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Biographical Information
Full Name: Phlar Vran
Homeworld: Gravlex Med
Born: -
Died: -
Physical Description
Race: -
Gender: Male
Height: 4 meters
Colouring: -
Hair Colour: -
Eye Colour: -
Trade Federation Service
Ministry: Defense
Department: Culture
Position: Flight Sergeant
Prior Service:

Knowledge without Integrity is Dangerous and Dreadful


The Early Years

Phlar Vran was born to parents whom he barely remembers on the planet of Gravlex Med. Shortly after his birth, Phlar was sent off-world with his uncle, Drav M'Thrun,
Drav M'Thrun
after a raid by pirates had destroyed most of his village and displaced those few who had survived. Drav M'Thrun made his living by buying and selling various goods throughout the galaxy and thus provided a comfortable life for Phlar on the planet of Derra IV, where M'Thrun & Associates set up their home office.

For much of Phlar's childhood he was able to attend the best schools Derra IV had to offer and was tutored by some of the more prominent scholars within the system. Phlar developed an increasing interest in both the physiology and culture of the different species of sentients throughout the galaxy. This interest was mainly developed due to the constant presence of his uncle's trade partners and business rivals, who visited M'Thrun estate on a regular basis.

Though Phlar's uncle, Drav, schooled him in the art of trade and backwater politics, Phlar saw both skills as a means of survival and not as his passions. The only activities which slightly rivaled his scholarly studies was his love for piloting the small transports his uncle owned and tinkering with the ship electronics. It wasn't long before ships took on the personae of the same alien sentients which he so loved to study and the inner workings of a shuttle could be compared to the physiological make up of a life-form.

Recognizing his nephew's skills in the physical and cultural aspects of the galaxy's inhabitants, Drav made arrangements to send Phlar to the University of Sanbra in order to study under the Sentient Studies Department with the understanding that Phlar would bring back what he learned to the family business.

M'Thrun Estates
M'Thrun & Assc. Board Room

The University

Once Phlar had come of age passage was secured aboard the Corellian Star Shuttle, Noble Wrath. The farewell between his uncle and himself was a bittersweet moment for Phlar because he was leaving the only family he had left and at the same time partaking on the greatest journey he had ever known. Before boarding the Noble Wrath Drav presented Phlar with a copy of The University of Sanbra Guide to Intelligent Life, written by the great sentientologist Tem Aliss. In the many years that followed this worn out book became the center piece for those few things which Phlar held dear.

The University of Sanbra Guide to Intelligent Life
Study on the Hutt species

Upon arriving at the University of Sanbra and until his studies were complete, Phlar committed himself to every piece of scholorly work that could be found relating to the galaxy's sentient population and the many diverging cultures. Though The life of a scholar had consumed him in many aspects of his daily life, Phlar still toyed with his love for ships and piloting by participating in the university's "Space and Piloting Initiative" or SaPI for short.

By the end of his formal educational training Phlar was able to hold proficiencies in Sentientology with a focus in Sentient Physiology and Culture.

University of Sanbra

Finding a Home

Towards the end of his seventh year and the soon approaching eighth and final year of his studies, Phlar received news from home...

To the Honorable Phlar Vran, My name is Calip Ronad and I served your uncle, Drav M'Thurn loyally for the past five years as his aid and confidant. I write you now to inform you that everything is gone. Your uncle attempted to take over a Hutteese investment holding in order to expand his influence and consolidate his power and reputation within the neighboring systems of Derra. I supplied ample warning that the Hutts were above our scope of experience but your uncle would not relent. We are not sure when or how it happened but almost overnight your uncle was found dead by "natural" causes and M'Thrun & Associates, in its entirety, was dissolved with all of the local and intergalactic assets seized by numerous companies whom dip their fingers into the Hutts cofferes. I am sorry that you must find out this way. It does though give me some pleasure in informing you that I had a hand in your uncle's downfall and have acquired some of the fortune which would have been rightfully yours...with that being are truly alone. Regards, Caliph Ronad

With the arrival of the news of his uncles death the world that Phlar had come to know, collapsed. Because of the lack of educational funding the University of Sanbra administration sought to expell him from the campus. What had once been a place of security and learning was now threatening to throw him out with no where to go. The agreement was made that Phlar would be allowed to finish out the remainder of his yearly studies but would have to leave immediately following unless another financial source could be acquired. These became the darkest months that Phlar had known. The grief for the parents he had never known, the death of an uncle who became a father figure, and the approaching darkness of failure pressed against him...until he finally broke.

It was in a rundown, dirty cantina called The Red Lekku that Dr. Fabius Kler
Dr. Fabius Kler
came seeking out one of his most promising students. Dr. Kler (a human professor of sentient mentality) found Phlar barely conscious and bloody in a dark corner at the back of the cantina. Phlar had been beaten, robbed and left for dead, or worse. Dr. Kler nursed Phlar back to health and spent the next several weeks helping to piece Phlar's mental and physical health back together again. It was during these few weeks that Phlar was presented with a glimmer of hope, that perhaps there might still be a purpose. Unbeknownst, to the rest of the faculty, Dr. Kler worked for a group of intergalactic investors and politicians who had a keen interest in warfare and science. Details were kept at a minimum but Dr. Kler offered Phlar a chance to continue his studies by suggesting, "though you no longer have still have your work and what great work it might be". Thus, the terms were drawn out and Phlar Vran, an Anx without family or clan, whose only friends were those long dead authors of sacred knowledge, would travel the galaxy researching the effects of combat on the different sentient species. With this knowledge Dr. Kler would be able to access the natural mental efficiency of different races in combat and what could make each race meet its breaking point.

With his knowledge of alien physiology transformed into a medical role and his piloting skills, Phlar, looked to find an outfit which would allow him to get into the trenches and complete his studies by gaining firsthand knowledge. It was during this time that he met his soon to be Commanding Officer Gunner Moore. Phlar had to admit that there was something professional and charismatic about this man whom claimed to lead the finest fleet in the galaxy, Orus Fleet. Though Phlar had no prior experience in a combat role or any level of military affairs he still sought entrance into the esteemed Trade Federation and the Ministry of Defense, the Trade Federation's arm of strength and courage. It was of course a surprise when Phlar received his acceptance letter and testing invitation which began the long process to serving in one of the finest organizations in the galaxy. It was an even greater surprise that Phlar found himself assigned as a Crewman under Admiral Gunner Moore. What Phlar did not expect was that those whom he served with would become the family he had lost and the Trade Federation, the home he needed.


Phlar Vran served with his brothers and sisters in Orus Fleet while maintaining his scholarly studies by participating on the Library Staff under Chief Archivist Lilith Delcroix

Phlar Vran Sig
Ministry of Defense Uniform
Librarian Robe

Service Record

Rank Insignia


Promotion Date


Year 16 Day 01

Awards and Commendations

Award Image

Award Name

Given By

Date Received



Dahtar Award

Marco Salo

Year 15 Day 173

"For being a great and essential help when it came to Library projects. Phlar is very quick at understanding the task at hand and is very dedicated to doing as much as he can, which is always much more than required. His work allowed us to do our work that much faster. Thank you Phlar."

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