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Seal of the Regent

The term Regent is used in many monarchies across the Galaxy, but in recent years it is mostly known for signifying the closest advisor and direct successor of the Viceroy of the Trade Federation.



In the traditional sense of the word, a Regent is a high-ranking advisor to a monarch, who in some extreme situations is called upon to assume the throne. In the Trade Federation, despite it not being a monarchy, the title has a similar purpose. The Regent title is a new addition to the Federation's rank structure, being introduced by Viceroy Jacob Jansen. The purpose of this rank is to enable the Viceroy to pick his own successor. The Regent is, so far, the only Cabinet member chosen solely by the Viceroy, without consent from the Cabinet.

Past and present Regents

Below is a list of all people, who have ever held the Regent title, which also includes the present Regent of the Federation.

Past Regents:
Centauri Tyridius [Unknown - Unknown]
Bub`ba Lou [Year 11, Day 188 - Year 14, Day 108]
Olwin Froon [Year 14, Day 108 - Year 17, Day 149]
Nohv Schiller [Year 17 Day 286 - Year 18, Day 68]
Jacob Jansen [Year 18, Day 68 - Year 19, Day 136]

Current Regent:
Nohv Schiller [Year 19, Day 136 - Present]

Role of the Regent

Appointed by the Viceroy personally, the Regent is the first in line of succession for the Viceroy of the Trade Federation. He has full authority in the Federation, being second only to the Viceroy, and would automatically assume his position if he were to fall. Although he is not considered Second-in-Command, a role fulfilled by the Duceroy, he is the most senior and trusted advisor to the Viceroy. His many responsibilities are determined by the Viceroy, and thus may vary depending on the Viceroy's wishes and needs. To hold the position of Regent is the greatest honor one could recieve, although very few have done so, and serves as a sign that the member appointed has the full trust of the Viceroy.

Regent Powers

Per the Trade Federation Articles of Confederation

  • Regent is appointed by the Viceroy of the Trade Federation.
  • The Regent is first in the line of succession for Viceroy of the Trade Federation.
  • The Regent must be a member of the Trade Federation or a member of one of a Nationalized Faction. If the Regent leaves the Trade Federation or a Nationalized Faction, the title is automatically revoked.
  • If the position of Viceroy becomes available, the Regent will automatically assume the position. Only a unanimous vote of no confidence by the Federation Cabinet and the Chief Justice can revoke the appointment.
Logo of the Trade Federation Regent
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