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Group Information
Group Name: Directorate
Date Founded: Year 10 Day 269
Leader: The Cabinet
Notable Positions: Minister of Defense
Minister of Interior
Minister of Defense
Minister of Production
Government Affairs

The Directorate is the forum for discussing issues of governance for the Trade Federation, and to inform the Cabinet on matters of decisions. The Directorate is made up of all the Directors (HC-1 and up) within the Trade Federation. Its purpose is to discuss any and all issues at the Department Director level. Those chosen to be a part of the Trade Federation Directorate are men and women who have not only been a part of the Trade Federate for an extended time, but know the intricacies of their Department, along with how it works within the greater whole of the Trade Federation.

Those members of the Directorate act as an extended board of advisors to the Viceroy, giving suggestions as concerning how to better their department and the Trade Federation. Each member is chosen and approved by the TF Cabinet and Viceroy himself. All of the leaders of the Nationalized Factions: Baktoid Armour Workshop, Centurion Arms, Commerce Guild, Dorinian Military Corps, Haven Corporation, Kuat Drive Yards, Rendili StarDrive, andTechno Union hold the rank of Director (HC-2) and are members of the Directorate.




The Viceroy of the Trade Federation is the driving force behind the entire Government acting as the Head of State. As the Trade Federation Head of State, de facto head of the Trade Federation Cabinet, Commander-in-Chief of Trade Federation armed forces, Chief Ambassador for the Trade Federation and Lord Governor of all Trade Federation Territories. The position of Viceroy commands incredible power and tremendous dedication. At one time the Viceroy was the ruler of the Confederacy of Independent Systems, however that role has moved on to the Confederate Consul.


Appointed by the Viceroy, the Regent is first in the line of succession for Viceroy of the Trade Federation. Not considered the second in command, but the most senior and closest advisor to the Viceroy. Regent is the only Cabinet position whom the Viceroy can appoint without cabinet consent. The Regent's main responsibilities are determined by the Viceroy, who defines the majority of the Regent's duties as circumstances require. Regent is considered one of the most honorable position within the Trade Federation as the member appointed has the full trust of the Viceroy and serves as his successor.


As the right hand man to the Viceroy and second in command of the Trade Federation, the Duceroy is answerable only to the Viceroy. The Duceroy (if no Regent is appointed) serves as second in the line of succession should the Viceroy die while in office or resign his command. The Duceroys duties in the Trade Federation will vary depending on the Viceroys wishes. In some cases, the Duceroy is the head of the Department of the Treasury.

Current Cabinet

  • Nohv Schiller is the 7th and current Viceroy of the Trade Federation. Appointed on Year 18 Day 68 after the resignation of Viceroy Jacob Jansen.
  • Jacob Jansen is the 5th Regent of the Trade Federation. Appointed by Viceroy Nohv Schiller on Year 18 Day 68.
  • Salamku Derov is the 14th Duceroy of the Trade Federation. Appointed by Viceroy Jacob Jansen and his Cabinet on Year 17 Day 286.
  • Ted Winner is the 4th Minister of Production of the Trade Federation. Appointed on Year 17 Day 287 by Duceroy, Salamku Derov and the Trade Federation Cabinet.
  • Dail Llwybr Gwaed is the 10th Minister of the Interior. Appointed Minister of the Interior on Year 14 Day 345 by Viceroy Jacob Jansen and the Trade Federation Cabinet.
  • Tovakinpi Toshikhan is the 13th Minister of Defense Appointed Minister of the Interior on Year 17 Day 3197 by Viceroy Jacob Jansen and the Trade Federation Cabinet.

File:Nohv schiller ava.png File: Jacob jansen ava.png File:Salamku derov ava.png File:Ted winner ava.png File:Dail llwybr gwaed ava.png File:Tovakinpi toshikhan ava.png

Jacob Jansen



The Ministers are appointed by the Viceroy with the approval of his Cabinet, and are voting members of the Trade Federation Cabinet and the Directorate.

The Minister of Defense is the head and chief executive officer of the Ministry of Defense. Along with the day to day management of the Ministry, the Minister serves as the chief military advisor to the Viceroy. This all-important aspect of the Trade Federation defends Federation territories from invasion in wartime, and keeps law and order in them in peacetime. This ministry also guards Trade Federation building projects, provides escorts for important personnel, and patrols trade routes to and from Trade Federation Space. The MoD was once divided into two departments, the Department of the Navy and the Department of the Army, but now remains under a single heading.

The Minister of the Interior is charged with the management of all Trade Federation territory. When it comes to expansion, improvements and planning, the Minister of the Interior is the chief executive in charge. Along with territory management, the entire logistical and mining arm of the Trade Federation report to the Minister of the Interior. The office holds vast power within the Trade Federation making it a key position in the Trade Federation Cabinet. The Ministry is made up of four departments: Department of Logistics, Industry, Recycling and Resources

The Minister of Production is responsible for all ships, vehicles, droids, items and weapons produced by the Trade Federation and its subsidiaries. This includes the Alpha Medical Corps, Baktoid Armour Workshop, Centurion Arms, Dorinian Military Corps, Kuat Drive Yards, Techno Union, and Rendili StarDrive.

Current Ministers

Minister of Defense Tovakinpi Toshikhan was appointed as Minister Defense on Year 17 Day 97 by Viceroy Jacob Jansen and the Trade Federation TF Cabinet.
Minister of Interior Dail llwybr Qwaed was appointed as Minister Interior on Year 17 Day 97 by Viceroy Jacob Jansen and the Trade Federation TF Cabinet.
Minister of Production Ted Winner was appointed as Minister Production on Year 17 Day 287 by Duceroy Salamku Derov and the Trade Federation TF Cabinet.

File:Tovakinpi toshikhan ava.png File:Dail llwybr gwaed ava.png File:Ted winner ava.png

Deputy Ministers

The Deputy Ministers are second-in-command of their respective Ministry, serving as primary assistants to the Ministers. They are appointed by the Minister and vote from the Cabinet. The Deputy will assume command of the Ministry holding the title of Acting Minister in the Ministers absence. The daily tasks and assignments of the Deputy vary depending on the wishes of the current Ministers. Along with serving the Minister, the Deputy also sits on the Trade Federation Directorate.

Current Deputy Ministers

Deputy Minister of Defense was appointed as Deputy Minister Production on Year Day by Minister [[]] and the Trade Federation TF Cabinet.
Deputy Minister of Interiorwas appointed as Deputy Minister Production on Year Day by Minister [[]] and the Trade Federation TF Cabinet.
Deputy Minister of Production was appointed as Deputy Minister Production on Year Day by Minister [[]] and the Trade Federation TF Cabinet.

File:tba.png File:tba.png file:tba.png


The Director of Admissions is in charge of all personnel and overseeing the operations of the Department of Admissions. The Department of Admissions is the combined department that handles all recruitment for the Trade Federation and administers training to all members. The recruitment system participates in mailing faction invitations to all new Combine members daily and the screening all applicants. The training system consists of Basic and Ministry-specific Training for all new members and lessons on trading and basic diplomacy for current Trade Federation members.

The Director of Industry is the chief architect of all Trade Federation planetary development. This includes construction of all planetside civilian, industrial, commercial, and military facilities throughout Federation territory. The Director is also responsible for continued maintenance of all facilities and cities. Demanding great dedication, the job is extremely stressful. Because of this, the Director has a large staff to assist with the Departments daily operations.

The Director of Logistics is charged with managing of the Department of Logistics, also called the Logistics Corps. The Director, with the help of his command team, plans, manages and executes all of the logistical missions for the Trade Federation. The position requires a person who has extreme management skills and a lot of time to use those skills. Because of this, many Directors have been known to rise higher in the ranks, even as high as a Cabinet Minister.

The Director of Manufacturing ensures that all orders are processed and filled, and that all personnel are accounted for and working to full efficiency. The Dept Naval Production Kuat Drive Yards and Rendili StarDrive, Dept of Vehicle Engineering Techno Union, and The Dept of Robotics Dorinian Military Corps are all included here.

The Director of Recycling leads the Haven Corporation and is charged with management of the Department of Recycling, or DoRec. The Director, with the help of her command team, plans and manages all recycling missions in the Federation territory. Urban renewal throughout Federation planets is one of the main duties of Haven Corporation. Equipped with a fleet of heavy duty EVS Construction Droid-vehicles it is the Department’s job to tear down and recycle obsolete buildings to make room for new structures, improving living conditions for all citizens or allowing industrial sites to expand

The Department of Resources is the Trade Federation's burly, pick wielding, hammer swinging, dirt digging, mining arm. Forged from an amalgam of crafty Trade Federation businessmen and seasoned veteran JUGANOTH miners, the Commerce Guild stands to be the premier mining company in the galaxy. The Director of resources is tasked with leading all mining and gathering efforts, and ensures that there are sufficient Raw Materials for all future Trade Federation endeavours.

The Director of Trade is charged with overseeing both sales and trading operations within the department through Baktoid Armour Workshop, and Centurion Arms. His overall expertise is in diplomatic relations between the Trade Federation and other trading and production corporations. With help from his staff, the Director gains support and sales through ever-expanding areas of the galaxy. Together with the Deputy Director, the Director oversees financial balances, production quantities, and oversees the direct supervision of the Licensed Trader Programme.

The Director of the Department of External Affairs has the sole duty of maintaining diplomatic relations with all factions, government and commercial alike.

The Chief Justice of the Department of Justice or High Court of the Federation, is the sole source of judicial authority within the Trade Federation, and also holds the responsibility for the creation of laws conforming with the ideals and values of the Trade Federation.

The Department of Culture acts as the voice of the Trade Federation. The department is responsible for publishing Federation news and events and will also help write GNS posts for the Cabinet. Staffed with many skilled authors and graphic designers who use their talents to help better the Federation.

Other Directorate positions

Positions of the rank HC-1 that have a place in the Directorate include Governors, FSS Commander, Fleet Commanders and Ambassadors.

Current Directorate

File:Tovakinpi toshikhan ava.png File:Jhanu kaizhuu ava.png File:Carmen sundane ava.png File:Ian darkholm ava.png File:Flint talzo ava.png File:Morga deva ava.png File:Takhisis ava.png File:Zaknus maximus ava.png File:Shaidar haran ava.png File:Tanez kalrade ava.png

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