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Group Information
Group Name: Evocati
Date Founded: Unknown
Leader: Jacob Jansen
Notable Members:

The Evocati Order is a circle of force adepts who stand as adherents to the core principles of the Trade Federation, and, especially, for the Trade Federation. The members hold near the concepts of the Honor, Integrity, and profit, working to further the Trade Federation through their words and deeds. As a diverse body of force-inclined individuals, the avenues by which the order’s members support the Trade Federation also differ. The Six Virtues of the Evocatus represent these methods and are observed as Respect, Courage, Duty, Devotion, Balance and Wisdom.



Conception of the Evocati order originated from a single idea to utilize the special talents of force-sensitive individuals to uphold the principles of the Trade Federation. Piloted by Viceroy Jacob Jansen, the idea that would become the Evocati Order soon grew to supplement the Trade Federation’s already strong defenses and the absolute morals. The Evocati’s initial objectives were to train its members to combat those who would oppose the Federation and uphold its laws in the name of Honor, Integrity, and Profit. Over the years, however, it evolved into something more meaningful.

Before this idea arose, Jacob Jansen had considered himself to be an average member of the Trade Federation, aside from his role as Viceroy. Nobody suspected the sleeping gift within Jacob. Before long, a Sith lord by the name of Azrakh Raleep discovered the hidden talents and Jacob became the first force sensitive leader of the Trade Federation. He soon transferred in the Dark Hand Order to learn under Emperor Vodo to develop his skills in the ways of the force. Upon completing his training, Jansen returned to full active service as the Viceroy of the Trade Federation. Soon thereafter, two new Trade Federation members (Kage Renbukai and Olwin Froon) rose to power in the force by way of the Black Hand Order. As they grew stronger, the first seed was planted: talk began of a force sensitive sub-power within the Trade Federation. Through this, the Evocati Order was born with Viceroy Jacob Jansen at its helm. The Evocati formed a strong underline in the Trade Federation, its members and ranks growing with each newfound force sensitive member. The Founder watched over his pupils who in turn guide students of their own.

As time passed, the Viceroy found that his extensive responsibilities prevented him from effectively carrying out the duties of Grand Master of the Evocati Order and the Viceroy of the Trade Federation at the same time. In response, he graciously stepped down as Grand Master and a new one, then Minister of Defense Kage Renbukai, was appointed. The Viceroy’s former pupil stood at the ready, taking control of the Order and leading its members towards continued progress of their ongoing mission.

The new era was brief however, and shortly into Grand Master Kage Renbukai’s reign he had to step down from leadership of the Order. The Inner Circle quickly voted in Master Execurus Edun as the newest Grand Master of Evocati. During his reign as the Leader of the Evocati, and with the approval of the Inner Circle, Edun changed his title from Grand Master to Grand Lord. This mix of Jedi and Sith titles symbolized the Evocati Order balance between Dark and Light. In early Year 15, on Day 62 the Inner Circle announced Grand Lord Edun stepped down and for time being did not vote on a new Grand Lord, opting to remain as the governing of the order.

Realizing that the position of Grand Master was too great for any one sentient to hold, the Council of Masters was established in Year 16 on Day 52 to aid him in his decision-making and to help guide the order. In the leadership void leading up to the establishment of the council, the Inner Circle deemed that a position to govern the Evocati Academy was necessary and so the position of Headmaster was created. The Headmaster was tasked with overseeing the academy and insuring the Evocati’s members were actively training and appropriately paired with a compatible master. In time with the Order's restructuring, the position of Headmaster was dissolved and her authority was passed on to the Council of Masters.

To lead the Council of Masters, Flint Talzo was selected to succeed as the figurehead of the Evocati, taking for himself the traditional title of Grand Master on Day 165 of Year 16. With authority over the day to day operations, the Council of Masters set to work reorganizing the Order to streamline efficiency, strengthen its weaknesses, and to foster the individual alignments of its members. To do this, six Sects were created which exemplify the Evocati’s Six Virtues, allowing its members to place themselves within the Sect they identified with most.

Today the Evocati Order is stronger than ever, working to defend the Federation and its Viceroy.

The Code of Evocati

"Water shapes its course according to the nature of the ground over which it flows. Just as water retains no constant shape, in the Force, there are no constant conditions. The code does not define the Force or us, we define the code. As the Evocati evolves understanding of the Force, the code evolves with it." - Headmaster Lilith Delcroix

There is no light without shadows
There is only balance
The Force can save
The Force can kill
We stand between the day and the night
My one and only task
To protect our sovereignty
I am the wielder of both light and dark
I am Evocati

Philosophy & Virtue

The Order is representative of all aspects of the force, and welcomes all force adepts in its service to the Trade Federation. The Order houses two Conclaves, the Corporis Conclave and the Mentalis Conclave, each comprised of three Sects, so that all force adepts, regardless of nature or persuasion, can find acceptance within a Sect to pursue their calling in service to the Trade Federation. The Corporis Conclave is comprised of members who rely more on their strength and body, while the Mentalis Conclave is comprised of members who rely more on their intelligence and mind. Though neither, strength nor intelligence is exclusive to one Conclave above the other, they are at the core of each Conclave's service to the Trade Federation. The Sects serve as associations of force alignment for the Conclaves to further broaden and enhance each Conclaves' abilities and aptitudes.

Along with the division by conclaves, the Six Virtues of the Evocatus exists as additional identifying attributes of order members. Respect, Courage, Duty, Devotion, Balance, and Wisdom – these virtues can be found within the hearts and minds of each of the Order’s members, but their relative importance is what diversifies the Evocati experience. Like-minded individuals have the opportunity to promote these virtues within the focused Sect to propel the goals of the Order with the assistance of the other pillars of the Order.

Viceroy Jacob Jansen as Grandmaster of Evocati.



Rank Name











The pool of wisdom held by the Elders within the Inner Circle is the ultimate beacon of adherence to the Six Virtues of the Evocatus and to the Trade Federation. At any given time, four Elders reside within the Inner Circle and are responsible for the overall direction and leadership of the Evocati Order with each member holding the same authority as the other Elder.

The governing authority of the Evocati Order over day-to-day affairs and management rests within the Council of Masters. The Inner Circle is responsible for the naming of the Grand Master to oversee and lead the Council, respecting the counsel received from the Inner Circle, to ensure the Order's path remains consistent with the Six Virtues of the Evocatus. The Grand Master comes from the Sect that best demonstrates what it is to be Evocati, and is an example to the rest of the Evocati as to how best to live each day according to the Six Virtues of the Evocatus, and only on select occasions can a new Grand Master be named.

Lords, Knights and Acolytes constitute the bulk of the Order. These are contributing members of the Evocati and its representative sects. Members of the Evocati Order are kept hidden until they reach Acolyte, earning their right to publicly wear the Evocati title. Advancement to higher levels of membership is subject to mastery of the force, accomplishment of specified tasks, and appointment by Evocati leaders.

An unidentified initiate receiving instruction from her master.

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