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Image:Sephiroth rhapsodos ava.png
Biographical Information
Full Name: Sephiroth Rhapsodos
Homeworld: Dac
Born: Year -11
Physical Description
Race: Mon Calamari
Gender: Male
Height: 1.8 metres
Hair Colour:
Eye Colour: Yellow
Trade Federation Service
Ministry: Defense
Position: Line Captain
Prior Service:

Sephiroth Rhapsodos is a Captain in the Trade Federation's Ministry of Defense.


Early Life

Sephiroth was born on the Mon Calamari homeworld of Dac (more commonly known as Mon Calamari). He was born to parents Galcian and Urala Rhapsodos, a hard-working middle-class family who made their money through Galcian's work as a trader.

Sephiroth was blessed with a good memory and was a quick learner, and he remebered clearly even his earliest years. In an attempt to grow his business, Galcian invested everything he had, puting a strain on his family's finances. The relative poverty and hardship of those early years bound the family together, and Sephiroth would often be excluded from games among his peers. Instead, he threw himself into his school work. His apt mind excelled in study, and he soon grew to love his studies, particularly Mathematics and Physics. He would spend most of his free time alone, or with his parents.

Eventually, Galcian managed to strike a major trade deal with a prominent Mon cal trader, leading to prosperity for the family. As Galcian moved his trading business off-planet in a newly-purchased ship, his family moved to a wealthier area on Mon Calamari. It was a step up in material life, but from a social perspective, the entire family suffered from the move, particularly young Sephiroth. Always prone to being a loner, the move to a wealthier neighborhood made him more of an outcast than ever, as those from more wealthy families looked down on him, and those much poorer avoided his neighborhood. Bullies at school made his life miserable; to make life tolerable and to defend himself, Sephiroth began to work on his physical training, cultivating his strength. Although he could more easily defend himself with his new strength, Sephiroth was lonlier than ever, a complete outcast that was either despised or feared. Sephiroth soon turned his mind to starhips, longing for the ability to get off planet and find a place where he wasn't scorned or bullied.

Sephiroth finished school at the top of his class, and decided to study starship design. He loved the famous Mon Calamari cruisers that had garnered galaxy-wide admiration, and he wanted to help design them as well as other ships. However, the tuition for engineering school was far too expensive for the family to afford. Urala had given birth twice more, to two twin brothers and a sister who was still only a baby. His brothers had left school before Sephiroth, deciding to work for their father as soon as they legally could. Instead of pursuing his dream of designing starships, Sephiroth began working for his father's trading business.

Sephiroth's father eventually bought himself a brand new BFF-1 Bulk Freighter to allow himself to trade more effectively. He converted a relatively large section of the ship to a residence for his family, and they decided to travel together around the galaxy as one big family. Sephiroth was delighted to be able to finally travel to the stars.

Joining the Trade Federation

For over a year Sephiroth's family travelled the galaxy, conducting trades and living happily. However, Galcian was still only making a fairly average living for a trader, and so Sephiroth couldn't save fast enough to get to university. It was for this reason that Galcian made the biggest deal of his career. Although his family did not know it, a delivery of goods from a world in the Outer Rim which they thought was food and clothing, was actually a black market trade in weaponry that would make Galcian enough money that he could stop working for the rest of his life and still have enough left over to send Sephiroth to a top university on Naboo to study Starship Design.

Sephiroth was down in the engine bay, where he spent a lot of his time maintaining the ship, when it happened. Just as Sephiroth was about to deactivate the sublight engine to optimise the magnetic fields while they were in hyperspace, when all of a sudden he heard a bang which shook the entire ship, and knocked Sephiroth against a wall. He realised when he heard the sirens next to him and heard the noise coming from the hyperdrive generator that they had been pulled out of hyperspace. Then the power died, and he knew that the systems has failed because of an Ion weapon attack. They were being boarded.

Abandoning all of his tools except his largest wrench, Sephiroth rushed up the decks until he met his mother, who was running the opposite way, towards the escape pods. She told him to run, but he refused. Within a minute however, his father and two brothers, both with their blasters firing were retreating towards him, being forced back by waves of battle droids. The ship was lost, and they all knew it. They were buying time to try and allow themselves to escape. But just when all hope seemed lost, three of the droids were suddenly smashed against a wall in glowing pieces. Sephiroth looked up and saw what he immediately assumed was a Jedi. Quickly, the Jedi jumped down a flight of stairs and landed in front of the three Mon Calamari who were still firing at the remaining droids. However, to Sephiroth's horror, rather than aiding his family, he ignited his lightsaber and impaled Galcian through his heart. Then he laughed as he lifted up one of the two brothers, choking him and crushing his windpipe until Sephiroth heard the cracks of his neck breaking, while he threw the other brother into a wall before battering him with debris until he was bleeding and crushed beyond repair.

Then, still laughing, the Force-user, now clearly not a Jedi, turned towards Sephiroth, who had already grabbed his mother and dragged her and his baby sister towards the escape pods. The Force-user toyed with them, walking behind them throwing pieces of metal to try and trip them up while they ran, but Sephiroth and his mother reached the escape pods. It was as Sephiroth took his little sister from his mother that she was pulled away by the force. Sephiroth grabbed her hand, and managed to anchor her to the escape pod thanks to his well above average strength. But the droids then caught up with them, and loosened her grip enough that Sephiroth couldn't keep hold. His mothers last act was to press the launch button on the escape pod, allowing Sephiroth and his sister to escape.

The Force-user clearly had what he wanted however, as there was no attempt made to recover the pod. Sephiroth crash-landed on the planet Varno. He was distraught over the loss of his entire family, even his baby sister, who hadn't survived the landing. He was filled with a burning rage over the events, and after a day, swore revenge on the man who had killed his family, and pirates in general. He managed to repair the damaged communications console on the escape pod and activated the emergency beacon, when he was contacted by Tal Ercrow, who recruited him into the Trade Federation, where he signed up with the Ministry of Defense, hoping to learn the skills he would need to enact his revenge, and serve the galaxy, rather than the Techno Union, where his old passions of Starship design lay. Within a short time, Jas Nightblade of the Department of Logistics, under the command of Div Mac, had picked him up and transported him to Boot Camp, on the planet Amorris.

Service Record

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Line Captain


Awards and Commendations

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Distinguished Service Medal

Jacob Jansen



Operation Strongarm

Jacob Jansen



Directorate Ribbon

Jacob Jansen



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Jacob Jansen


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