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The Department of the Navy consists of all space forces in the Ministry of Defense. The Federation Navy has many tools at its disposal. From planetary starfighters to the distinctive Lucrehulk 3210 Battleship. The Navy is also the spearhead of the Federation's Armed Forces. They are always the first to arrive and the last to leave. The Navy will also blockade enemy systems guaranteeing air and space superiority so the Army can work unopposed. This Navy also maintains scanner blankets in important systems under the control of the Trade Federation, and provides escort services to important diplomats or cargo in transit through Trade Federation space.

The Joint Defense Fleet is comprised of both the 1st and 2nd fleets of the Trade Federation Ministry of Defense. The 1st fleet is responsible for the Northern Territories of the Trade Federation. Based at a number of locations within the northern sectors, the fleet houses many of the most powerful ships commissioned by the Federation. The fleet flagship is the Super Star Destroyer TFN Pride of Taanab basted out of the Taanab System. The 2nd Fleet is responsible for the former Avance Coalition territories now known as the Southern Territories of the Trade Federation. Mostly composed of former TAC warships, the fleet is slowly getting refitted with Trade Federation technology. The fleet flagship is the MC-80 Home One-class Star Cruiser TFN Vigilant based out of the Southern Capital System of Endor.



Rank Name


Fleet Admiral/Admiral


Vice Admiral


Rear Admiral




Line Captain






Lieutenant Commander




Second Lieutenant


Master Flight Sergeant


Senior Flight Sergeant


Chief Flight Sergeant


Flight Sergeant


Flight Corporal





Navy Equipment


Lucrehulk 3210 Battleship
The Lucrehulk 3210 Battleship has for a long time been the backbone of the Trade Federation. Originally designed as a huge cargo ship, when the leaders of the Federation realized they would need a ship capable of taking part in warfare, they decided the best option would be to convert an existing ship rather than undergo the extremely expensive process of designing a warship from scratch.

The Lucrehulk was the obvious choice for this. With its excess of space and intimidating size it was quickly converted, with a wealth of new weapons on the hull, while still keeping the majority of the cargo space. This allows the Lucrehulk to not only hold its own in a battle, but also to bring in its own support. A single Lucrehulk can hold a fleet within itself, as well as an invasion force, making it a very efficient tool.

In the Trade Federation, the formidable Lucrehulk serves as a flagship for each of the Federation fleets, leading them in operations.


Imperial Star Destroyer
The Imperial Star Destroyer follows the standard design of the series with its iconic dagger shape, but built on a larger scale than had before been seen. This is the second largest of the Star Destroyers after the Super Star Destroyer. Though it lacks the firepower of its smaller relative, the Victory class, the fear and intimidation that the Imperial brings to a battle is worth just as much as all the lost firepower. Additionally, the Imperial class has more space for fighters and other smaller ships and vehicles to be stored within, making it less vulnerable than the smaller ship to fighters. The Imperial Star Destroyer, along with the Victory Star Destroyer, is being brought in for the purpose of heading task forces, replacing the Dreadnaught Heavy Cruiser.


Victory Star Destroyer
The Victory Star Destroyer is primarily a capital ship attacker, and has very little ability when it comes to fighting smaller ships. This however, does not mean that this ship should be taken lightly. The Victory has significantly more firepower than its bigger cousin the Imperial, despite the fact that it is little more than half the size. It has significant hull and shield strength and is a very effective warship. However, its lack of any significant storage space inside means that this ship is not as effective outside a battle group as other ships. The Victory Star Destroyer, along with the Imperial Star Destroyer, is being brought in for the purpose of heading task forces, replacing the Dreadnaught Heavy Cruiser.


Dreadnaught-class Heavy Cruiser
The Dreadnaught-class Heavy Cruiser was, when it was first designed, considered very advanced, putting many other ships to shame. However, as time passed, the Dreadnaught was outclassed by newer ships. This however, did not spell the end of the Dreadnaught. It was still kept in construction and the ships continue to this day to be a valued asset by all those who have used them. This is largely because of the hull strength, which is above average, and the firepower on board, consisting of 100 cannons of varying types, from anti-fighter to anti-capital ship. This means it is still an effective ship in a battle situation. The Dreadnaught also has a large passenger capacity, allowing it to bring troops with it into a battle. The Dreadnaught-class Heavy Cruiser has for a long time headed up task forces in the Trade Federation, though it is now being replaced by the Imperial and Victory Star Destroyers. It will, however, continue to serve in the Navy and is still considered an important part of the fleet.


Nebulon-B Frigate
The Nebulon-B Frigate was designed as an effective yet relatively inexpensive escort for unarmed convoys. It is armed with a variety of weapons that allow it to fight all ships from capital to fighter. However, this ship can also hold squadrons of fighters, for a more competent fight against smaller ships, which is an ability many large escort ships lack. For the Trade Federation, these ships continue in this role, being used for support, and carrying fighters.


Carrack/I-class Light Cruiser
The Carrack/I-Class Light Cruiser is a medium-sized capital ship with a huge amount of passenger space, as well as weapons, both conventional and ionic. It also boasts a very advanced sensor suite. This makes it a very competent border guard, able to detect ships from a long range and then either disable or destroy the other craft depending on the situation. In the Trade Federation, the large passenger count of the Carrack/I-Class Light Cruiser is used to its full as a troop transport in any fleet.


DP-20c Gunship
The DP-20c Gunship is a small ship that has an enormous amount of firepower for its size, making it a very effective support vessel. A vast improvement on its predecessors, the DP-20c can hold its own against far larger ships, though it can be overwhelmed by swarms of fighters or more concentrated fire. This gunship has an advantage in both its size and speed, which causes many opponents to underestimate the ship, and allow it to move around the battlefield more freely. The Trade Federation puts the DP-20c Gunship to its best possible use as a support vessel, providing heavy firepower to augment other ships in its group and crush opponents.


Scarab-class Droid Fighter
The XS.009 Scarab is a rather outdated fighter, but still able to hold its own in a dogfight. It has a very basic but effective armament, though its shields, hull, and speed leave much to be desired. This craft was designed to be that way though. This fighter is very inexpensive to construct, so this allows forces using it to simply overwhelm enemy forces with numbers rather than through fighter superiority. This fighter is largely used by the Trade Federation for system defense.


Y-Wing BTL-S3
The Y-Wing is a classic design that is widely recognized across the galaxy. Its engine placement is an interesting design feature, making it quite maneuverable. It has a strong hull for a fighter, even matching some freighters, and is very versatile, being able to carry out most tasks from fighter dogfights, to capital ship bombing runs, and even carrying some ion weaponry in the case that the target is to be disabled rather than destroyed. This incredibly useful fighter is primarily used for fleet attack, but fills a number of other roles also, serving the Trade Federation very well.

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