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The Insignia of Baktoid Armour Workshop
Faction Information
Name: Baktoid Armour Workshop
Classification: Production, Items
Date Founded: Year 8 Day 59
Owner: Trade Federation
Leader: Marco Salo
Second-in-Command: Rik Noiz
Notable Members: Arturius Hall
Metyl Onyx
Jeeva Ob
Siraloth Xivah
Torran Forano
Shaidar Haran
Drew Minga
Ted Winner
Ciatri Montari
Rik Noiz
Marco Salo
Territorial Information
Territory: Filordis System
Population: 500,000,000+ Inhabitant(s)
Capital: Filordis II
Most Populated World: N/A
Baktoid Armour Workshop Website
Baktoid Armour Workshop

Baktoid Armour Workshop is a nationalized faction that serves as the Department of Manufacturing for the Trade Federation. As an item production faction, Baktoid supplies the Federation and its allies with quality tools and items.



The Clone Wars Era

The Baktoid brand first appears in the Galactic Corporate Registry more than ten years before the beginning of the Clone Wars. At that time, Baktoid served as the vehicle manufacturing subsidiary for the Trade Federation, and Baktoid engineers were decisive influences in the development of heavy armor vehicles such as the Armoured Attack Tank and the STAP.

In the Trade Federation's Expansionist Era, Baktoid Armour Workshop enjoyed great success. As the Federation agressively pursued an expansionist policy, demand for quality combat vehicles swelled and the fledgling vehicle faction grew rapidly. However, the success did not last. The Trade Federation deployed an unprecedented number of troops and vehicles at the battle for the planet Naboo, but lost the battle. As part of the ensuing effort to mollify the Senate and to prevent political rivalry on Neimoidia, the Trade Federation closed Baktoid Armour Workshop, merging its resources and employees into Haor Chall Engineering. As the Trade Federation took its place in the separatist side of the Clone Wars, the Baktoid brand was left unused. It became all but forgotten in the Federation's fall from prominence after the Clone Wars ended.

The Rise of SDF

After the rise of the Galactic Empire and beginning of the galactic civil war, many small factions were founded to supply the warring sides.
The AAT was designed before the Clone Wars by Baktoid engineers.
One faction, called the Sons & Daughters of Freedom, was founded to promote political neutrality. To fund and front their operations, SDF went into business to maufacture and sell items. SDF became a fairly successful operation headquartered on Filordis II in the Filordis System. As SDF became the most prominent and pervasive employer and corporate power in the system, it quickly rose to political leadership. Using its new-found governmental power, SDF realized its goal of creating a completely neutral system as a haven from the ravages of the galactic civil war.

During this time period, the Anthos Sector came under control of the Trade Federation. The Federation had undergone substantial change since the end of the Clone Wars, and moved its headquarters from Neimoidia to Korda. SDF welcomed a strong sectoral government professing galactic neutrality, and SDF peacefully coexisted with the Federation for several years. Over those years, SDF's business platform had begun to erode as faction leadership became more concerned with galactic politics than with the production business that funded their operations. As a result of the negligent policies of the SDF governing board, the faction was soon in serious financial trouble.

A New Baktoid

Under the direction of Viceroy Jacob Jansen, the Trade Federation purchased SDF and the Filordis System. Resurrecting the old Baktoid Armour Workshop brand, SDF was rechristened and continued production of items as a member of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Arturius Hall was named the first President and CEO of the new Baktoid Armour Workshop, and Gadon Trammer was installed as Vice President. President Hall was charged with making Baktoid a viable production faction and returning it to the galactic prominence it had once enjoyed as SDF. For about a year, President Hall labored to turn the financial situation at Baktoid in a favorable direction.

President Hall and Vice President Trammer worked to expand the operations that had flagged under SDF's later days, seeking out experienced employees for BAW's high command and purchasing new equipment and ships for the faction. As Vice President, Gadon Trammer reorganized the system of command for Baktoid, implementing an incentive-based system of bonuses to drive quality employees to the top of the structure.

As an item production faction, Baktoid Armour Workshop creates and sells tools such as the Energy Sensor Pack.
With this new system in place, Baktoid's production was rejuvenated. Profit margins rose to the point that the company was able to satisfy the majority of its creditors. With the company out from the shadow of debt, President Hall resigned his post to pursue other business opportunities, leaving Gadon Trammer as Baktoid's President. Metyl Onyx was promoted to the position of Vice President. After about six months, President Trammer retired, leaving Vice-President Onyx as President and CEO.

CIS Reform

Viceroy Jansen had long envisioned a more efficient Confederacy of Independent Systems, and the Trade Federation cabinet decided during this time that large portions of the CIS should be dismantled. Several factions withdrew from the Confederacy, and several others were merged. In this new governmental system, Baktoid Armour Workshop was incorporated into the Trade Federation as its Department of Manufacturing in the Ministry of Production.

With the new role of the company, changes were needed. Mass-production techniques were honed for quality items, and close resource-sharing between Baktoid and the Federation began. President Onyx scaled down the operations of the company, restructuring the faction to provide for the needs of the Trade Federation and its other nationalized factions. Rather than lay off most of his talented workforce, President Onyx re-trained and re-tasked many of his workers to be able to run missions for both Baktoid and the Trade Federation.

Under President Onyx, several newly-acquired item factions were incorporated into the structure of Baktoid Armour Workshop, adding to the faction's wealth and granting the company the rights to many new technology datacards for production. President Onyx did such a fine job leading Baktoid that he was selected for promotion by the Federation cabinet as the new Director of Industry. On Year 11 Day 320, Kator Virdian was placed as President of Baktoid Armour Workshop to replace Metyl Onyx. Shortly after this date, President Virdian stepped down, citing personal reasons. Until a replacement could be found, the Trade Federation assigned Takhisis from the Ministry of the Interior to serve as Baktoid's Chief Operations Officer. He was promoted on Year 12 Day 32.


  • Under Viceroy Jacob Jansen, item production faction Zone Supplies Limited was purchased from Seth Shepard and merged into Baktoid Armour Workshop. The purchase was backed by the entire Imperial Union, and the Galactic Empire donated capital ships to the deal offering. The final purchase price was listed at 1.5 billion credits with Mandalore, Hapes Consortium and the Trade Federation each offering Shepard 500 million credits to complete the deal.
  • On Year 11 Day 202, item production faction Creshaldyne Industries was purchased from mogul Elm Aran by Viceroy Jacob Jansen. The final purchase price was listed at 1.5 billion credits. The resources of the company were immediately merged into Baktoid Armour Workshop, including production schematics for the creation of Battle Armour, Tents, Portable Power Fission Generators, Masks, Macro Binoculars, Handled Shields, Combat Armour, Camouflaged Tents, Biological Sensor Packs, and Toolkits.

Leadership Updates

On Year 12 Day 78, Takhisis was chosen as the new permanent President and CEO of Baktoid Armour Workshop.
On Year 12 Day 338, after the resignation of former President Takhisis, the reins of power of BAW, now known as the Department of Manufacturing for the Trade Federation, were given to Siraloth Xivah. In the following weeks, Torran Forano was given the title of Deputy Director.
On Year 13 Day 105, Director Xivah transfers to another department within the Trade Federation, leaving the Presidential position vacant. Vice President Forrano is promoted, and now serves as the President and CEO of Baktoid Armour Workshop. A new Vice President is yet to be announced.
On Year 14 Day 314, Dakin Strachan become CEO of Baktoid Armour Workshop.
On Year 15 Day 314, Vas Felix become President and CEO of Baktoid Armour Workshop.
On Year 16 Day 23, Vas Felix, moved to Rendili Stardrive, and Shaidar Haran become President and CEO of Baktoid Armour Workshop.
On Year 16 Day 119, Shaidar Haran moved to KDY.
On Year 16 Day unknown, Ted Winner was chosen CEO of Baktoid Armour Workshop.
On Year 16 Day 297, Tanez Kalrade was promoted to Director of Trade until present day.


Baktoid Armour Workshop holds the datacards to produce the following items.

  • Battle Armour
  • Biological Sensor Pack
  • Camouflage Tent
  • Ceremonial Armour
  • Energy Sensor Pack
  • Security Control Panel
  • Mask
  • Riot Shield
  • Survival Pack
  • Toolkit
  • Combat Armour
  • Handled Shield
  • Macro Binoculars
  • Portable Power Fission Generator
  • Tent
  • Belt
  • Crafting Kit
  • Safe
  • SWLTR Helmet
  • SWLTR Suit
  • Tool Belt


Much like the Trade Federation's banners, these banners are used to advertise for new recruits, to punctuate member holocommunications, and generally to display pride in Baktoid membership over the holonet:

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