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Awarded by: GL-3 and above

The Gold Seal [GS] is awarded for consistent and exemplary service to the awarding member and/or actions which resulted in overall improvement of the Federation, "above and beyond the call of duty". The medal cannot be awarded for general activity.

People who have received this award

Gold Seal.

Year 9

  • Rand Axim - Year 9 Day 319 - Extreme dedication and loyalty to the Trade Federation over many years. From a builder in the then, Department of Construction to design of the tax planets to Duceroy of the Trade Federation.

Year 10

  • Daniel Zorg - Year 10 Day 156 - For Magnate Imperator Daniel Zorgs long standing devotion and loyalty beyond words, I hereby award him the Gold Seal.

Year 11

  • Jamaal Newport - Year 11 Day 152 - Outstanding leadership of the Commerce Guild.
  • Olwin Froon - Year 11 Day 152 - It's hard to put in words how much work and dedication Minister Froon has put into the Trade Federation. From his time in Starsign Shipyards to his command of the Ministry of Production. Olwin has revolutionized the way our production is done. From the shipyards of Valrar to the droid factories of Telti. Not one thing has been missed under his command and we might not think of it like this, but it's a sure bet the ship you are flying was built under his leadership.

Year 12

  • Morga Deva - Year 12 Day 20 - Extreme dedication, leadership and loyalty to the Trade Federation over many years.

Year 14

Year 15

  • Alan Arcane - Year 15 Day 205 - For his dedication, self sacrifice and absolute loyalty to the Trade Federation I award Master Alan Arcane the Gold Seal. Master Arcane has without a doubt gone above and beyond the call of duty while serving the Ministry of Defense. I think both Duceroy Schiller and Regent Froon will miss his leadership and hope he will be fit to return after his long overdue vacation.
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