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Group Information
Group Name: Duceroy
Date Founded:
Leader: Nohv Schiller
Notable Sentients: Bren Morgarr
Jacob Jansen
Marco Salo
Horley Cyan
Olwin Froon
Salamku Derov
Seal of the Duceroy

The title of Duceroy is unique across the Galaxy and only refers to the Second-in-Command of the Trade Federation. The thirteenth, and current, Duceroy of the Federation is Nohv Schiller.



Federation historians are unsure when exactly the title was added to the rank structure of the Trade Federation. At some point before the introduction of the Duceroyal title, the title Magistrate was used to signify the Second-in-Command of the Trade Federation. It is suggested that the term Duceroy was added under the reign of Viceroy Corbin Esco, but due to the lack of evidence, the issue remains unresolved.

Past and present Duceroys

Below is a list of all people, who have ever held the Duceroy title, which also includes the present Duceroy of the Trade Federation
Past Duceroys:
Toran Slisik [Unknown]
Nereus Eruresto [Unknown]
Dev Nul [Unknown]
Bren Morgarr [Unknown]
Centauri Tyridius [Unknown]
Jacob Jansen [Unknown]
Marco Salo [Year 8, Day 338 - Year 9, Day 1]
Horley Cyan [Year 9, Day 1 - Unknown]
Rand Axim [Unknown]
Bub`Ba Lou [Year 9, Day 308 - Year 11 Day 188]
Kage Renbukai [Year 11, Day 202 - Year 12, Day 96]
Olwin Froon [Year 12, Day 96 - Year 14, Day 108]
Nohv Schiller [Year 14, Day 108 - Year 17, Day 286]

Current Duceroy:
Salamku Derov [Year 17, Day 286- Present]

Role of the Duceroy

Originally intended to signify just a very important subordinate of the Viceroy, the meaning of the Duceroyal title was changed during the reign of Viceroy Jacob Jansen. The Viceroy increased the importance and power of the Duceroy, essentially making him a co-ruler of the Trade Federation. As a consequence of this the Duceroy, acting as his right hand man and Second-in-Command of the Trade Federation, now answers only to the Viceroy. In the case of a Viceroy's death or resignation it is the Duceroy, when no Regent is appointed, who takes the reigns of the Trade Federation.

Due to the close connection between Viceroy and Duceroy, the latter's duties may vary depending on the former's wishes.

Duceroyal Powers

Per the Trade Federation Articles of Confederation

  • The Duceroy shall have executive authority under the direction of the Viceroy and is the de facto second in command of the Trade Federation. The Duceroy shall share in the responsibilities of running the day-to-day operations of the Trade Federation. If the Viceroy is unable to perform his duties on any occasion, the Duceroy will take charge of the Trade Federation until the Viceroy returns.
  • The Duceroy, under direction of the Viceroy, is able to spend the credits in the treasury of the Trade Federation.
  • If no Regent is appointed, the Duceroy is second in the line of succession for Viceroy of the Trade Federation. If a Regent is appointed, the Duceroy is third in the line of succession.
  • If the Viceroy is temporarily away, the Duceroy will assume all authority of the Viceroy while he is away. The Cabinet shall appoint a temporary Duceroy. The temporary Duceroy is appointed out of the Cabinet members. The temporary Duceroy is then to perform the duties of the Duceroy as well as his previous duties before receiving the title of Acting Duceroy.
  • The Duceroy can be removed for the following reasons: treason, theft of Federation property, and under strong recommendation of the Viceroy. The Duceroy may also be removed for incapacitating illness and death. If the Duceroy feels he can no longer continue his duties, he may step down from the position in honorable discharge.
  • In selecting the Duceroy the following procedure will occur. The Viceroy selects an individual to be nominated for the position of Duceroy. After the nomination, the Cabinet will vote on the nomination and a majority of 3/4 of the Cabinet is needed to make the nominee the official Duceroy. In an event that the Cabinet refuses, the Viceroy must nominate another individual for the position.
  • The Duceroy will serve a lifetime term.
Logo of the Trade Federation Duceroy
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