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Biographical Information
Full Name: Tyrie Da`jek
Homeworld: Yag`Dhul
Born: Year -20 Day 198
Physical Description
Race: Givin
Gender: Male
Height: 190 cm
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Brown
Trade Federation Service
Status: Retired
Ministry: Defense
Prior Service:

Tyrie Da`jek was one of the few who was honored to be the Flight Lead of Flight Team Tyrie's Awesome Crew with the rank of Third Officer during his time with the Trade Federation until he resigned.


Young Life


Tyrie was born on the Givin homeworld of Yag`Dhul to the wealthy Da`jek clan on a unknown date. At the time he was born the Da`jek clan and the Nelen Clan were in dispute. Wanting to keep there son safe Tyrie was sent to live with foster parents on Tatooine. His old parents destroyed anything linking him to the Da`jek clan they even changed his name to Raz Stormgard.


Around the age of fourteen Raz found a interest in pod racing, he would often visit the races in Mos Espa. He had an eye for winners and he began to use this eye to bed what few credits he had on the racers. He used his winnings to build his own workshop, which he repaired droids and a speeder from time to time using knowledge he learned over the holonet.

Years later the dispute on Yag`Dhul was over and he received a message stating that he had been summoned by the Da`jek Clan. He spoke with his "father" about it and he found out a truth which he would have never though to be real, this wasn't his real family.

The Da`jek Clan sent a shuttle for him which he packed all of his possessions on and said good bye to his foster family. Once he arrived he was greeted by his real father who explained that his name wasn't Raz Stromgard it was Tyrie Da`jek, he explained the dispute why he was sent away. Suddenly it all made sense to Tyrie why he did such a good job designing ships the Da`jek Clan were ship builders.

He was overwhelmed by all this information it even kind of scared him, this was the reason he didn't want to stay. He spoke with the family and asked for a few credits to put a small shuttle and explained that he didn't feel where he belong he wanted to make a name for himself. They gave him 3 million credit that he bought a YT-2400 with and set off on his own.

Trade Federation

Department of the Navy

Tyrie started out his Trade Federation career in the Department of the Navy, but soon found that the Navy wasn't his true calling.

The Techno Union

Tyrie’s first employer was the Techno Union. He originally was assigned to the Department of the Navy, however, he soon requested a transfer to the Department of Logistics. This was where his true interests lay and where he felt he could be the most successful. He spent the next year in the department where he distinguished himself. He eventually made the rank of Flight Lead Officer where he was responsible for the management of other logistics members. While he was on an inspection of some logistics facilities an accident occurred that left Tyrie in critical condition. He was given extensive medical leave while he healed and a replacement stepped in to take over his duties. Once Tyrie had made a recovery and was ready to return to work he had found that the Techno Union had made his replacement permanent because Tyrie was gone for too long. They told him that they had no choice but to carry on and hopped that he understood. Realizing that his career was at a end in the Techno Union, Tyrie handed in his resignation and pursued employment elsewhere.

Department of Logistics

Early Days

Having decided that the Navy wasn't right for him, Tyrie asked to be transferred to the Department of Logistics and was accepted. He spent quite a lot of time there and was eventually made a Flight Lead.

Tyrie's Awesome Crew

When Tyrie was promoted to Commander and then to Third Officer, he was given his own Flight Team which he called Tyrie's Awesome Crew. Tyrie led his crew with pride and joy.


Unfortunately being a Flight Lead and a member of the Trade Federation just wasn't enough for Tyrie, so he handed in his resignation letter and left in search of new opportunities.

The Corporate Alliance

Not long after he began his search for a new job Tyrie stumbled upon the Corporate Alliance where he worked for the next year. They were eager to accept him based on his experience and expertise, but were only searching for a Director of Production at the time. Tyrie agreed to try something new, though production goes hand in hand with logistics. He enjoyed the work and seeing the end product of what his normal logistics operations usually went to achieve. Eventually he was able to move into the Deputy-Director of Logistics position and sometime after that decided to try his hand at politics, accepting an appointment as Minister of the Interior. Throughout his time with the Corporate Alliance he distinguished himself amongst his fellow faction mates and earned much recognition, receiving the Tour of Duty, Project Dolomar Expansion, Project Oseon Expansion and the Glory on Mitillian medals.

When Haven Recycling Corporation (formerly Phoenix Recycling Corporation) which was owned by the Corporate Alliance and began having trouble, Siejo turned to Tyrie for help. He offered Tyrie a position as leader and Chief Executive Officer of the company which Tyrie readily accepted. Tyrie was able to successfully apply his knowledge and experience to keep the company afloat. Siejo also helped Tyrie get his first real land which was in Oseon. This land helped to propel Tyrie forward in his personal goals and dreams as he now had a foundation from which to work. He also later served as the CEO of Chewiab Medical, and later the Corporate Alliance itself. Though Tyrie decided to leave in order to continue his own goals in the galaxy he still acts as an Executive Consultant for the Corporate Alliance.

Lucre Cosminational Bank

The time came where Tyrie felt he had enough experience, connections and resources to set up his own operations. This came in the form of a Non-Faction Group called Allotek Industries. Zarthra Zoid, a friend of Tyrie’s helped him to secure cities in Lexrol, which he then set up for Allotek as its operating center. The NFG was small but prosperous and dealt primarily in selling and trading facilities. Though Allotek never achieved any tremendous heights it was eventually able to lay the ground work for Tyrie’s next operation by providing capital and business contacts. When Tyrie was content that the NFG had fulfilled its usefulness, he quietly disbanded it to make way for his new vision, Lucre Cosminational Bank.

Tyrie suddenly found himself and LCB propelled further than he first imagined or thought possible. Of course, with the tremendous support available, personnel and opportunities abounding, Tyrie naturally accelerated his plans and took his NFG to the next level creating the Lucre Cosminational Bank faction. He also began a search for a new base of operations that would allow his company to expand. He settled on Churba and decided to move the new headquarters there from Trax.

Service Record

Rank Insignia


Promotion Date


C-1 Third Officer

Year ? Day ?

Awards and Commendations

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[[]] 1 Year


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