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Image:Surak nemoid ava.png
Biographical Information
Full Name: Surak Nemoid
Homeworld: Neimoidia
Physical Description
Race: Neimoidian
Gender: Male
Hair Colour:
Eye Colour: Red
Trade Federation Service
Status: Retired
Ministry: Defense
Position: Associate
Prior Service: Dorinian Military Corps


The Beginning

Planned Future

Born to a wealthy merchant of Neimoidia, Surak was raised from birth to take over the family business. Often sent away for long periods of time to boarding and business schools across all of Neimoidia, Surak recieved the best education money could buy. Soon he was more than prepared to take the full responsibility of running the family business. Once in his early twenties, he and his father began to slowly work together more and more so that he could become familiar with the customers and comfortable with running things.

A Business Destroyed

Two years of tutelage and Surak's father was finally prepared to turn the business over to his son but one final trip to Hutt Space to finalize a deal which would cause the business to grow three times as large was needed. Unfortunately for Surak and his father the meeting was the final trip they would go on together. Not long after arriving in the meeting system, Surak immediately felt uneasy and warry of the situation. Unknown to Surak, the worse possible thing was about to happen. A local hutt gang leader had caught word of the deal and sabotaged the meeting. They ambushed Surak and his father from behind a nearby asteroid field, crippling their ship. Injured while trying to escape Surak's father was captured, leaving Surak to escape the system by himself from an escape pod. Left for dead to drift through space til the end, Surak was believed to be of no threat any longer.

Picking Up the Pieces

After drifting through space for four days, Surak was eventually picked up by a spice smuggler headed to the Deep Core Sector. From there Surak caught transport back to Neimoidia. Upon his arrival Surak was shocked to find that his father's entire estate had been illegally taken over by the very same hutt that had captured his father. With his father captured and his family business taken over Surak had no choice but to move on with his life until the day he has a chance to find and free his father. Two days later Surak found his new home, a Trade Federation Minister was on Neimoidia for a diplomatic mission and was recruiting in his spare time. As soon as he met the Minister, Surak immediately knew his new home was with the Trade Federation.

Trade Federation

Surak soon joined the Trade Federation and enrolled in the prestegious TF Academy. Once graduated, Surak immediately enlisted in the Trade Federation Navy.

TF Ministry of Defense

Upon joining the Navy, Surak and his piloting skills were immediately put to use transporting vital munitions and aircraft to key sectors of Trade Federation space.

Dorinian Military Corps

Surak started working for the Dorinian Military Corps after a request was put in for more full time members. He excelled there, but eventually an error in the navigational computer of one of his personal ships caused him to plummet to his death in a nearby sun

Service Record

Rank Insignia


Promotion Date



Year 16 Day 01

Awards and Commendations

Award Image

Award Name

Given By

Date Received


1 Year

Jacob Jansen

Year 11 Day ?


Housing Project

Jacob Jansen

Year 11 Day 326


Good Conduct Award

Jacob Jansen

Year 11 Day 39

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