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Biographical Information
Full Name: Rus Pendragon
Homeworld: Tatooine
Born: -
Died: -
Physical Description
Race: -
Gender: Male
Height: 1,52 meters
Colouring: -
Hair Colour: -
Eye Colour: -
Trade Federation Service
Status: Retired
Ministry: Defense
Position: Crewman
Prior Service:

Rus Pendragon was a Crewman in the Trade Federation's Ministry of Defense


Early Years

Rus Pendragon was born on the planet Tatooine to a farmer, Amy Pendragon, and a pilot, Tom Pendragon. His dad told him stories of the history of the Pendragon name and showed him the family crest while he was very young. At age 9, his mom passed away and he left Tatooine with his dad. Rus's dad spent considerable time over the next couple years teaching him how to maintain and fly the ship, and Rus treasured the time he spent in sole command of the ship. This skill came in handy because the elder Mr. Pendragon was suddenly taken ill. After 4 years of struggling with the sickness, Tom Pendragon died leaving Rus with only his old dilapidated ship.

Time in the Aurodium Legion

Rus joined the Aurodium Legion, as a pilot, in order to make money and meet new people. He succeeded in both his goals both making money as well as meeting and making 5 new friends. He was dissatisfied, though, with his contributions. He requested to join the Legion's navy, but they denied the request. He decided that the Legion no longer felt like home and decided to leave.

Serving the Trade Federation

By the age of 29, Rus had received a letter from the Trade Federation inviting him to enlist in the Ministry of Defense. Rus accepted this offer of employment and was placed in the Navy. He is still working there to this day and is very pleased with his contributions in keeping the members of the Trade Federation safe=Service Record=

Rank Insignia


Promotion Date


Year 16 Day 01

Awards and Commendations

Award Image

Award Name

Given By

Date Received


[[]] 1 Year


Year Day

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