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Image:Alahav andregar ava.png
Biographical Information
Full Name: Alahav Andregar
Homeworld: Nimban
Born: Year -15 Day 349
Physical Description
Race: Nimbanel
Gender: Male
Height: 1,50 metres
Hair Colour: Auburn
Eye Colour: Black
Trade Federation Service
Status: Retired
Ministry: Defense
Department: Federation Security Service
Position: FSS-General
Prior Service: Ministry of State, Ministry of Interior

Alahav Andregar is the former Centrality Sector Governor for the Trade Federation and the current Director of Resources.


Early Life


In a small village outpost in the jungles of Nimban, Alahav was born to Tolmin and Winsedda Andregar. He led a peculiar childhood, during which he showed some peculiar traits. The most noticeable was his lack of any speech until the age of four. He didn’t utter a single word to anyone else. His parents would have been concerned, except for the fact that they could hear him up at night talking to himself. The first words he uttered to another being were “Mom, we need to talk.” Because he didn't talk to others, Alahav was particularly good at non-verbal communication, and it was in this manner that his other traits exposed themselves. He possessed a very good memory and could point out patterns he noticed to his parents. Once he started talking to others, his childhood became fairly normal. His parents sent him to a boarding school in Nemar near the Nimban equator.


At school he showed interest in both history and social sciences. He advanced through the grades and, because of the boarding school environment, eventually lost contact with his parents. No one could understand why he stopped communicating with them, although the best hypothesis was that he had become so engrossed with his studies that he lost interest in much else. Indeed, he did spend a lot of time reading the histories of the Old Republic, but his main interest was in bureaucracy. In his final years of schooling he studied the bureaucratic process thoroughly and wrote theories and papers on the subject. After graduating from the academy his interest moved off Nimban in search of employment.

Avance Coalition and Unemployment

Avance Coalition

Avance Coalition

His search for employment led him to the Avance Coalition. He was drawn to the Avance Coalition because of their generally organized structure and their role as a haven for stray sentient beings of the galaxy seeking protection and a safe and free home. Unfortunately, soon after his employment and acceptance into the Avance Coalition, Alahav became disappointed with the workings. He agreed with the haven aspect of the Coalition, but thought that more could be done to extend an open hand. What most disappointed Alahav was the rigidity of the noble house system of the Avance Coalition. While they accepted members from around the galaxy, it was difficult for that member to rise to a leadership status. Along with this concern, Alahav felt that the bureaucratic process within the Coalition was ineffective in that noble status quite often trumped political rank. After one year with the Avance Coalition, Alahav peacefully and quietly left.


During his absence from employment, Alahav spent most of his time theorizing about bureaucracy. He was more or less inactive in all other endeavors during this one year length of time. Alahav did not publish any essays during this time, although it is estimated that he wrote between four and six.

Trade Federation


After a year of writing and thought, Alahav decided to have a go at formal government again. He contacted the Trade Federation for employment and to his delight, was quickly granted a response from Isabella D`Este who fostered him into the ranks of the Trade Federation. Upon entering, he was assigned to Xavier Dedoroff for his BTSE. He passed the exam with a very high score and asked to be placed in the diplomacy training program. It was at this time that Alahav really started to like Mr. Dedoroff, and began to view him as a mentor of sorts. Early in his diplomacy training, Alahav showed only average promise. He scored very highly in politeness, but his knowledge of diplomatic process was below average, which is partly why he was interested in the training in the first place. Eventually his knowledge of government and specifically bureaucratic process became useful in the middle stages of his training. Alahav’s first two diplomatic assignments were to establish a Non-Aggression Pact with the Avance Coalition and the Kathol Republic. Alahav was finally granted the title of Diplomat after four months of training, and was appointed Ambassador to the Falleen Federation shortly thereafter.

Ministry of the Interior

Year 9 Portrait by Quinn Logan

While in diplomatic training, Alahav was informed that men were needed in the Department of Logistics and accepted a position working primarily in ship transport, with the mindset of if the Trade Federation asks it, I will provide it. This became Alahav’s mantra, which he employs with utmost loyalty. While he did enjoy flying around the galaxy and piloting various types of ships, Alahav much preferred a simple and stationary office job. After completing Diplomacy Training, and appointment to the position of Director of Recruitment, Alahav was formally relieved of his Logistics duties.

Director of Recruitment

During a particularly dry time for finding new recruits, Alahav volunteered to help out in whatever way he could for the Department of Recruitment. He started by drafting a new recruitment letter to be sent out en masse to persons throughout the galaxy. He also helped by sending the letters and actually started processing new recruits, based on standards defined by Xavier Dedoroff. A few months later, the then-Director of Recruitment JoCon Illmar resigned for personal reasons and Alahav was promoted to Director of Recruitment. He worked as Director to standardize and normalize the entire recruitment process to maximize the total number of recruits entering the Trade Federation and its then-affiliate Confederacy of Independent Systems factions.

Minister of State

Upon the resignation of Minister Xavier Dedoroff, Alahav was promoted to Minister of State, after the Ministry was renamed from Government Affairs. He served on the Trade Federation Cabinet aiding and assisting in crucial decisions regarding recruitment, training, domestic affairs and diplomatic discussions.

Governor of the Centrality Sector

After much change in the Trade Federation, Minister Andregar found his desires changing. No longer with the time to adequately serve the Cabinet as a Minister, and now with a capable Deputy Minister in Dominic Masters, Alahav resigned from his post as Minister of State. With no intent of ever leaving the Trade Federation, Alahav was quickly appointed Governor of the Centrality Sector, where he served the Cabinet as overseer of Federation territory within Centrality. He also devoted his time to errand projects, the betterment of the Trade Federation, and as a helpful answerer to newly admitted Federates' questions.

Service Record

Rank Insignia


Promotion Date

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Awards and Commendations

Award Image

Award Name

Given By

Date Received


Good Conduct Award

Year 12 Day 336


Dahtar Award

Year 11 Day 358

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