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Image:Alex track ava.png
Biographical Information
Full Name: Alex Track
Homeworld: Coruscant
Born: Year -13 Day 250
Physical Description
Race: Nautolan
Gender: Male
Height: 1,75 meters
Colouring: Green skin
Hair Colour:
Eye Colour: Black
Trade Federation Service
Status: Active
Ministry: Ministry of Production
Department: Department of Trade
Position: Quartermaster
Prior Service: Confederacy of Independent Systems
Department of Manufacturing
Department of Logistics



Early Life

Alex Track was born to rich parents on the Galactic Empire Homeworld of Coruscant. Alex had an easy life, where servents would bring him anything he needed. His Father Alos Track, was a legion commander for the local forces in the area. His Mother Elis track, was a senetor's aide and was only home 1-2 a month. One day Alos was sent into battle with local street gangs that had ruled lower Coruscant for the past 10 years. He lost 5 Divisions of troops and was hit with a blaster round to the arm during the attack. 3 months later, Alos, Elis and Alex went on a trip to visit the Hapen homeworld where there vessel was attacked by pirates. Alos and Elis were quickly gunned down in a battle that went on between Pirates and them. Alex, Who only was 9 at the time, activated his ship's hyperdirve and flew back to an Imperial homeworld. 5 months later, during a daring raid by Pirates, they destroyed 99% of the planet leaving it baron. Alex, along with his foster parents managed to get out of the area just before the attack.

Imperial Service

6 Years after the event, Alex Signed up into the Imperial Armed services in hunt of the pirates that killed his parents. Luck would have it that on his first assignment, he manged to kill most of the pirates involved in both raids. 3 weeks after the battle Alex got bored of serving in the army and decided to travel aroud the Galaxy looking for Employment.

Meeting Cade Valo

A few days after leaving the Galactic Empire , he came to the Trade Federation homeworld. There he met Cade Valo, who at the time was assigned to the Federation training facility there. After a quick chat about a carear in the Federation, Alex was excited to join up.

Trade Federation Training

When Alex Was sent to the Naval training Facility in Varn, he had never seen so much training. They had everything there, including the Trade Federation Capital ships! Excited, he quickly passed his tests and was promoted to Guardsman. He was then assigned to a taskforce and began a new exciting career in the Federation.

Confederate Mining Corp

After a month, Viceroy Jansen requested help in creation of his newest mining faction, Confederate Mining. Interested, he contacted the Viceroy and was later accepted in to the Mining company's Logistics department. After a month, the new CEO disproved of Alex Telling a Pilot under him to Mind his own Business (I know!). Alex, Upset with teh CEO left CMC for a new life in a new faction!

Baktoid Armour Workshop

Now after a chat with the CEO of Baktoid, the CIS newest faction, and COO Gadon Trammer, Alex Signed up as Logistics Director for the faction. That lasted for 3 months, to when , after having an Arguement with the then CEO Gadon Trammer, about using logistical resorces to build Gadon's own Tax planet, Alex Resigned from his postion and was accepeted by HCE

Haor Chall Engineering

Ah yes, Haor Chall Engineering, an interesting period in Alex's life.the CEO, Kieran , was a kind and loving boss :D. The faction 3 IC however, Joni Yuma Cracked a whip over Alex when ever he did anything she didn't like! After several months of this, Alex had Enoguh And Spoke to a Friend, Metyl Onyx, Who had recently been promoted to CEO of the faction after Gadon left.

*New* Baktoid Armour Workshop

Baktoid Armour Workshop had been reorginised into a much more sustainable faction since Gadon Trammer left, and Metyl was pleased. Alex accepted a postion inside Metyl's Command staff as logistic Director, and Assistant Quatermaster of items. To this date, Alex Has served on Metyl's Command staff and has enjoyed his time there. Around year 10 day 240, Alex was promoted to Quatermaster of Baktoid Armour Workshop. He was also declared Leader of the City, Rising Sun.

Trade federation Department of Logsitics and Trade

After leaving baw, Alex joined Department of Logsitics. Later he joined Department of Trade.

Historical Timeline

Service Record

Rank Insignia


Promotion Date

Image:O-4 mop.png

Senior Trade Partner

Awards and Commendations

Award Image

Award Name

Given By

Date Received


Medal of Trade

Jacob Jansen

Year 15 Day 297


Distinguished Service Medal - Level 1

Jacob Jansen

Year 15 Day 297


Good Conduct Award

Jacob Jansen

Year 9 Day 318


Tour of Duty 1 Year

Jacob Jansen



Alex Track Currently has a small fleet stationed at the Varno system.

  • BR-23 Courier "Lander 01"

Alex's Main transporter, The Lander 01 is his personal escort throughout enermy territory. Protected by the death hammer squadren, Lander 01 is a prize posession of Alex's , which he would never trade away for.

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