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The Department of Manufacturing represents the lion's share of the Trade Federation's productive capacity. Consisting of Centurion Arms, Dorinian Military Corps, Kuat Drive Yards, Techno Union, and Rendili Stardrive; the Department of Manufacturing is the successor to the Ministry's manifold production departments which existed until year 16. It is responsible for producing the widest possible range of equipment for the Federation's needs, from the least complicated of E-5 Blasters for our droid armies, to the near-indestructible Lucrehulk battleships which provide versatile support for the Federation's industrial and military infrastructure.

Director of Manufacturing Shaidar Haran
File:Shaidar haran ava.png

The Director of Manufacturing oversees all Nationalized Faction Directors within the Department of Manufacturing. His primary role is ensuring that the production systems within the DoMan run smoothly and that paperwork is done as well as overseeing all staff within the Department.

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