colour: Auburn
Eye Colour: Blue
Trade Federation Service
Status: Retired
Ministry: State
Department: Cabinet
Position: Minister
Prior Service: Logistics

Dominic Masters is former Minister of State for the Trade Federation.


Early Life


Dominic was born in a small hospital located on a research base on the planet Hapes that his parents, Christopher and Angelique Masters, resided at while off duty. Unlike most Hapans, Dominic never grew up, nor did he ever see Hapes with his own eyes. His parents were researchers that were constantly sent to explore the outer reaches of the Hapes Cluster. This didn't bother Dominic for it let him spend time with his parents who he grew very attached to.


From an early age Dominic was taught that he would never be handed anything on a silver platter. This was especially true with regards to his education. Unlike most Hapan children who learned at schools in the Hapes Cluster, Dominic was left to learn on his own aboard the Modular Star Hauler that was used as a mobile research base by his parents. He would spend hours everyday going over numerous holo-videos and workbooks that taught him how to read and write, speak properly, math, science and his favorite subject history.

Family Loss

On one of his parents' research missions to the outer rims of the Lorell System, the hyperspace lane that Dominic and his parents were traveling in began to collapse. Dominic's father, Christopher, made the decision to abort hyperspace in hopes of possibly saving his family as opposed to a certain death if they remained in the collapsing hyperspace lane. With the hyperspace engines deactivated, the Modular Star Hauler instantly exited hyperspace, but was immediately barraged by a massive wave of small asteroids and space debris. With the life support systems failing and sublight engines barely functioning, Dominic's father made the decision to attempt a crash landing on an unknown nearby planet despite the fact that the Modular Star Hauler was not designed for planetary reentry. After a very harsh landing that left most of the ship inoperative, Dominic's family made their way to the hanger bay where they each boarded a Koro-2 Airspeeder and departed. After traveling for half an hour they were ambushed by a native swoop gang. The gang cornered the three Koro-2 Airspeeders and proceeded to loot and then kill Dominic's beloved parents. As a twisted joke they not only left Dominic alive, but forced him to join their swoop gang.

Swoop Gang Member


Now at 14 years old and an orphan, Dominic was inducted into the swoop gang that had killed his parents. At first he refused to participate in any of their activities or raids. This resulted in him being severely punished. Food and water were withheld from him, he was beaten and he was placed in a very cramped cell. After three days, Dominic couldn't take anymore of the harsh punishments and agreed to become an active member of the gang.

Benefiting the Gang

Following a rigid sixth month training course, Dominic was finally ready for active gang duty. He was assigned to the Nosferatu Squadron. Although still hesitant to act out against innocents, Dominic did his job. After several raids it became clear to the a squadron head, a nasty Sanyassan Marauder by the name of Tarek Loresh, that Dominic was better suited for a behind the scenes position that related to planning. After a quick consultation with the gang's council, Tarek Loresh transferred Dominic to the Tactical Planning and Coercion (TPAC) Brigade. There he became one of its shinning stars planning out successful raids, which to Dominic's relief resulted in few casualties, and convincing high ranking political figures to look the other way.

The Sting

Now 18 years old and considered to be one of the best upcoming leaders in the gang, Dominic was awarded command of TPAC. With this promotion, Dominic finally had the means to carry out his never ending wish to avenge the death of his parents. Through intense and very secretive planning with many bureaucrats, Dominic finally managed to prepare his revenge plan. Dominic approached the gang's council with a plan to steal the planet's entire gold reserve. At first the council was hesitant because they knew that such a plan would require every single gang member to pull of the raid, but in the end they agreed after Dominic assured them that the security placements in and around the gold reserve fortress would be deactivated. With that the entire gang, including Dominic, departed in the direction of the gold reserve fortress. At 30 kilometers from the gold reserve fortress a small outpost was built from which Dominic would ensure that everything was going according to plan and direct the gang to the vault containing the gold. With careful and methodical directions, Dominic slowly led the gang through minimal encounters with security forces to the elevators that would lead them to the underground vault. Once all of the gang members were inside the elevators and the elevators began their descent, Dominic released the clamps holding the elevator cables plunging the entire gang to their deaths.

Doominic and the Departure

With the death of the swoop gang that had murdered his parents and stolen four years of his life, Dominic had finally managed to avenge his parents. When Dominic relayed the news to the governing body of the planet, he was praised as a hero and all criminal charges against him were absolved. At the celebratory ceremony, Dominic's name was mispronounced and read as Doominic to the joy of the crowd. The nickname, Doominic, stuck as he joined the local security forces and brought about strict policies against crime. After serving two years with the planet's local security forces, Dominic managed to scrounge together enough credits to purchase a used Trilon Aggressor and departed from the unknown planet for what he hoped would be a more pleasant future.

Trade Federation


After a few months in travel, Dominic arrived in the Glythe Sector's Vinsoth System. He made his way to the Planet Vinsoth, to the recruitment office in the capital city of Forsetti. There he was greeted by Director of Admissions Cade Valo who explained to him what the Trade Federation had to offer. Upon hearing of all the bounties that the Trade Federation had to offer, Dominic joined and was immediately whisked off to the Trade Federation Training Academy. After thoroughly going over the study material, Dominic was ready to take the Basic Training Standard Exam. A few days later, Director Valo notified Dominic that he had passed his exam and that he will be serving in the Department of Logistics. In addition to notifying Dominic of his results, Director Valo also noticed brains and promise in the young Recruit and mentioned that with such smarts Dominic would be an excellent candidate to work in the Ministry of State.

Department of Logistics

Upon his assignment to the Department of Logistics, Dominic was greeted by the Flight Lead of Team Tabula Rasa, Zanthea Zorg, and was informing that he would be serving in her flight team. Dominic quickly established a friendship with Zanthea, the other members of Flight Team Tabula Rasa as well as the entire Department staff. In no time at all Dominic was already in the stars transporting ships, raw materials, vehicles, NPC's, personnel and droids. He loved his work and couldn't think of any better place to serve.

Department of Culture

While continuing to serve with the Department of Logistics, Dominic took on the additional duties of a part time writer for the Department of Culture. He quickly excelled in his additional duties and soon after was approached by Minister of the Interior, Pat Rulla, and Minister of State, Alahav Andregar, with a proposition and request to join the Department of Culture full time in order to get it running like a well oiled machine. Dominic, always looking to help the Trade Federation and CIS in anyway possible and remembering what Cade Valo had mentioned to him after taking his Basic Training Standard Exam, departed from the Department of Logistics and became a full time member of the Department of Culture. In his first two weeks on the job Dominic quickly made a name for himself and took on the leadership role while the current Director was on a leave of absence and subsequent transfer out of the Department. This hard work and dedication was quickly recognized by Minister Alahav Andregar and Dominic was promoted to Editor-in-Chief. With this rank Dominic also received his first command position as the Acting Department Head of the Department of Culture. A few months after being appointed the Acting Department Head, the Acting title was removed and Dominic became the Director of Culture. As Director of Culture Dominic oversaw the publication of the CIS Newsletter, The Confederate Ledger, ensured that there were always members to work on the CIS Library, and performed other administrative duties to ensure that the Department would function smoothly and efficiently.

Deputy Minister of State

With Minster Alahav Andregar being assigned more duties by the Trade Federation Cabinet, there came a need for someone to take on the role of Deputy Minister of State. As such Dominic was approached and gladly accepted the position.

Minister of State

When Minister of State Pat Rulla resigned from his position as Minister Dominic was approached and asked to assume the position. Without any hesitation Dominic agreed and to this day serves as the Minister of State overseeing the Ministry and each of its Departments.

Service Record

Rank Insignia


Promotion Date

Image:HC-2 gov.png


Awards and Commendations

Award Image

Award Name

Given By

Date Received


Distinguished Service Medal

Jacob Jansen

Year 10 Day 77


Tax Planet Rafa V

Bub`ba Lou

Year 10 Day 206


Graphic Award of Excellence

Jacob Jansen

Year 10 Day 280


Tour of Duty 1 Year

Jacob Jansen

Year 10 Day 311


Directorate Ribbon

Jacob Jansen

Year 10 Day 334


Cabinet Ribbon

Jacob Jansen

Year 10 Day 334

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