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The Insignia of Federation Holdings Group
Faction Information
Name: Federation Holdings Group
Classification: Trading
Date Founded: Year 15 Day 160
Owner: Trade Federation
Leader: Lilith Delcroix
Second-in-Command: Rik Noiz
Notable Members:
Territorial Information
Territory: Asrat System
Population: Unknown Inhabitant(s)
Most Populated World: N/A
Federation Holdings Group Website
Federation Holdings Group

Federation Holdings Group was once a nationalized faction that serves as the Department of Trade for the Trade Federation. As trading faction, FHG oversaw all commercial trade for the Trade Federation and its Nationalized Factions.


Trading has been foundation of the Trade Federation from the very beginning. For many years after the creation of new Confederacy of Independent Systems (CIS), various corporations of the coalition were responsible for the sales of their products. With the disbanding of CIS, many of the corporations were nationalized by the Trade Federation and their trading efforts were united under the banner of Trade Federation Market. To increase the Market’s efficiency, in Year 14 the Cabinet decided to create a separate Department to oversee all of the Trade Federation’s sales. The opening of Department of Trade (DoT) was announced Year 14 Day 168.

Since then DoT has diversified into businesses ranging from tool products to military weapons to starships. After a year of growth and expansion, Federation Holdings Group nationalized company was created to be the face of DoT. Operating from the Asrat system, the company became one of the wealthiest and most successful economic enterprises in operation, conducting commerce on virtually every civilized planet of the Trade Federation and attracting customers from across the galaxy.

FHG was Dissolved on Year 16 Day 86.


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