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Biographical Information
Full Name: Siejo Kutol
Homeworld: Glee Anselm
Born: Year -12 Day 110
Physical Description
Race: Nautolan
Gender: Male
Height: 1.5 Meters
Hair Colour:
Eye Colour:
Trade Federation Service
Status: Active
Ministry: Production
Department: Trade
Prior Service: Confederacy of Independent Systems


Beginning of Siejo Kutol


Siejo Kutol was born on the sea floor on Glee Anselm. His Parents were active members of the
Siejo Kutol
Nautolan Community. His fathers, Sievi Britol, was the proud owner of a small market on the surface and was respected as an honest Merchant. His mother stayed down below, watching over the families many children during the day. Siejo spent most of the long days playing with his brother, Siety Kutol, and his best friend, a Mauderer named Nochbo Kitol. They would play above and below the water. Their misadventures often got them into trouble, but also resulted in great prizes when they found rare artifacts on the sea floor, which Sievi would sell in his shop.


When Siejo became of age, his father put him in charge of one of his stores on the planet surface. Siejo shared in his father's skills, and quickly became a very good shop keep.
Siejo's Brother Siety
]Siejo spent many days watching over the shop, along with his brother. His father had him work on deal with the neighboring Shop Owners. While interacting with one of the Neighboring owners, Siejo met a pretty young Nautolan female, named Drukie McJoe, who he took a liking to. Over time, Siejo and Drukie grew very close, and made secret plans to marry. Everything was going well for Siejo and his family until Siejo's father got in trouble with the local government. As a proud Nautolan, Sievi was an important movement that was focused on liberating Glee Anselm from the ruling government, the XXX Miners. During the uprising, Drukie's mother was killed and Sievi was imprisoned. With the help of an unknown Jedi, Sievi was freed moments before his execution for treason. The Miners were furious and destroyed the Shops owned by the fleeing Nautolan. The Kutol Family was force to flee to the depths of the Oceans, and Sievi went into hiding.

Work Life

Entering the Workforce

Siejo knew that he needed to leave his home planet. He told Drukie to stay with his family in the Sea. He promised her he would one day return for her and then they would be wed. Then he made contact with a Trade faction, The Corporate Alliance. Siejo applied for membership and was approved. A few days later, Siejo went to 1508 to be picked up. Drukie went with him. On cue, a human, Riley Moonrigger, flew down in a fleet of Cloakships. Riley, a very skilled pilot, beckoned Siejo into one of the ships. Siejo embraced his love, told her he loved her and they separated. She wished him luck, and he jumped into the cockpit of one of the Cloaks. Riley quickly explained the basic controls to him. After some trial and error, Siejo got the ship flying and they ascended off the planet, leaving Drukie to watch them go. Siejo worked vary hard within the Corporate Alliance, and, within a year, was promoted to a Lieutenant in the Logistics Department.

Rise of the Nautolan Society

Pixelor Xess
building his wealth with the stead work provided by the Techno Union, Siejo entered the Galactic Trading world. Soon after making himself known with a few small trades, Siejo was contacted by Nautolan named Pixelor Xess. Pixelor was the Head of a group known as the Nautolan Society. The Society was created as a brotherhood to help Nautolan race grow in the Universe. Thinking of his fathers dream of Nautolan independence, Siejo joined up with Pixelor and use the resources provided by the Society to quickly grow as a trader and politician. Within a year, Siejo was appointed Tecro (Head) of the Nautola, Political Clan of the Nautolan Society. The Nautolan Society grew and expanded, and became a force in the universe.

The Techno Union

While on a Secret Mission for the CIS, Siejo was approached by the Techno Union President Jacob Jansen about joining up with the TU to work Logistics. With word of Riley and Krayt Fel joining the TU, Siejo quickly left the Corporate Alliance and joined the Techno Union. Upon entering the Techno Union workforce, Siejo worked very hard and was soon promoted to Commander. Working primarily on a secret Confederacy mission, Siejo was quickly promoted and enjoyed a great period of Prosperity.

The Price of Fame

Late in Year 8 and into Year 9, Siejo's life changed in many ways. He took a trip back to Glee Anselm and Married Drukie. Upon his return to the NS Capital on Valakivir, he received word
Picture of Overlord Kutol in Nauto Prime (Year 8)
] of his mothers death. While held in grief, The NS came calling, requiring him to help with some in system problems. While trying to establish a hold on the Dolomar System, the Nautolan Society was Attacked by an unknown fighting force. riots broke out in the Capital City of Nauto Prime, and the Nautolan Society was force into a full out war with the attackers. During one of the space battles, Pixelor Xess was killed. With anger fueling his mind, Siejo lead an attack on the enemies established Capital on Kirogost. The battle was long, but with the help of his Nauto Friends, Siejo Kutol destroyed the enemy forces and took control of the Dolomar System for the Nautolan Society. Upon the reacquisition of the Capital, Siejo was announced as the Overlord of the Nautolan Society, and lead it to a period of unheard of expansion. Upon his return to Valrar, the TU Home System, Siejo was promoted to the head of the Logistics Department. Upon receiving word of his promotion, Siejo was overcome with relief. It seemed all great dreams his father had for him had come true. Sieve would be proud.

Age of Prosperity


With the Nautolan Society once again a respectable group in the galaxy,
Picture of Director Kutol aboard the TU Cortador (Year 9)
Siejo turned his focus on expanding the diplomatic ties for himself. He was invited to be a member of the Avance house Koi`Nonia, and was soon promoted to Trade Minister. Siejo was also brought on as an Adviser for the Weapons Faction Baktoid Armour Workshop and was appointed to the Director of the CIS Library by Viceroy Jansen. After the Techno Union made the shift from public to private contracting, Siejo was promoted to Logistics Director, in charge of all order deliveries and product movement for the Techno Union.


With the Society doing well, and the Techno union growing at an good pace,
Picture of Kutol in Nauto Prime (Year 10)
Siejo was left with some spare time to ponder of his future. He looked to his friends and family for support, and was set up for a pretty comfortable, if not relaxing future. Everything was going along according to the plan, when Siejo was approached by a friend, Rand Axim, about the Corporate Alliance. The Alliance had fallen on hard times, and Rand was looking on possibly emptying his assets associated with the company. After some brief discussion, Ownership of the Alliance was transferred to Siejo. Ever since the day he lef the alliance, Kutol had missed his time there. now he owned it. Immediately he merged the Nautolan Societies assets with that of the Corporate Alliance and strengthened the faction. Soon the faction was running strong again, with Nautola Tecro Saul Cohmre leading. With the Alliance stable, Kutol looked to the markets to find new contracts for the growing faction.

Historical Timeline

  • Year 7 - Logistics Pilot for the Corporate Alliance.
  • Year 8 - Logistics commander for the Techno Union. Appointed to Head the Nautolan Political Clan in the Nautolan Society.
  • Year 9 - Promoted to Department Director in the Techno Union. Elected Overlord of the Nautolan Society. Appointed CIS Library Director. Purchased Corporate Alliance from Rand Axim.
  • Year 10 - Became major stockholder of Hoersch-Kessel Drive, Inc..
  • Year 11 - Took Command of the Corporate Alliance. Claimed Oseon System for the Nautolan Society.

Service Record

Rank Insignia


Promotion Date

Image:O-1 mop.png

O-1 Trade Associate

Year 17 Day 65


Library Team Director


Awards and Commendations

Award Image

Award Name

Given By

Date Received


Distinguished Service Medal

Jacob Jansen

Year 9 Day 122


Good Conduct Award

Jacob Jansen

Year 9 Day 318


Distinguished Service Medal

Jacob Jansen

Year 9 Day 318


Tour of Duty

Bren Morgarr



Bronze Seal

Jacob Jansen



Order of the Confederacy

Jacob Jansen

Year 10 Day 281


Dahtar Award

Jacob Jansen



Tour of Duty

Jacob Jansen


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