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Biographical Information
Full Name: Kurner Dahtar
Homeworld: Bothawui
Born: Year -25 Day 3
Physical Description
Race: Bothan
Gender: Male
Height: 165cm
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Blue
Trade Federation Service
Prior Service: The Order of Kampar
Confederacy of Independent Systems

Kurner Dahtar may not be the most influential in the world of galactic business - especially now, with the decision to lead a life of faith and religious solitude - yet there's no denying that he has been instrumental in of several key industries. Valued for his experience, skills, and friendly attitude, Kurner continues to contribute wherever he can. Placing value in friends over wealth, he may have involuntarily decided his fate as a hyper-successful businessman. He does not regret this, however.


At Home With A Rifle

The Début

On the day of Kurner's graduation from Bothawui National Institute, his father pulled him aside. "My Son," he said, "You have spent many long years in school, fulfilling my wishes for you. Today is the day you start your long and successful career. Today your family presents you with the capital necessary to make your début in galactic business." His father smiled and squeezed his shoulder. "Now go, enjoy this day with your friends."

Kurner, stunned from his family's generosity, moved slowly back toward a group of his classmates without saying a word. His father stood behind him, still smiling, holding his mother's hand. "Your own company, huh?" Fri - one of Kurner's classmates - said, as Kurner approached. "How did you know?" Kurner replied, puzzled. The noisy celebrations made it hard for even him to hear his own father's words. "Oh, right. The lip reading. I guess that class finally came in handy, huh?" "So, any ideas on what to do with the credits?" Another friend asked excitedly.

Kurner thought back to his grandfather's old AMX-50 that hung above the mantle at his home. The weapon was one of the original production runs, before they had switched the wooden stock to an all metal version. Kurner remembered the many trips to the shooting range. "You can't hit a thing! Here, try this - you'll be guaranteed to hit the target!" His grandfather had teased, while handing him the old AMX.

"You know. With what's happening in galactic government, I think the galaxy might need just one more weapons manufacturer."

Painful Discoveries

With his business plan hastily created, Kurner filed the required paperwork with the Galactic Business Registry. Shortly after his 26th birthday, NeuroSaav Technologies hit the market with minimal fanfare. Having listened to years of complaints about the Empire from his off-world cousins, Kurner decided to try and contact the slowly mounting resistance movement called the Rebel Alliance. Quite quickly, a deal was struck: Kurner's NeuroSaav would supply the Rebel Alliance with the weaponry required to maintain the opposition to the Empire. Thanks to skills learned from years at the Bothawui National Institute, Kurner was able to keep his company away from the prying eyes of the Empire's accountants and military.

With the ink dry on the company's business deals, a new problem set in. Competition had been spawned, under the name of Infinite Innovations Incorporated. While not directly competing with NeuroSaav - III being Imperial aligned - the new company created a strain on the available workforce. Kurner found it harder and harder to keep his factories and research facilities staffed at full capacity, not to mention staffed with loyal and trusting personnel. Kurner discovered that if he were to succeed, he would have to surround himself with friends.

Executive To Dirt Hauler.. To Executive

Beginning Again

Struggling to keep NeuroSaav afloat, Kurner decided he would need to do something drastic. He sold off assets to the Alliance aligned Aurora Tech, and took some time for himself. He knew his father may not understand his decision, but he moved back to Bothawui - back home - to once again live with his parents.

Kurner found that his family took the news rather well. After dinner two weeks after he had returned, Kurner took his father aside. "Father, a year ago, at my graduation, you placed your faith in me to do the right thing. Selling my company after such a short time may not have been one of your wishes, but I know you've always wished that I was happy. I've always wished that you would be proud of me, and understand." Kurner said, as he handed his father a datapad displaying a bank transaction. Kurner had returned each credit given to him a year earlier. "Take this, please." With that, Kurner turned and walked away. Kurner purchased an old YT2400 with what remained of his assets, and made his way into space.

During a quick stop to pick up supplies, Kurner ran into a man named Max Carr. Max handed Kurner a datapad with coordinates, and a job offer. "If you're interested, make your way there." He had said. As soon as Kurner had refuelled and stocked his ship, he checked the coordinates against the navcomp. Alk'Lellish, a small unimportant system in the mid rim, was apparently the home of Max's job opportunity. Running out of money, and with no other plans, Kurner set a course.

Promotion... After Promotion

Upon arrival at the small system, Kurner was surprised at the amount of military technology scattered throughout the system. The ship's comm system flashed a message. "This is Director Memnoch of JUGANOTH Mining Corporation. Welcome to Alk'Lellish. Max has been expecting you."

Kurner docked with the orbiting Dreadnought, and met Max in the docking bay. "I see you've decided to take me up on my offer. I trust you have questions - let me take you to the boss." Max said as he motioned for Kurner to follow him. The two made their way to the ship's cockpit, where a large wookiee was speaking to two sentients of a species Kurner had not yet encountered. The wookiee dismissed the two, and introduced himself as K'loran.

Kurner quickly worked his way up in the seedy organization. One thing was for sure - JUGANOTH had nothing to do with mining, at least, not yet. Instead, it held an almost Mafia like atmosphere. While no actual crime was transpiring, the massing of military technology and weapons was in line with more para-military type organizations. Slowly, however, JUGANOTH sold portions of its fleet - starting with the Dreadnought - and began to create a more legitimate front.

Kurner soon replaced Max Carr as Vice President of the corporation, with K'loran at the helm. And with time, Kurner would replace him, as well. Even with JUGANOTH's new found focus on mining, an inordinate amount was still spent on security. Not on weapons, mind you, but cleaning up the mess that followed Memnoch and his crack crew of security professionals.

And Then There Was Dack (And That Chick, Ayala)

With JUGANOTH's loss of Max, and several other directors, it was time for a new recruitment drive. Kurner personally interviewed two young and somewhat capable individuals. The first was Aran Dack, a young and buff Hapan weapons expert with a gift for women. The second, Ayala Kristoff, was a B'omarr Monk with no discernible talents or skills, or gender, for that matter. Both were hired on the spot, thus ending the recruitment drive.

Dack fit right in with Memnoch's military crew - groaning in pleasure at all the manly and overly phallic weaponry. Ayala fit right in, as well, but only because so many jokes could be made at his expense. And so life continued, all while JUGANOTH once again morphed into something new - gone was the focus of profits, replaced with camaraderie and friendship.

The Weird, And the Weirder

As K'loran stepped down from his position as President, Kurner rose to the task of leading a company once again. He appointed new directors, freeing himself up for more leisurely pursuits. He soon developed an interest in bio-engineering - specifically, cloning. Kurner spent his free time in a hidden laboratory, slaving away over steaming hot bio-samples. After months of work, Kurner finally had something to show for his sore arm - a fully functional clone. Although it wasn't an exact copy - it lacked any hair, whatsoever - it did share several similar traits - namely, sentience. Kurner dubbed the clone 'Spank MkI' and introduced it to the JUGANOTH crew.

Unbeknownst to Kurner, a visitor to the Alk'lellish system would threaten to bring their hard work crashing down. Navik Ikron of the Wraiths had been enjoying the finer points of Alk'lellish while on a business trip to negotiate a business transaction. Navik had unknowingly brought with him a plague of massive proportions - A single pregnant Ewok. Upon landing, the ewok escaped into the jungles undetected. Over the next several months, it and it's children spawned massive broods of Ewoks. They decimated the landscape, eating everything in their path. Only two things could stop them - The itchy trigger finger of Aran Dack, and the high strung sexual tenancies of Memnoch. The coming months would be hard on the JUGANOTH crew, and result in the loss of Spank MkI. Out of the rubble would rise a new era of prosperity and fried Ewok for all, as well as a new - half hairless - bothan clone: Spank MkII.

From Hope, To Disaster

The Deal with CSA

With the completion of several new mining cities located throughout the Alk'lellish system, JUGANOTH was poised to bring in more profits than ever before. Kurner became more stressed with the task of keeping JUGANOTH running at top efficiency. Kloran, the then Vice-President offered to step up to the plate and re-take the presidency once again. Kurner would stay on as an advisor, to assist with weekly reports and advise K'loran about the multitudes of options open to him. When the Corporate Sector Authority approached K'loran about providing JUGANOTH with system security and large discounts on CSA produced technology in exchange for a 51% stake in the mining company. Kurner saw benefit in this deal - JUGANOTH would save millions of credits on daily purchases, and see very little happen in return.

K'loran reluctantly agreed.

Losing Everything

Things transitioned smoothly. Operating costs went down - but not as much as expected. Months passed, and soon Kurner and K'loran grew frustrated with what the Corporate Sector's deal offered in exchange for ownership of the faction. Neither could do much to change the deal. Finally, both Kurner and K'loran decided it best to go their separate ways. Kurner cashed in his shares at JUGANOTH, allowing him to fund other side projects.

Several months passed before Kurner heard the news: Thefts had rocked JUGANOTH and the Corporate Sector Authority. Assets and territory had been lost. Kurner felt guilty that he may have contributed to this foul series of events by advocating the deal with CSA.

The Same Old Calling

New Beginnings with Dev

In Kurner's travels through unemployment, he befriended several new individuals. Dev Nul, in particular, struck him as someone he should stick closely to in the future. As the Trade Federation prepared to launch it's own mining company, Kurner was brought in to serve in an advisory capacity once again. As the Commerce Guild began to expand and profit as a business, Kurner once again climbed climbed the ladder of responsibility and was soon sworn in as company president. Things improved in Kurner's life. Old friends from JUGANOTH (affectionately known as 'Juggies') found their way to the Commerce Guild. Kurner felt at home in the Confederacy of Independent Systems, the Trade Federation took care of it's factions, offering personnel, expertise and territory to the jovial group of miners.

Success, At A Cost

As the months ticked passed, the Commerce Guild approached it's first anniversary. Bonus salaries were awarded, shindigs held, and the 'Commerce Guild Yearbook' passed out. Kurner was filled with a sense of accomplishment he had not known in many years. Yet, in the back of his mind, he knew that he was stretching himself too thing - just like NeuroSaav, and just like JUGANOTH. With the Commerce Guild just having broken a monumental amount of capital, Kurner decided that he had accomplished what he had set out to do. He handed over the reigns to Jeeva Ob, and once again stayed with Commerce Guild as an advisor.


Guided Discoveries

During Kurner's role as advisor at Commerce Guild, he fulfilled many roles - prospector, miner, pilot - all in an effort to make the leadership change as smooth as possible. Generally, he spent his time alone, contemplating the answer to life, the universe, and everything.

During one visit to a classified world, Kurner triggered the cave in of a sink hole on unstable ground while prospecting for new deposits of varium. What he found underneath the surface of the planet amazed him more than any deposit of gems and crystals ever could. Stone columns, broken statues, ancient artefacts, and most amazing of all, fragile tomes and scrolls written in an unknown language. Kurner guarded this discovery carefully - he forged prospection reports to keep others off the planet totally, and told only his most trusted friends of his discoveries. With the help of Gaaracca Bukkazza, Horley Cyan, Aran Dack and Jadir Kazan, Kurner was able to begin the translations of a fraction of the documents he had found.

What the group discovered during their clandestine meetings shook their very beliefs and made them evaluate questions they had long assumed they knew the answers to.

Home Again, At Last

Charged and invigorated with these new found answers, Kurner and his friends re-founded the long forgotten religion of Kamparism. Kurner invested all his assets into the new religion - The Order of Kampar. Far from wanting to convert the whole galaxy, Kurner hoped the information he had been guarding would cause others to re-evaluate their life in the same way he had. Kurner wanted to begin a new era of peace, hope, and faith - something that he had noticed to be lacking during his travels throughout the many known sectors of the galaxy.

For the first time in several years, Kurner opened a comm channel to Bothawui. He spoke for many hours with his mother - his father being too ill to give more than a warm smile, and his younger brother and sister being off beginning their own lives. Kurner dispatched a shuttle to Bothawui to bring his family back to Kamparas.

Dack & Kurner's Excellent Adventures

With the added spare time that came with stepping down from president of JUGANOTH, Kurner and Aran Dack formed the travel holoshow 'Dack & Kurner`s Excellent Adventures' (or DKEA). Visiting planets with an eye for entertainment and leisure, rather than business, Dack & Kurner completed upwards of 10 Adventures before starting work at Commerce Guild.

Generally regarded as being politically incorrect, sexist and rude - not to mention hilarious - sentients flocked to the holosite to check for the sporadically updated Adventures. The Adventures also spawned their own line of 'Do-It-Yourself' furniture, including such gems as the 'fuzzy refresher seat cover'. The DKEA holosite also included the complete JNN (JUGANOTH News Network) archives, which most experts consider to be the start of short lived Adventures.

At present neither Dack, nor Kurner, provide any useful information about the possible return of DKEA.

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