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Biographical Information
Full Name: JoCon Illmar
Homeworld: Duros
Born: Year -10 Day 153
Physical Description
Race: Duros
Gender: Male
Height: 2 metres
Hair Colour: none
Eye Colour: Orange
Trade Federation Service
Status: Retired
Ministry: Interior/Logistics
Position: Transportation
Prior Service:


Historical Timeline

  • Year 6 - Freelanced as a transit pilot, worked for Freelance workshop.
  • Year 7 - Joined Trade Federation, and assigned to Admissions. Transferred to Haor Chall Engineering to aid in recruitment drive.
  • Year 8 - Left Haor Chall Engineering for semi-retirement and farming endeavors on Duros.
  • Year 9 and Year 10 - Created a moderately successful farm on Duros.
  • Year 11 - Sold farm and rejoined Trade Federation as Recruit in Department of Logistics. Joined CIS Library development team.



JoCon Illmar was born on the planet Duro to upstanding parents in a semi-rural community. His father, Lounce Illmar, worked as a shuttle pilot taking workers to and from the Duro Shipyards for week-long shifts in orbit. His mother, Vanice Illmar, had been a promising scholar in her youth, but gave up her academic aspirations to marry Lounce.

Growing up, JoCon spent much time studying, both at the local school during the day and at home with his mother. He learned as much as he could from her, constantly questioning her on galactic cultures, geography and science. Everything fascinated him, and his mother encouraged him to dream of one day going into the academic life at one of the many research facilities on Duro.

JoCon's father spent long periods away from home due to his work schedule, but believed his son would one day be an employee at the shipyards like himself. A man of conservative temperament and set ideas, he recognized quickly that JoCon had a very sharp intellect and keen aptitude to learn. when JoCon turned 10, Lounce began to take JoCon on shuttle runs with him, teaching him the basics of piloting and navigation.

As a child, JoCon proved to be willful, often choosing his own path in an unexpected way. This proved to be a trend throughout the rest of his childhood and into adult life.

Teenage Years

Throughout his teeneage years, JoCon felt torn. a quiet but inquisitive individual, he had a deep sense of loyalty, but dreams of doing something great with his life. He took a few classes in freighter piloting at the Duro Shipping Academy, but never enrolled full-time as his father wanted him to do. He spent two years at the local branch of the Galactic Junior College of Nvigation, Geography and Culture, studying the geographical, cultural and political trends in the galaxy. His mother was pleased by this turn, but admitted to JoCon that the family would have no money for him to go to the university. Reluctantly, JoCon began to focus more on enhancing his practical skills, putting his intellectual aspirations on hold.

At age 15, at his father's arrangement, he served an internship in astrogation at the Duros shipyards, and was paid a generous stipend for his work. JoCon worked hard at the internship, and was offered a scholarship to the Shipping Academy because of his fine work. JoCon surprised everybody when he turned down the offer. Lounce was crushed at his son's decision, and a bitter argument ensued in which JoCon revealed his plan to leave Duro and pursue his own path someplace else... without attending the academy. Lounce was crushed, as he had firmly believed JoCon would follow in his footsteps. He left the house for work without speaking to JoCon. JoCon said his goodbyes to his mother; taking his stipend money and a few savings, he set off for the nearest personnel transit station to the spaceport.

Going for a Ride

JoCon had found an opportunity to work at a brand new endeavor located in the Corellia Sector. A small group of entrepreneurs were trying to found a sectoral shipping company called Freelance Workshop. The FW leaders had sent out a want-ad via the holonet, looking for investors/operators. JoCon signed up to join, and purchased an old beat-up YT-1210 to begin his new life of entrpreneurism.

From the beginning, the experience was less than stellar. Plagued by an inability to get contracts and new members, FW stalled and JoCon spent much of his time inactive. Most of his free time he spent customizing and repairing his ship, which he christened the B'aerlak Beast. After a few months of inactivity, JoCon demanded a salary, and received a small one. Work was still scarce, and JoCon would always get an assignment just before he was ready to give up. The rest of his days were spent waiting and getting promises of more work soon.

After eight months, with his money running out, JoCon received a holonet advertisement requesting new recruits for the Trade Federation. JoCon knew that to survive, he would have to find an established faction, hopefuly one that would allow him to grow, work, get involved, and learn. After a brief investigation of the Federation's structure and leaderhip style, JoCon resigned from FW. He filled out the recruitment paperwork for the Trade Federation, and pointed the B'aerlak Beast in the direction of Vinsoth.

A New Leaf

Life in the Trade Federation was far more stable for JoCon, and he soon found himself immersed in admissions work, bringing in new recruits and training them on the history and skills all Federation recruits should know. JoCon loved to teach the recruits, and learned much in his work there. After six months of proving his expertise in recruitment, JoCon was transferred to another [Confederacy of Independent Systems|CIS] faction, Haor Chall Engineering. Working under CEO Horley Cyan, JoCon continued his recruiting career as part of HCE.

Tragedy and Change

Nearing his one-year anniversary of serving the CIS, JoCon Ilmar felt like his life was finally on the right track. He had a fulfilling job, a promising career, and his prospects were bright. But suddenly all that changed. JoCon received an urgent holo message informing him that his father was dead. He had died in an accident when his shuttle engine coil had overheaded during atmospheric ascent.

JoCon was mortified. He'd never gotten a chance to say goodbye to Lounce, or to patch things up after their falling out. He requested, and received, a leave of absence from HCE, and rushed back to Duro to be with his mother. Vanice's health had almost completely broken down after the sudden death of her husband, and JoCon decided to stay and care for her. He resigned his position with HCE and purchased a small plot of land in the quiet countryside where he resolved to live with his mother until she recovered.

Over the course of the next three years, JoCon built the bare land into a moderately successful farm, selling enough food to sustain himself and his mother. At the end of those three years, his mother's frail health broke down completely, and she died after a short bout of illness. JoCon lived on the farm for a short time longer, contemplating what to do with himself.

Starting Afresh

After his period of reflection, JoCon decided to sell his farm and try to start over again. Taking the proceeds from his farm and flying to Trade Federation space, JoCon contacted Federation recruiters and began the process of reintegrating with the organization. He was assigned to the Federations Department of Logistics, and underwent rudimentary training as a bulk freighter pilot. Since he would be flying Federation ships for the foreseeable future, JoCon sold the B'aerlak Beast. He invested a large portion of his money in facilities and properties around the galaxy, and settled into his new life as a freighter pilot shipping raw materials from mines to centralized locations.

Drawing upon his knowledge of the galaxy and his academic background, JoCon volunteered to help with the Trade Federation Library. In a short time he had updated vast quantities of geographic and historical material. JoCon is very proud of his work at the library, pursuing it whenever he has a free moment.

It did not take long for JoCon to gain his first promotion in the Department of Logistics, as he was raised to rank E-3 by Morga Deva a scant two months after re-joining the Federation. He soon rose to officer's rank, being given command of his own flight team. He named his group of pilots Team Darksabre.

Service Record

Rank Insignia


Promotion Date


Year 16 Day 01

Awards and Commendations

Award Image

Award Name

Given By

Date Received



Dahtar Award

Jacob Jansen


Named in honor of Kurner Dahtar, the Dahtar Award is awarded for consistent and exemplary service to the Trade Federation Library.


Tax Planet Nargorn

Jacob Jansen


Awarded to any member who took any part in the Nargorn Tax Planet Construction Project.


Tour of Duty

Jacob Jansen


1 year Tour of Duty [TOD] under Viceroy Jacob Jansen.

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