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Image:Salamku derov ava.png
Biographical Information
Full Name: Salamku Derov
Homeworld: Deko Neimoidia
Born: Y-26 D224
Died: -
Physical Description
Race: Neimoidian
Gender: Male
Height: 2.05 Metres
Colouring: Green
Hair Colour: -
Eye Colour: Bronze
Trade Federation Service
Status: Active
Ministry: -
Department: -
Position: Duceroy
Prior Service: Falleen Federation
Ailon Nova Guard

Salamku Derov is the current Duceroy.


Early Life and Education

Salamku Derov was hatched on the agricultural Neimoidian Purse World of Deko Neimoidia, to a relatively wealthy and privileged family, in Y-26 D224. Located on the Trellen trade route, Deko Neimoidia and the surrounding Purse Worlds were, at the time of his birth, under the control of the Trade Federation, within the Galactic Republic. Manehvaz Derov, Salamku's father, figured as the eighth Derov to lead the Worshipful Company of Manax-Mercers, one of Deko Neimoidia's 8,568 livery companies, and responsible for large plantations of Manax tress and fungus farms on the equatorial plateau. 490th in the Order of Precedence, and controlling a portion of the trade in a valuable staple export (in competition with the other 7 directors of the guild), the Derov lineage were regarded as minor 'Trade Barons' on the planet. Uparmiya Nadd, as she was before her marriage to Manehvaz, came from a relatively obscure but prosperous merchant family on Koru Neimoidia. Known for its 'avaricious' atmosphere, even among Neimoidians, the political and economical benefits of the proposed union prompted Manehvaz to arrange an unorthodox marriage to one of the urban commercial class.

Manax farms on Deko Neimoidia.

Neimoidian society is signal amongst civilised worlds across the galaxy for its materialism, decadence, and authoritarianism; avarice, cupidity, and, greed form its bedrock. To be singled out for efficiency in these amounts to nothing short of the greatest compliment. These tenets were embedded from the earliest moments in Salamku's life. When asked by the young grub what "The Force" was, Manehvaz shot back "A Grand display of nonsense" before patting him on the head and smiling. "Nothing for men like us to worry about. We do not require that crutch of mysticism and superstition to get on in life, particularly where life includes a healthy credit book, and a reasonably creative tax contributions structure." The young grub, evidently puzzled, prompted Manehvaz to go on "If you were to believe in a "Force", my little cohort (Adviser), perhaps it should be mysteries of the consumption function? Or the Intergalactic Banking Clan, so-called Pantheon of Money? Perhaps our very own Mercers Magnus, The great Trade Federation!" laughing as he draws to a close, the father kneels down eye-level with his son and says "If it is strictly necessary to believe in a force, then believe in The Force. Not that mumbo-jumbo, and cohort, if there is one constant force in the galaxy, then it is the Galactic Credit, and the transaction system which underpins its flitting across the galaxy with deific sublimity." These lessons, not a-typical for Neimoidians, would impart to Salamku lasting impressions on him, of how the galaxy worked, and his place in it. Not simply a grounding in Neimoidian culture, Salamku regarded this rationalistic basis of his approach to the galaxy, and others, as key to securing his future.

Comparatively little of Salamku's early life is known, the reason for which he is known to have remarked was "And reveal contacts I have made? Places I have worked, things I have learned? No, I think not. What one's friends do not know, they cannot use to their advantage..." Though hatched the year the Separatist War broke out, it had little immediate impact on his life, and he was dispatched to a Grub Hatchery in the environs of the capital district, where he spent the first seven years of his life learning to refine those instinctual habits which all Neimoidians possess. The arrival of the war to Deko Neimoidia and other purse worlds as the Confederacy lost the war resulted in significant disruption to the local economic, political, and, social structures. Social hierarchy and the careful distribution of economic status, which underpinned the oligarchic system, weakened considerably as battles raged across the surface. The nationalisation of the Trade Federation following the dissolution of the Confederacy brought the remaining edifice of Neimoidian society tumbling down, as the Galactic Empire established a speciesist protectorate over region. A political and economic apartheid in force, the Derov family patrimony collapsed under the various restrictions on alien activity which came with imperial rule. With it, Salamku's prestigious education became unaffordable.

At the age of maturation, in Y-8 (18 years old), Salamku made preparations for travel to the capital of Cato Neimoidia, Zarra, with a view to undertaking a commercial apprenticeship in the only remaining economic hub in the former Purse Worlds. A substantial loan from the family's remaining capital pool was made to Salamku by his uncle, Amestris, and he subsequently made the trip to Zarra. His personal accounting book noted with apparent disdain the terms of the loan as "34% travel loan, payable monthly over two years" with a curious note was pencilled alongside: "Don't forward on address..."

Commercial Enterprising and a Change in Direction

Transit datapads obtained from the trun uv trod (Chamber of Commerce) show that Salamku arrived at the starport on the main thoroughfare of Zarra, the capital of Cato Neimoidia, on D242, four days after his departure. Further records from the Court of Aldermen illustrate that almost immediately the Association of Rarefied and Common Operators, one of the Mercer livery companies at Zarra, granted Salamku a position. An extract from his journal, dated D247 indicated his relief: "The family name, at least, isn't quite so bankrupt as the rest of us".

Suspended cities of Cato Neimoidia.

The practical nature of the operation to which Salamku belonged was never clarified, but, the association's regular defense against complaints brought to the Palace of Trade and Industry, at Zarra, illustrated this well enough, in any case. Taking advantage of economic suppression, and its own aggressive commercialism, the association was well placed to operate as a fair-weather friend to all. As one of the association's settlement officers, Salamku was exercising habits that Derov's had done so for generations. In controlling part of the supply for those 'rarefied and common goods' which the association stored, he could make awards to those staff most-deserving of a little more recognition. Despite his success in organising departmental business, the initial promise that came with his family name and prestigious education, had failed to bear enough fruit. After three months of disappointing return on investment from his department, Nodd Harvik, Auditor General, transferred Salamku to the less prestigious, and thusly less lucrative post of General Wares Strategist. A further extract from a vertex-infused crystalline holo-journal read after this event "Such a pity".

Far from simply skimming his fair share off the top, the position of strategist challenged the young Neimoidian into utilising his lateral thinking and creativity (though to a less tangible reward), and his performance quota increased sharply. His relatively rapid rise thereafter to a role in contrak (Legal office) was emblematic of this. Little is known, or released, about the minutiae of Salamku's role at company house, but, his regular appearances before the directory of tribunals in defense of the association indicated the direction his later expertise would flourish in. If not skilled in the practice of commerce itself, it mattered little, for Salamku learned that to control the framework in which sentient's did so, yielded far greater reward. By Y-1 then, seven years after his initial arrival on Cato Neimoidia, and at the age of twenty five, Salamku Derov was on the way toward restoring his family's fortunes, as a secured member of the association's finance directory. Of his earlier career, the Neimoidian confirmed very little, but, was recorded as joking at a function in Y12 that "I suppose I was an anti-hero, I guess. Without the hero bit... Heh. You could say, that in my eyes, the Jedi were evil!".

Despite this relative security, in Y2 Salamku simultaneously joined the planetary defense force at Zarra, and began taking qualifications in History and Commercial History from the recently reconstructed Gunray Merchantmen and Exchanges Complex. The abrupt change in personal and professional direction was followed by increasingly fewer appearances as the association's representative to the tribunal hearings. The reason for this change was left broadly unexplained.

Graduating in Y6, the Neimoidian disposed of his assets on Cato Neimoidia, and all evidence of his association with the recently sanitised Honourable Company of General Merchants ceased. Further transit datapads show he travelled to Pure Neimoidia. A later journal entry desribed the planet as follows: "'Pure' Neimoidia. There is nothing bloody pure about it! Wretched place. Hatcheries, pits, tick larvae!" Upon arrival, Salamku began working for the imperial local government on the planet. Despite the speciesist policies in force, or perhaps because of, Salamku's stern approach to work and determination was honed with far greater concision than his Neimoidian education, and nature, had ever achieved. When asked how he managed to work in that envrionment, he was quick to point out that "living in adversity will nearly always bring out the desire to overcome it. Sometimes that obstacle is too great, other times it is not. Know when it is".

Into the Galaxy

Salamku Derov was reported to have begun making preparations for leaving the planet Neimoidia in early Y9. The bureaucratic procedures of the Empire's government at the galactic, rather than the local level, proved to be an obstacle which delayed his departure for over two months however. Despite the career Salamku Derov would later lead in the Trade Federation as one of its chief bureaucrats, he was recorded notably declaiming at the time to an Imperial adjutant "I do verily appreciate the necessity of allowing a decision to reach a mature and well-thought out conclusion, proceeding through the processes and committees relevant to its passing. Usually I would agree that this is many months of fruitful work, in this instance however I do not see the virtue in the Transport Authorities neolithic speed of decision-making.". It would be noted by several sources that the later Minister Derov's views, when outlining his own position on the virtue of speedy decision, were perhaps in contradiction to his earlier remarks of the Transport Authority.

On D78, Y9 disclosed public records of the Neimoidia Traffic Control Authority show that Salamku Derov boarded a YT-1210 under contract with the Ailon Nova Guard, bound for an unknown system in the Bormea Sector. A legal loophole of Imperial law at the time which forbade general leave of the planet for 'Class C' citizens, allowed permits of exit for those uptaking employment beyond Imperial frontiers. It was speculated therefore that Salamku Derov, from his understanding of the Imperial bureaucracy during his employment there, undertook to exploit this loophole in order to facilitate his leaving Neimoidia. What is not clear however, is why on D94 Salamku Derov's public association with the Ailon Nova Guard ceased. When on the topic of his previous employment, Salamku Derov was noted to have remarked, "I wonder if this isn't a case, where old habits die hard.". Whatever the precise reason for his, however brief, affiliation with the Ailon Nova Guard, it had succeeded in relieving his responsibilities to the Imperial government.

Almost immediately after withdrawing from his non-binding work contract with the Ailon Nova Guard, Salamku Derov was shown to have turned to work for the Falleen Federation on D96, appearing on several recruitment records for the bodies admissions office. Applying for a position within the Falleen Navy upon graduation of the Falleen academy, under the tutelage of then Minister of Defence Swaasa Gaal. Subsequent to his service within the Falleen Navy, Salamku Derov appears from a notice in the Falleen government declaring that the Rand Tax Planet was nearing completion and that several individuals would be undertaking construction of the final stages of the metropolisation of the Gas Giant, to have undertaken work in the lower levels of the Federation's bureaucracy. Public record of Salamku Derov's service with the Falleen Federation was never particularly forthcoming, words of description by Salamku were reportedly uttered with the phrase, "Soldiery. Digging holes in the ground. The Galactic Alliance. Among all the facets of my work, perhaps it would not be naive to assume, that one of those three prompted my leave.". Public records show that on D219, Y9 Salamku Derov was honourably discharged from the Falleen Federation, indicating the continued wanderlust Salamku Derov had exhibited since leaving Imperial space several months earlier.

Of Salamku Derov's turn to the Trade Federation, some has been noted. A brief interlude from Salamku's resignation from the Falleen Federation and his subsequent joining the Trade Federation followed, whereby reports of his presence on Falleen itself diminish. Appearing at Taanab five days later on D224, Y9, and landing in the Hapan influenced architecture of the Capital, Salamku Derov submitted his application to join the government. His career in the Trade Federation would span the rest of Salamku Derov's professional life, and is noted as a part of his life for a profusion of records as to his activities and statements. Public records from the Trade Federation's Department of Admissions show that upon the completion of the Basic Training Standard Exam, Salamku Derov began working for the Trade Federation's Ministry of Defence, assigned to work for the Colla Taskforce under the then Commanding Officer, Kiloku San. The restricted nature of the Colla Taskforce, then a hidden system of the Trade Federation, forbade any public discussion of his role in the Defence forces until much later in Salamku Derov's career.

Further service in the Trade Federation's Ministry of Defence for the Colla Taskforce earned Salamku a promotion to the second enlisted rank of Guardsman, on D001, Y10. Nevertheless, continued efforts on behalf of the Ministry of Defence by Salamku Derov would prove to be short-lived. On D066, Y10, Public records in the Techno Union made available, show that Salamku had submitted an application to an advertisement made by the then CEO of the Techno Union(ships), Olwin Froon, as regards the opportunities new workers could receive in that company. The transferral of Salamku Derov to the Techno Union, a nationalised company of the Trade Federation, inaugurated a return to the bureaucratic service to which he had become accustomed in his earlier years, and to which he was to devote most of his energies in years thereafter. A telling phrase mentioned by Salamku at a Ministerial function some days later would clarify the significance he attached to his move to the Techno Union, "I have taken the liberty of mentioning in the past my concern, and indeed interest in, the various intricacies of the bureaucratic process. Decrying the institution as lazy, corrupt or otherwise incompetent is a common, and well enjoyed past-time of many citizens. What is clear however, is that the functions performed by the bureaucracy are indispensable, and allow for the modern conveniences, some of which have even been designed by the governments R&D offices themselves, to be proffered so widely among our society."

The Techno Union

Salamku Derov began his career with the Techno Union almost immediately upon submission of his application. On D066, Y10 his application was accepted by the High Command of the Techno Union and the motions of his transfer completed. He was conferred the second enlisted rank, Recruit, and assigned to the logistics department with the company. His activities while at the Techno Union as an enlisted member were never expounded upon in great detail by Salamku Derov, but the rapid series of promotions, culminating with his officership on D123, Y10 indicate an avarice for work and intuitive command which had been characteristic of his work while on Cato Neimoidia. It was however the resignation of the then Director of Logistics Siejo Kutol, who resigned in favour of the capability to undertake a greater role in the group which he served as leader, the Nautolan Society, that Salamku was offered a role of comparable stature and pay to that he had occupied while working on the Neimoidian Homeworld, and the Purse World of Cato Neimoidia. Details of the training itself remained a private affair for Salamku Derov, his accession to the role of Director of Logistics and to the rank of HC-2 on D186, Y10 however shows that he had succeeded in his training. Accession to a command role in the Techno Union was commented upon by Salamku Derov, when he briefly stated to one of his colleagues that the opportunity had been "invaluable" to him. It would be in that role of increased responsibility during his service in the Techno Union that Salamku Derov would grow his friendships with Kator Virdian, Olwin Froon, and Vas Felix. Individuals to whom Salamku was always noted as being considerably more cordial with, than others.

Several months into his role as Director of Logistics, the Trade Federation government, during the leadership of Viceroy Jacob Jansen, undertook to disband the Confederacy of Independent Systems and reform the Trade Federation as a centralised government represented by its 'Departments'. The rapid developments proceeding from this decision resulted in the culmination of Salamku Derov's career in the Techno Union. On D250, Y10, with the abolition of the Techno Union's internal departments, another result of the consolidation effort, Salamku Derov was offered and accepted the position of Deputy Director(COO) of the Techno Union. The attendant formation of the Ministry of Production, under the inaugural leadership of CEO President Olwin Froon had seen the position of leadership of that company become vacant, and assumed by the then Deputy Vas Felix. After six months in the position of Deputy Director, internal

Techno Union records revealed that Salamku had sought to resign as Deputy of the company on D51, Y11. Salamku Derov's increasingly absent nature in the two weeks prior to his on D51 was cited in the internal records as having arisen of 'personal, and involved' circumstances, which would force him to play a less active role in the running of the company. In his stead, Director Vas Felix appointed Kator Virdian as Deputy Director of the Techno Union, and conferred upon Salamku the fourth command rank, of Colonel. After several months working in the lower corporate management level of the Techno Union, Salamku Derov was offered the role of System Manager of the Ktil system by Director Vas Felix. Salamku Derov's period as Deputy Director had seen the development of the System Manager programme, and when queried on the value of accepting a position he had helped create, answered, "Interesting. I should wonder how it works from the perspective of the manager, rather than the overseer.". Therefore, on D183, Y11 Salamku Derov was assigned the role of System Manager, maintaining his then rank of Colonel.

Director 'Droideka' Derov" and Professional Success

Public news records in the form of a Trade Federation News Network announcement signalled the accession of Salamku Derov to the role of Director of the Dorinian Military Corps on D153, Y12. The departure of then Director Daniel Zorg to the position of Minister of Defence was responsible for need to have the position filled. Salamku's work while Director of the company would prove, "an important opportunity to demonstrate the powers that be I am capable of seizing upon their requests and fulfilling them" as he was later noted to mention. It was in this role as a Director that Salamku Derov was noted for demonstrating the germ of the capacities needed to undertake a further role in the Ministry of Production when his talents had, as he was to clarify, "moved beyond acceptable, and toward the exceptional. Of course, we all strive to move towards that, however, it is the case we almost never reach it. Nevertheless, sustaining a position which is close enough to that goal, is what the job is all about.".

The promotion of then Director Daniel Zorg to the role of Minister of Defence was prompted by the rapid resignation of the serving Minister and Deputy Minister of the Defence forces. Salamku Derov had been, up until that point, assigned to the role of Ktil system manager, but the developments in the armed forces had prompted the Ministry of Production High Command to offer the role to then Colonel Salamku Derov. The committe of accession, and the hearing it held several days prior to the accession announcement reportedly suggested to the Director-elect of the need divest himself of his holdings in the Galactic Technologies group. The direct transcript was never released for public review, but the closure of the Galactic Technologies group shortly there-after allegedly bore out the assertion. Much of the work carried out by the Dorinian Military Corps during the tenure of Director Derov has remained classified to the present day. The lack of record, public, or disclosed private details has thus left much of the incidentals unknown, or the subject of guesswork by those outside the High Command. What has been made clear however is that the workload of the Department while under his tenure, and which reportedly continued under his successors, was significant.

The success of the Department of Robotics while under he stewardship of Director Derov was the result of, "An extremely diverse group of individuals capable of exercising their own judgements to engage with, and overcome any series of obstacles with fortitude and ingenuity. If I may paraphrase an old legend, it is very likely that the droids you were looking for, were built by Robert Thorp, Shaidar haran, and, Tarc Drathul .", Salamku was later to acclaim of his colleagues. His leadership of the company lasted until D332, Y12. Towards the end of his leadership of the company, Salamku Derov, in an un-usually frank assessment of the climate which surrounded the galaxy at the time noted, "Our perennial difficulty has lain in the appropriate successions being in place for our nationalised companies. Ministry high command is confident of the situations within the Dorinian Military Corps at this present time, but nonetheless we should be vigilant of our command responsibilities.". Shortly after giving this address at a session of the Production Ministry's plenary group, Salamku Derov was promoted to the first government level rank, of Deputy Minister of Production.

Publicly announced on D332, Y12, Salamku Derov's appointment to the role of Deputy Minister would signal, "a veritable apogee in my career, and, let us not deny it, wealth to be made.." Deputy Minister Derov humorously declaimed among his colleagues at the succeeding gala ball. As his successor Salamku had recommended the enigmatic, and future leader of two further nationalised companies, Shaidar Haran, which was duly accepted by the Cabinet and announced shortly thereafter on D342, Y12. The nature of Salamku Derov's work while Deputy Minister has greater public record associated with it. Two events marked Salamku Derov's Deputyship which, while the public nature of which notwithstanding, were never clarified in a statement. The first of these were the internal discussions surrounding the Trade Federation's future as a member of the Imperial Union in Y14. That governments cession from the organisation in Y14 not in doubt, the discussions surrounding that decision were reportedly, "Tense, comprehensive, but ultimately in accord". The second such event which marked prominently the almost two year long Deputyship of Salamku Derov was the establishment of the Department of Trade as an element of the "Empire of Trade" doctrine as propounded by the Viceroy and Cabinet upon the Trade Federation's withdrawal from the Imperial Union. The important nature of the "Empire of Trade" doctrine in combination with the Trade Federation's own position in the Galactic economy has left many of the conversations, decisions, and reasons for such unknown to the galactic community at large. Nevertheless, what is clear, is that Salamku Derov viewed his experience in the Trade discussions as vital to his future work with the Department as Minister of Production. This was tellingly slipped when Salamku Derov declared at a meeting of the Ministry's plenary group, "The importance of this project, simply cannot be understated. Our considered approach has mandated the course of action we are currently taking, of course, this is not to change that deviation is necessarily obstructed, but, as an element of our overall execution of the "Empire of Trade", we must be weary of running headlong into unforseen consequences whereby we acted too rashly to see them.".

Serving as Deputy Minister for a considerable length of time, Salamku Derov was appointed Minister of Production on D108, Y14 after the sudden and un-expected resignation of then Minister, Vas Felix.

Personality, Traits, and, Description

The embedded competition of Neimoidian society, and the collapse of that society following the Separatist War, bred in Salamku a caution and aloofness typical of Neimoidians from his generation. A man of few words, Salamku's well-exercised pawky wit has left him with even fewer friends. Though he is known to dislike the term, instead preferring "colleague", or opting for the simple "you" when he has, invariably, not seen it fit to remember his interlocutor's name. His often sardonic nature in the face of adversity often belies his grim intolerance of failure and "the manifold vices of this galaxy..." In his dress, Salamku is noted for being particularly 'unorthodox' by the standards of his society. Eschewing ostentatious displays of wealth, his clothes are unadorned apart from the Supreme Representative Mantle of a prestigious Neimoidian, inscribed with his badge of office as Duceroy of the Trade Federation, and a regal ploov atop his mitre.

Service Record

Rank Insignia


Promotion Date



Year 17, Day 286


Minister of Production

Year 14 Day 156


Deputy Minister of Production

Year 12 Day 331

Awards and Commendations

Award Image

Award Name

Given By

Date Received



Production Star

Dail Llwybr Gwaed

Year 17 Day 275

In recognition of his dedicated work towards increasing efficiency across the entire Ministry as well as overseeing excessive quantities of NATs without trouble. In his time, the Ministry has expanded in size as well as efficiency, from programs such as the joint MoP-DoL mission protocol, to the recent reorganization, to streamlining the Department of Trade, to making preparations for R&D. There is no one currently serving in the MoP who's spent more time and effort striving to improve the Ministry and for this we seek to honor him. – Nohv Schiller.


Gold Seal

Jacob Jansen


Awarded for consistent and exemplary service to the awarding member and/or actions which resulted in overall improvement of the Federation, "above and beyond the call of duty".


Silver Seal

Jacob Jansen


Awarded when a member performs a great service from any ministry, though not warranting a gold merit.


Federation Star

Jacob Jansen


Awarded for consistent and exemplary service to the awarding officer and or actions which resulted in overall improvement of large sections of the Trade Federation under his control, above and beyond the call of duty.


Distinguished Service Medal

Jacob Jansen


Awarded for extraordinary service in a duty of great responsibility


Good Conduct Award

Jacob Jansen


Awarded for extraordinary conduct within any ministry.


Medal of Robotics - Gold

Jacob Jansen


Awarded for extraordinary service within the department of robotics. This medal is the highest merit of the department.


Medal of Vehicle Engineering - Silver

Jacob Jansen


Awarded to Department of Naval Production members who have not only served dutifully, the needs of the Department of Naval Production by assisting in all facets of Naval Production projects throughout Federation Space, this is also an acknowledgment of consistent exemplary aptitude and self-sacrifice in the performance of their duties.


Operation Seraph

Jacob Jansen


Awarded to any member who took part in operation seraph.


Cabinet Ribbon

Jacob Jansen


Awarded for service within the cabinet.


Directorate Ribbon

Jacob Jansen


Awarded for service within the directorate


Good Conduct Award

Jacob Jansen


Awarded for consistent service within the ministry of production. This medal is not automatically awarded after 1 tour. The right must be earned.


Tour of Duty

Jacob Jansen


Awarded for serving 1 calender year within any ministry in the trade federation

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