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File:Grimaldus Helbrecht ava.png
Biographical Information
Full Name: Grimaldus Helbrecht
Homeworld: Neimoidia
Born: Year -15
Physical Description
Race: Neimoidian
Gender: Male
Height: 2 Meters
Hair Colour:
Eye Colour: Red
Trade Federation Service
Ministry: Defense
Prior Service: Confederacy of Independent Systems


The Early life of Grimaldus Helbrecht

Darkness Prevails

On Neimoidia hatchlings are quickly taught the necessity of greed and aggressiveness, the first years of their lives are lived in. Grimaldus was treated exactly the same as every other new born that year. Unlike many of his brethren Grimaldus thrived here, a cunning nature and willingness to use physical force. Life was still hard in the colony but as one of those at the top Grimaldus found it more comfortable than most.

His survival was assured at the cost of his several siblings, little else of note happened until he left the colony at the age of seven. Being one of the more notable specimens he was taken as an apprentice by Lord Brier. This Neimoidian was one of the wealthiest and an uncle to the young Helbrecht. He owned several companies producing ship parts to droids, running banks and offices. He was also one of the most corrupt and cold people you could ever have the misfortune to meet. He would invite you into his house and then use bylaws and other means to make sure your wallet was left much lighter.

Grimaldus learnt quite quickly and proved to be as ruthless as his mentor if not more, he soon had a thorough grasp of basic, galactic law and Neimoidian business practices. At the age of ten he was running a small section of one of his uncles businesses and was set to inherit his uncles fortune. But Grimaldus wasn’t willing to wait that long, by the time he was fifteen he had set a plan in motion that would have given him power over all the company assets but there was one problem. Lord Brier would still be alive and may prove to be a problem in the future, and so on the day when all company assets were handed over to him Grimaldus sent three company droideka's to "deal" with his uncle.

In a hail of blaster fire Lord Briers life was ended and nobody stood in opposition to Grimaldus reign over the company. But Grimaldus was to young to rule over the corporation at this point in his life, so his uncles advisor as head of the company but with all assets belonging to Grimaldus. To help the company in the future Grimaldus decided he needed money, he was in luck though. His physical strength, his cunning and intelligent mind lent itself readily to a military career. From Varno he joined up with the Trade Federation, partly for the money but mostly for the Neimoidian influence that still proliferated the government. Here he would continue to build up his assets while gaining friends and allies in the Trade Federation and maybe one day with loyal freinds set up his own company free of the stain of his uncle.

A New Beginning

After signing up to the Trade Federation military he was picked up in a Bayonet-class Light Cruiser by Jack Hildor and headed to the Amorris system and in it the aptly named planet Amorris. This was Grimaldus first time on-board a capital ship, his inquisitive side took over and he began searching the ship from top to bottom looking forward to the day when he himself would be flying one. Upon landing at the designated training area on the planet Ammoris he quickly disembarked looking forward to learning the skills necessary to surviving on any battlefield, ranging from space to ground. It was here Grimaldus first met his friend and mentor for his entire Trade Federation career, Kage Renbukai. At this time Kage was only a captain within the Army, but was still the inspirational leader he is now.

Grimaldus quickly completed his training and was on course to joining the Navy under what would be his commanding officer Jack Hildor, but Kage brought him aside one night and talked to him about a different career path, one within the Army. Grimaldus quickly accepted this offer due to the promise of better promotion prospects due to the smaller nature of the Army to the nNavy and that kage was a promising leader to follow, and follow he did within days Grimaldus transfer request was approved by the then Navy commanding officer.

Soon Grimaldus was working flat out moving tanks, artillery and troops into deployment zones for use in later operations. A bright and shinning career lay in-front of Grimaldus. During this time Grimaldus met many other people who would be guiding influences in his life and career including Xavier Hood, Cyern Mora and Daniel Zorg. These were all leaders and people Grimaldus looked up to as guiding lights in the darkness.

The Rise of the Three

Grimaldus In his Neimoidian Ceremonial Armor

Within a month of Grimaldus joining the Ministry of Defense certain changes were already starting to happen that would make it into the efficient well run machine it is today. It was like a new wind was sweeping through an old and broken machine, the scent of change was in the air, people were starting to take more notice of the MoD and as such the unfit elements in it were coming to light and the process of sweeping them away was already under-way leaving the way free for the more able elements in the MoD to move forward. With this Kage Renbukai was promoted to a commanding officer rank and began preparations to step up recruitment for the MoD. Within days new recruits were flooding through the borders of the Trade Federation to join the MoD. Among them where two new recruits that Grimaldus would soon come to know very well. Drakken Ryder was the first to appear and take the notice of the now promoted Helbrecht, Drakken was more than able in carrying out missions that were assigned to him, he had great skill and a will to advance that set him apart from the crowd. One day Kage introduced Grimaldus and Drakken to each other and from there their friendship grew quickly, soon Grimaldus was able to talk to the newly nicknamed Drak about anything and vice-versa. There friendship still stands strong nearly two years on from meeting each other.

The next person to catch Grimaldus attention was a Twi`lek going by the name of Bree Teksa, but instead of friendship initially they were at each others throats, Bree wanting Grimaldus current power and Grimaldus worried by her quick rise. In the words of Xavier who passed judgement on the matter when things came to a head said that "You are worried that she will steal your glory and thunder, and you are worried that his glory and thunder will overshadow yours." In short we were jealous of each other, but eventually relations started to warm after we exchanged Christmas greeting messages to each other. Eventually differences were worked out and a friendship was beginning to take root between the two, there was always a trace of competition between the two of us but it was always in good fun. Eventually we even launched spam assaults on the DoL, ultimately they all ended up failing but the attempt was there and the friendship strengthening. After a few months they decided to start up a business together, Galactic Hyperdyrne Services (I think the add is still floating about on the banner exchange to this day) ultimately it resulted in a failure due to no real beforehand experience in building up a corporation, but a lot of lessons were learnt in the formation of the business which would be used in later businesses that Grimaldus would found. There were rumours of a potential love interest between the two which nobody denied or confirmed, leaving for people to judge themselves.

Within months of joining three names would be on everyone's lip's in the Ministry of Defense, Helbrecht, Teksa and Ryder. All good friends and all willing to learn and work until they reached the top, but the good times of the three were not to last, soon Bree began to feel sick and preform less and less of her duties, one day she just boarded her shuttle and left for the unknown regions and never returned. Although no love was professed between the two, Grimaldus did miss her incredibly and felt very sad at her leaving especially when she never even said good bye, Grimaldus steeled himself and focused solely on his career from then onwards and has very rarely ventured outside the MoD since.

Early Commands

By the time of Grimaldus first command Kage had been promoted to the position of Army Commanding Officer and Xavier and Cyern to Glythe and Centrality Commanding Officers for the Army in those sectors. To add to these changes soon the position of Flight Leads within the system forces was born, this was the precursor to the eventual formation of the position of system commanding officer. The position itself didn't have a great deal of power attached to it but it did set you as the leader of the people stationed in that system.

At this stage Grimaldus was part of the Vinsoth army task force and was given the position of flight lead of that task force. Grimaldus watched over his fellow troops tirelessly and did the best he could to make sure they were safe and had no problems. Within a month the Vinsoth task force was one of the best functioning groups in the Glythe task force's. After a few months a new group was formed, this group was to be a Special Operations group based out of the then hidden system of Velm, this group would be made up of the most elite members of the Ministry of Defense and was at the time a complete secret. Grimaldus was offered a place in the group under the flight lead of a newly returned Akkarin Honorous, work within this group went well for Grimaldus and he did well under Akkarin's command.

Eventually though major change was in the air once again, the Army and Navy were on course to be merged into one entity for better management and use of available forces. With this came the need for officers who were reliable and capable of command, from the Special Operations task force most of the system commanding officers were chosen and soon Grimaldus was appointed commanding officer of the Epidimi system.

A New Home

Within days Grimaldus had settled into his new role comfortably, but Epidimi was a new addition to territory that the MoD had to cover and so upon arrival no forces or equipment were in place and the fort itself was still under construction. Grimaldus was forced to sleep on his ship for another few weeks until his command base was finished. During this time though Grimaldus quickly took charge of the situation and began making preparations to move huge quantities of droids, equipment and ships to his new system. Under him many officers came and went, some he liked some he didn't but he worked tirelessly with what he was given. Within a few months many thousands of tonnes of equipment including tanks and droids were moved into storage for future operations, in orbit a fleet was starting to appear ranging from Dreadnaught-class Heavy Cruiser's to the trade federations iconic fighter the XS.009 Scarab.

TFN Formidable

Present Day

Currently Grimaldus is the System CO for the Epidimi System and is the captain of the Imperial Star Destroyer TFN Formidable while also the Duceroy of Galactic Technologies corporation, with the will and determination to lead both the Trade Federation and Galactic Technologies to a bigger and brighter future.

A Neimoidian at heart

Everything must start with an Idea

Grimaldus felt very pleased with his progress and decided it was time to begin working on the world of commerce again, and so as a side project he developed a family crest so the name Helbrecht would become a recognisable and respected name throughout the galaxy. To an extent this worked but after some thought Grimaldus decided not to advertise himself to highly as this could lead to a dangerous situation and so he kept close to his current friends and began to work on further plans for his company but still attending to his Trade Federation duties and preforming them as best he possibly could. While doing this his riches were expanding from lucrative Trade Federation wages and some on the side trading, and with the expansion of his small wealth so did his plans.

Neimoidian Inner Council(NIC)

A small organisation proposed and formed by Tal Ercrow that would act as a race charity group for Neimoidians around the galaxy and try to form a community spirit between them. Fairly soon after it was proposed and formed Grimaldus was invited to join, and so he did and was accepted with open arms. It was here that Grimaldus would meet a Neimoidian that would go on to be an honourable and reliable friend, Grimaldus best friend, Salamku Derov. Grimaldus and Salamku or Sal as he became known as, quickly got along and were soon debating the pro's and cons of the NIC. Within weeks both had assumed leadership positions in the organisation and were trying to make the organisation more functional by buying and selling items to make a profit so they could support more Neimoidians in need of help. Within a few months Grimaldus and Sal had gained full leadership over the organisation and decided it was time it was bent to there will and with that the NIC was disbanded and reformed into a non-race group profit organisation under the corporation banner of Galactic Technologies(GT). The first arm of the corporation to take shape was Galactic Naval Technologies.

Galactic Naval Technologies(GNT)

GNT Crest

A plan was developed between Grimaldus and Sal to begin the ship building arm of there mighty corporation first as it would prove to be the most lucrative and would be able to fund the building and founding of the other arms of the corporation who would in turn support each other. At first progress was slow as areas of the company were worked out then reworked countless times to it was perfect in the eyes of Grimaldus and Sal. Eventually enticing good freinds to become investors Grimaldus and Sal were able to purchase a small factory city and work began on expanding from there. Soon ships were being produced in this factory city allowing even greater expansion, with the building of the GNT'S first shipyard. This was only possible with our active and dedicated workforce, investors and good command personnel including Dax Owok and Salamku Derov.


Operation Seraph

Grimaldus was approached by his sector commander and friend Drakken Ryder to head to the Trax sector and Uogo'cor System as part of a Trade Federation force which was part of a larger Imperial Union force to help out the forces of Tion Hegemony who were caught up in a conflict with forces of Cron Resurrection. Upon arriving in system to join the rest of his Trade Federation comrades Grimaldus soon found the situation worse than he had feared. The heroic forces of the Hegemoney under the command of Admiral Dax Owok were battling against not only the outside forces of Cron but forces that had infiltrated the ranks of Tion itself. Grimaldus actually never came face to face with either of the two that betrayed the Hegemoney for money and fame, these two went by the names Helena Gladio and Zara Sturm.

Helena's betrayal was the first and sparked the most anger within the Hegemoney and her allies, upon being promoted to a position of power she quickly stole credits and assets worth millions and cut power on many worlds to many billions of citizens leaving them without basic amenities in the name of "freeing them from there tyrannical Tion overlords". Then units of Cron troops began advancing and securing areas of Tion space while Tion forces set about restoring power to the billions of people who were affected by Helena's betrayal. Buildings under the banner of Cron began appearing in areas of former Tion space, soon Tion troops mobilised and began recovering areas that they lost but the fighting was hard and bloody. Soon after Imperial Union forces had begun to arrive within the system Zara Sturm lured the Tionese leader, Jeff Corbin aboard a ship and then captured and executed him. With his brothers passing Typhon Corbin took command of the Tion government and swore vengence upon all those who had betrayed him and his people.

Soon the system was full of Imperial Union forces ranging from Trade Federation Star Destroyers to Hapan Battle dragons, but even with all these forces the Trade Federation effort was floundering due to there being no clearly appointed leader and conflicting orders. Rather than see the forces of the Trade Federation pull out without a single victory Grimaldus decided it was time to overrule rank and took charge of the situation. He first went and talked to Admiral Dax Owok who was leading the overall defense coordination against Cron, to get a clear picture of what was happening and to ask where Trade Federation forces would be best used, soon they started talking and Grimaldus got a clear picture of what was happening and began to set up a plan for his forces to patrol planets under threat from Cron forces.

Trade Federation Troops in action
Soon Trade Federation forces under Grimaldus command were holding the line on certain planets the same as the Hapan forces freeing up Tionese forces for operations against Cron. This was the first time Grimaldus saw Hapan forces in action and was highly impressed, intending to keep pace Grimaldus soon started to increase the workload on his troops and they handled the increased workload very well and gave Grimaldus great hope for the future of the MoD. A hero for all the Imperial Union forces in system was the Hapan Commando or Tara Tylger, she cut swathes through the enemy forces and even when enemy forces looked set to overwhelm the defenses she was providing hope to those that had none by showing that victory could be achieved against all the odds. Grimaldus rallied the Trade Federation forces for a final charge against the enemy lines on the planets he was assigned to guard, to force Cron onto the defensive. After Cron sent many of his followers to there deaths he eventually called off the offensive and moved to a more defensive stance, giving Imperial Union forces a chance to breath and regroup.

Soon shield generator's under construction began to appear on planets and areas under Crons control, a plan of action was quickly drew up, the plan was a raid on enemy territory to regain control over much of the territory that was lost buy building sheild generators on there own land to trap and force the enemy forces on the ground into submission. A spy was planted within Cron and eventually gained access to large areas of the Cron Resurrection inventory. Elite members from each of the Imperial Union forces were asked to partake in the raid. Grimaldus was asked and he joined willingly and also brought in his good and reliable friend Salamku Derov as he knew he could trust him to do his job and do it better than well. In the early hours of the morning the group of raiders struck and started building Tionese shield generators on Cron's lands and then defending the workers while they hurried to complete the installation. The operation was largely a success and most Cron cities were covered with a Tionese shield grid, Tion then called for the surrender of all forces under the shield grid. This was a huge blow to Cron and his forces never fully recovered from the defeat and the heroic and dedicated Admiral Dax Owok pushed his forces on to further victory's in the days and months to come.

After this battle Trade Federation forces were ordered out of the system as the main Cron threat had been dealt with and events elsewhere had to be seen to. Even though he left Grimaldus is regularly kept up to date with events between Cron and Tion by his now good friend Dax Owok.

Operation Taboon

Within days of returning to normal operational duty back in Trade Federation space a call was sent out to all MoD members to aid Hapes in their battle to regain a planet lost when the planets populace reared up in general rebellion after some bad building choices were made by the Hapes governor. Grimaldus was then offered the job as commander of this operation for the trade federation forces involved under the Hapan leader Ankthar LeMarre as this was a Hapan operation, quickly men and equipment were set in motion for Taboon. A show of force like no other was on its way to the system and Grimaldus was to play a large part in it.

Arriving in system in his former flag ship a Victory Class Star Destroyer Grimaldus set about scanning and getting to grips with the situation that lay before him. Huge amounts of "freelancers" were landing on the planet and setting up colonies on the surface in no organised manner or fashion, this left the planet in chaos as new settlers flew in to there new "colonies". Natural habitats were quickly ruined and the planets atmosphere began to quickly degrade threatening not only the original citizens but the new colonists as well. Forces were quickly deployed to round up, capture and kill the illegal builders and gather up the new colonists and send them back to their original world. In orbit the Hapan Super Star Destroyer appeared in system adding greatly to the show of force, and forcing enemy's to flee in fear and neutrals and allies alike in system to gaze in awe upon her majestic hull, that ship was a force to be reckoned with. On a side note Taboon was the first time Grimaldus had ever met Fel`da Alley Trepe and they exchanged some friendly messages via ship to ship hailing then continued on with the mission at hand.

Within a week the situation was well under control, huge amounts of illegal building work had been stopped and the illegal builders dealt with. The planet was fully recaptured quickly as no organised enemy force stood against the joint Hapan-TF force, but the people would always have to deal with the degraded atmosphere of there planet now that it had undergone massive industrialisation almost instantly. This was the first operation between joint Trade Federation and Hapan forces since the newly announced full alliance between the two governments, Grimaldus was pleased with the job the Trade Federation forces did under him and again the Hapan forces out did themselves leaving the enemy decimated. The future looks bright in Grimaldus eyes for the two governments.

Operation Strongarm

Grimaldus took a very low key role in this operation by acting as a spotter for Trade Federation and Hapan forces, during this mission Grimaldus watched as the Hapan Commando again re-appeared but this time as the leader of the Chume`doro, the Hapan kings personal group of elite body guards, they marched into battle and again decimating the enemy. Participants ranged from Trade Federation Evocati lords to building personnel, in Grimaldus eyes it was a very well organised and orchestrated assault all planned by BAW leader Metyl Onyx who did a fantastic job.

"Approximately one month ago Haor Chall Engineering, one of the Trade Federation’s close allies, fell victim to a heinous attack at the hands of Scott Hood. Mr. Hood began his assault on two of Haor Chall Engineering’s planets in the Trammis and Foh systems. Within minutes the planets fell into a state of chaos and Haor Chall Engineering’s governing bodies on the attacked planets were pulled out leaving the planets uncontrolled. Without a governing body, Scott Hood immediately launched his plan to conquer the two planets by founding new cities. In order to protect his new gained assets, Mr. Hood transferred them to the control of Stars` End Mining Company (SEMCo), a company that he led at the time.

Upon hearing of this attack, the Trade Federation Directorate gathered for an emergency meeting to decide what to do with the situation. It came down to one decision; we must show the galaxy that the Trade Federation will not stand idle while its allies are attacked. With that Operation Strongarm was put into full effect.

Placed under the command of Director of Manufacturing Metyl Onyx, the goal of Operation Strongarm was to wrestle control of Hosrel I from the hands of Stars` End Mining Company. With plans in place, Trade Federation Lucrehulks carefully made their way over to the planet and with the skilled builders inside of them quickly established a strong foothold. Stars` End Mining Company didn’t take this assault lightly. They immediately started their own counter attack and attempted to apprehend all Trade Federation forces in the vicinity. Unfortunately for them the Trade Federation Ministry of Defense along with the Royal Hapan Armed Forces and King Tylger’s personal elite guard the Chume`doro were lying in wait ready to pounce. Hundreds of SEMCo builders, managers, and personnel were arrested as soon as they dared to pop out.

The initial goal of Operation Strongarm was a success. The Trade Federation currently controls the planet of Hosrel I, but Stars` End Mining Company has managed to secure most of the territory on the planet. This is where the Trade Federation decided to play its trump card. Located on the secure Trade Federation planet of Hosrel XI nests SEMCO’s headquarters. Proving its almighty strength over its enemies, power was cut to SEMCO’s headquarters and its inhabitants arrested leaving Stars` End Mining Company completely crippled." Grimaldus read the public report and grunted and went off to deal with the rest of the reports stacked in-front of him.

Service Record

Rank Insignia


Promotion Date

Image:HC-2 mop.png


Awards and Commendations

Award Image

Award Name

Given By

Date Received



Tour of Duty Medal

Jacob Jansen

Year 10 Day321

Awarded for Service under current Viceroy


Federation Star

Jacob Jansen

Year 11 Day 151

Strong leader in the Ministry of Defense and for the success as commanding officer of the Trade Federation forces in Operation Seraph and Operation Taboon

Image:Seraph small.png

Operation Seraph

Jacob Jansen

Year 11 Day 151

For participation and leading Trade Federation military forces in Operation Seraph


Operation Taboon

Jacob Jansen

Year 11 Day 187

For participation and leading Trade Federation military forces in Operation Taboon


[Operation Strongarm]

Jacob Jansen


For participation and leading Trade Federation military forces in Operation Strongarm


[MOD Service Medal- Fighter Command 1]

Jacob Jansen


Starfighter Command is awarded to any pilot who was shown a proficiency piloting a fighter.


[Good Conduct Award]

Jacob Jansen


Awarded for demonstrating honorable behavior consistently beyond that expected of personnel in the Trade Federation.


[Directorate Ribbon]

Jacob Jansen


Awarded for serving as a Department Director.


[Glythe Fleet Veteran]

Jacob Jansen


Awarded for serving with the Glythe Fleet for at least a year, though not automatically awarded.

Random Words of Wisdom

"Enough ships in system to scare the bejesus out of the emperor himself, fear is a very powerful factor"

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