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Navigational Information
Planet: Taanab
Sector: Zeemacht Cluster
System: Taanab
Sun(s): Tive Sun (17, 18)
Geographical Information
Atmosphere: Temperate/Breathable
Climate: Temperate/Breathable
Social Information
Goverment: Trade Federation
Population: no data
Civilisation Level: no data
Native Species: None
Languages: Galactic Basic
Industry: Unknown
Currency: None
Point of Interest: None
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Forsetti is the Trade Federation capital city on planet Taanab, system Taanab, Zeemacht Cluster. It was built when the TF moved to Taanab during the leadership of Viceroy Corbin Esco. The city houses the Capital Building, Viceroyal Palace and many other important government, administrative and historical buildings. The city is Taanab's number one tourist attraction seeing more than 200 million visitors every year.

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