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A tour is an official federate measure of service time, lasting one galactic standard year.


The first recorded usage of the term 'tour' (Shortened from 'tour of duty') was during the Battle of Vinsoth and subsequent battles to secure the Glythe Sector, where pilots would only serve for six months at any one time, before taking six months on non-combat duty. The term morphed over time to encapsulate any term of service lasting six months or more.


It was Viceroy Morgarr who popularized the term amongst Federates, when he awarded service medals for those that had served throughout his first tour as Viceroy. The medal, abbreviated to ToD-M, was awarded in conjunction with the celebration surrounding the date itself.

Notable examples of Tours

  • Viceroy Morgarr will have served 2 tours as Viceroy on Year 8, Day 162.
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