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Biographical Information
Full Name: Jordanus Starscream
Homeworld: Onderon
Born: Year -12 Day 241
Physical Description
Race: -
Gender: Male
Height: 1,92 meters
Hair Colour: -
Eye Colour: -
Trade Federation Service
Status: Retired
Ministry: Defense
Department: Ministry of Defense
Prior Service:

Jordanus Starscream was an Admiral in the Trade Federation's Ministry of Defense. He was appointed as Secretary of the Navy on Year 15 Day 114 by Deputy Minister Otto Kipler and the Trade Federation Cabinet. Resigned from Trade Federation on Year 15 Day 205.


Early Years

The Hapan male Jordanus Starscream was born in the outskirts of Iziz city on the Inner Rim world of Onderon to parents Illias and Gaeriel Starscream. His father was a former Mandalorian mercenary, now in retirement, and his mother, a Hapan, was a droid merchant and owner of a small shop in Iziz. As a child he would occasionally help his mother with the shop, usually by cleaning the droids that were for sale. However, this was up until his 7th year. It was then that his father declared that it was time for Jordanus, in accordance with his Mandalorian heritage, to begin his combat training. He underwent a five year training course in the fields of marksmanship, swordsmanship, unarmed combat, fighter, and freighter piloting. It was during this training that Jordanus realized his affinity for flying. This is the reason why at his 12th birthday, when it was decided he will attend the Academy of Carida, one of the most prestigious military academies in the Galaxy, he enrolled for the Naval Officers training program. At the Academy he had a slight advantage over his classmates, due to the training with his father, and was one of the best cadets in his class. In year 6, after having spent eight years at the military academy on Carida, Jordanus graduated with top grades. Unfortunately, his happiness did not last long. At the graduation ceremony his parents, along with hundreds other people, were killed when New Republic terrorists detonated a bomb placed in the visitor’s longue. Saddened and enraged, just a few months after his graduation Jordanus applied for service in the Galactic Empire’s Navy in hopes that by doing so he would get the chance to avenge his parents. After two years of service with the Empire, however, he realized that a career in the Navy was, at least at that point of his life, not his path. He instead returned to Onderon where he tended for his mother’s shop for a while.

Path to prosperity and wealth

After learning the ropes of being a trader, Jordanus made a bold move – he sold his mother’s shop and his family house and earned a good few hundred thousand credits. He quickly doubled, and even tripled, these earnings by buying and reselling goods of all sorts and was soon a millionaire. He bought an YT-2000 freighter and set off to explore the Galaxy and do business with it’s many inhabitants. After he had been travelling the Galaxy for five years and had amassed tens of millions of credits, Jordanus realized that he wanted something more than just buying and selling goods, but was not sure what that was. One day, while traveling in-system he received a recruitment holomessage from the Trade Federation. That message cleared things for him, so he went on and joined the Federation.

Starscream Corporation

At some point during his pre-Trade Federation period Jordanus, feeling the need to invest his hard-earned credits rather than waste them, grounded his own enterprise - Starscream Corporation (Starscream Corp.). The corporation is a conglomerate of smaller companies and as such engages in different types of business, ranging from droid repairs to spaceship sales. Due to the xenophobic nature of it's founder and CEO, the majority of the company's personnel (more than 97%) are either Hapan, Human or near-Human. However, the few alien employees there are are highly-skilled in their areas of activity and have earned their employer's respect.
Currently the corporation is headquartered in Novos City on the planet Asrat I. Numerous Starscream Corp. subsidiaries, like "Cronus Systems Engineering", "Valkyrie Austroautics" and the "Starscream Security Force", also have their Headquarters at this location.

In homage to his deceased parents, Jordanus integrated his family's symbol into the Starscream Corp. logo.

Serving the Trade Federation

Wanting to serve the Federation as best as he could using his military training, the young Onderonian joined the government’s Ministry of Defense and began his career in its Navy. Nowadays he serves as Secretary of the Navy after service as an officer in the Ministry's 1st Fleet – the so called “Frontier Defenders” of the Trade Federation.

Personality and traits

Jordanus Starscream has a cold, xenophobic personality and cunning and calculative mind. His ability to remain calm and coordinate his men for an excellent performance, even in the middle of a furious battle, are some of the things that make him suitable for his position as a Naval Officer. This has also proven useful in his business dealings, allowing him to make deals with least losses.

Preferring the coolness of the colors white and azure, Jordanus uses them as his color scheme. Most of his belongings, the armor of his soldiers and his spacecraft are painted in it, to denote their affiliation with House Starscream and Starscream Corp.

Service Record

Rank Insignia


Promotion Date


Year 16 Day 01

Awards and Commendations

Award Image

Award Name

Given By

Date Received



Distinguished Service Medal

Jacob Jansen

Year 14 Day 141

Awarded to any member of the Trade Federation who, while serving with the Federation in any capacity, distinguishes themselves by extraordinary service in a duty of great responsibility


Good Conduct Award

Jacob Jansen

Year 13 Day 276

Awarded for demonstrating honorable behavior consistently beyond that expected of personnel in the Trade Federation


Graphic Award of Excellence

Jacob Jansen

Year 14 Day 141

Awarded for exemplary services to the Trade Federation and the Confederacy in the Graphic Design Field


Capital Ship Command Level 3

Jacob Jansen

Year 14 Day 280

Capital Ship Command is awarded to any pilot who was shown a proficiency piloting a capital ship.


Starfighter Command Level 3

Jacob Jansen

Year 14 Day 280

Starfighter Command is awarded to any pilot who was shown a proficiency piloting a fighter.


Infantry Command Level 1

Olwin Froon

Year 14 Day 5

Awarded to any trooper who has shown a proficiency managing droids/NPCs


Security Specialist Level 1

Jacob Jansen

Year 13 Day 123

Awarded to any pilot who has shown proficiency in general security missions


Directorate Ribbon

Alan Arcane

Year 14 Day 272

Awarded to members of the Trade Federation who have served on the Directorate. Awarded when appointed as Vice Admiral.


2 Year Tour of Duty - Jacob Jansen

Jacob Jansen

Year 14 Day 260

Awarded to members of the Trade Federation who have completed 2 Tours of Duty (2 Years) under the current Viceroy of the Trade Federation

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