Krieg's Run (2nd Season - 3rd Race)

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Members of the Racing Team

The Trade Federation Racing Team consisted of three of the best pilots the Trade Federation has to offer. The members in order of finishing the race:
6. Recruit Megan Weima in the YT-2000 Honor, Integrity, SPEED 3
7. Ensign Tal-Koren Wavingstrider in the YT-2000 Honor, Integrity, SPEED 2
8. Second Lieutenant Daarco Ananocki in the YT-1760 Honor, Integrity, SPEED 1

Awards Won

Sadly, the Trade Federation Racing Team brought back no trophies, however, congratulations to Second Lieutenant Daarco Ananocki who was the first to reach the one checkpoint on Codian Moon. He was awarded 10 Nova Crystals for this accomplishment.

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