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The Insignia of Kuat Drive Yards
Faction Information
Name: Kuat Drive Yards
Classification: Production, Ship
Date Founded: Year 5 Day 205
Owner: Trade Federation
Leader: Shaidar Haran
Second-in-Command: Siem Ro Kutol
Notable Members: Larbac Darkclaw
Jacob Jansen
Krayt Fel
Olwin Froon
Hilem Ordo
Siejo Kutol
Vas Felix
Dagur Amon
Garon Lennister
Territorial Information
Territory: Colla System
Ktil System
Tirhann System
Population: 800,000,000+ Inhabitant(s)
Capital: Valrar
Most Populated World: N/A
Kuat Drive Yards Website
Kuat Drive Yards

Kuat Drive Yards, also known as the Department of Naval Production, is the ship production arm of the Trade Federation.


As the Techno Union

Kuat Drive Yards was purchased by Viceroy Jacob Jansen in Year 13 from Myn Kuat and merged with the Techno Union on Year 13, Day 200 under the name Kuat Drive Yards. The Techno Union name went on to become the name of the newest member of the Trade Federation, the Department of Vehicle Production.


The Techno Union was initially a large coalition of high-technology firms. Formed primarily by heavy manufacturing companies, the Techno Union lobbied the Republics Senate on behalf of its members' interests and attempted to ensure fair commerce among its own members. In time, the Techno Union would grow to include galactic shipping magnates, thus further ensuring the free flow of goods.

In its current form, the Techno Union focuses solely on the production of starships and, since its rebirth, has become the spearhead of CIS ship production. Along with their construction of the Trade Federation's mighty Lucrehulk 3210 Battleship and other naval warships, the Techno Union produces the W-23 Star Hauler and the Starwind class Pleasure Yacht for civilians.

On Year 17 Day 20 Siem Ro Kutol was appointed as Chief Executie Officer for Kuat Drive Yards by Deputy Minister Ted Winner.


Creation of the Techno Union

For many years, the Trade Federation was a bastion of free trade in the universe. Under the expert leadership of Viceroy Corbin Esco, the Trade Federation grew to the point where it attained government status. After several wars, it set up a base of operations in the Glythe Sector and, in particular, on the planet of Vinsoth, the former hiding place of the criminal Ace Menshu.

Having defeated Menshu, the Trade Federation continued operations; however, it new had a problem. Since it now needed to protect the Glythe Sector as well as their members and fleets, the Trade Federation realized it needed more ships.

The Trade Federation ultimately decided that the best way to produce and procure more ships and to preserve ownership of its technology was to create or purchase its own factories. The Techno Union was thus born under the leadership of the well-respected Larbac DarkClaw. Darkclaw oversaw the construction of a class 4 shipyard and many city's and facilities, and the Techno Union grew immensely under his leadership. Late in Year 7, after years of service, DarkClaw steeped down and was replaced by former Trade Federation Minister Jacob Jansen.

The rise of the Techno Union

With the Techno Union under his command, Jansen commissioned the construction of many Shipyards to be built in the Valrar System. As the Shipyards were completed, orders for Techno Union products, the W-23 Star Hauler in particular, started to grow. With the increase in sales, membership in the Techno Union likewise peaked..

After witnessing the growth and success of the Techno Union under Jansen, the Trade Federation offered him a prominent position in the Confederacy. Jansen accepted, and Krayt Fel was appointed President of the Techno Union. Having just served in the leadership of the Corporate Alliance, Fel was a well-regarded choice as Jansen's replacement.

Fel re-directed the focus of the Techno Union toward private and military orders. He also commissioned the construction of more shipyards, thus helping to improve the efficiency of the Techno Union. Under Fel's leadership, the Techno Union signed a partnership agreement with Starsign Shipyards, and, in doing so, established Confederate Shipyards. Both Factions collaborated to meet the demands of private and military orders from all areas across the galaxy.

Militarization of the Techo Union

The Techno Union then shifted its focus once more, this time to work in constructing military ships. The redesigned Techno Union left all civil operations to Starsign Shipyards, was reduced to a skeleton crew, left its Valrar home. and relocated to help build a secret base for military ship production.

When the production base was finally completed, the ship production aspect started slowly. The size of the workforce and the availability of raw materials could not match the demands of the Trade Federation and the CIS. Having endured enough difficulty, Fel resigned his post as president.

On Y09 D324, Olwin Froon, a veteran shipwright who was Starsign Shipyards's COO and Production Director, took over what was left of the Techno Union. His primary goal was to reform the logistics aspect of the Techno Union; to aid him, his friend Vas Felix, Starsign's former Logistics Director, joined him at the Techno Union. Together, they streamlined operations and, in short order, all shipyards were running at peak performance, producing battleships for the Trade Federation and its affiliates.

After a period of prolonged success, the Techno Union ran into a shortage of members so severe that it was forced to take members from the Trade Federation's Ministry of Defense. Even this influx of new members could not overcome the extant need for more members, leading the Trade Federation Cabinet to announce that the Techno Union would again merge with Starsign Shipyards. It was decided, that beginning on Y10D174, both companies would run under the TU banner because of its roots as a CIS faction.

It was also determined that Olwin Froon would stay on as TU CEO and that SSY CEO Solomon D`ark would become the new COO, replacing Vas Felix. D`ark, however, resigned almost immediately for personal reasons, and Felix subsequently returned to his position as COO.

In the following years there were some drastical changes in the Techno Union chair of command. Former CEO Olwin Froon, who was now Duceroy, was replaced by COO Vas Felix.

Later on, as Felix was promoted to Minister of Production, he was succeeded by experienced Techno Union member Dagur Amon. The period under Wookie guidance proved fruitful for the Union. Garon Lennister served as the company's COO. In Year 13 Day 200, the ship-manufacturing branch of the Techno Union and the newly-acquired Kuat Drive Yards merged into a single entity, bearing the name of the latter company.

Kuat Drive Yards

The company thrived under the leadership of Lord Myn Kuat for many years where he expanding the company to levels never dreamed of. But like all good things, Lord Kuat grew tired of the endless management of the company and decided to move on. In an unexpected move, Myn turned to the Trade Federation and sold the company to Viceroy Jacob Jansen in hopes the Trade Federation could continue leading KDY in his place. As Kuat Drive Yards settles on its new direction, its new leaders prepare to once again provide services to the public and to live up to the legacy their predecessors set forth many years before.


As Kuat Drive Yards

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