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The Viceroyal Palace is the permanent abode of the Trade Federation's leader, the Viceroy. Located in the Federation capital of Fosetti on Taanab, it serves as a symbol of the Federation's power and authority.


Forsetti at night, from the middle of the Viceroyal palace

The first Viceroyal Palaces were built on Neimoidia, and were carved out of dark stone and metal. These structures were used as status symbols by the Neimoidian leaders of the old Trade Federation. In the constant bickering for power between Neimoidian rivals in the Federation following the fall of the Old Republic, these palaces lost much of their significance. Each new Viceroy insisted on wasting the languishing Federation's scant resources on constructing a new palace for himself, lording it over his rivals only to be replaced in due course. With the complete collapse of the Federation into bankruptcy, all of these palaces were sold off at fire-sale prices.

When the Trade Federation was purchased and rejuvenated by Viceroy Corbin Esco, the new Viceroy knew that it would be important to settle on a new base of operations that would distance the Federation from the old Neimoidian ways. Having decided that Taanab was a prime lication for this purpose, Viceroy Esco set about building a grand structure worthy of being called a Viceroyal Palace in the capital city of Forsetti. The construction took more than ten years to complete, but when it was done, a massive complex of governmental glory stood in the heart of the new capital.

Architecture and Layout

The architecture of today's Viceroyal Palace is largely inspired by Viceroy Esco's Hapan background; led to the use of brown sandstone native to Taanab in the exterior construction gave the palace a look of its own, but the lavish interior is fashioned using Hapan marble. Classical elements such as columns, atriums, balconies and arches led many to believe that Viceroy Esco had the Royal Naboo Palace architecture in mind while design was being done.

The Viceroyal Palace was built on a Hapan design at the direction of Viceroy Corbin Esco.

The palace has personal quarters for the Viceroy, including bedroom, wardrobe, office and conference room. The suite is complete with a communications console connected to all ships and settlements throughout the Trade Federation's territory. Attached to the Viceroy's chambers is a private landing pad with a shuttle that is primed for departure at all times. Similar accommodations are made in the palace for the Duceroy and Regent, though the quarters for all three are kept separate in case of attack. Beyond the command suites of the Viceroy, Duceroy and Regent, the palace also boasts several smaller suites, for the Ministers within the palace, where, when the Cabinet convenes, they may retreat to continue to run their departments. There are many luxurious living quarters throughout the palace to house guests of state, a host of protocol and translator droids are housed in an adjoining droid workshop. Separate housing for embassies is provided on the palace grounds, keeping representatives from all the major governments close at hand for the Viceroy.

The Viceroyal Palace complex on Taanab is more than just fancy quarters for politicians, and governmental leaders. It is an extensive military base with a full complement of the finest soldiers and droids provided by the Ministry of Defence. Starfighters and airspeeders are kept on alert, ready to scramble on a moment's notice should a threat penetrate the orbital and system defenses of Taanab.

Forsetti during Federation Day Year 18
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