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The Department of Justice or High Court of the Federation, is the sole source of judicial authority within the Trade Federation, and also holds the responsibility for the creation of Trade Federation Laws conforming with the ideals and values of the Trade Federation. Members of this department are dedicated to the pursuit of a fair and proper legal system to properly protect the rights of the citizens of the Federation and to bring about just retribution against those who would deny the citizens of the Federation their rights. The High Court of the Federation serves as the Federation's only appellate court. This includes overseeing the maintenance and support of Sector Courts throughout Federation-controlled territory, to ensure that all sentient beings of the galaxy under the banner of the Trade Federation are accorded the same protections as any citizen of the Trade Federation. The Halls of the High Court of the Trade Federation are located within the Trade Federation Capital Building on Taanab. The Department is part of the Division of Government Affairs.



Per the Trade Federation Charter

  • The Chief Justice will be nominated by the Viceroy and must be agreed upon by the Duceroy. The Cabinet will then vote on the nominee approved by both the Viceroy and Duceroy. There must be a 2/3 Cabinet vote to make the nominee the official Chief Justice.
  • The Chief Justice has the sole duty to interpret the Trade Federation Constitution and in the event of a constitutional dispute the Chief Justice‚Äôs interpretation will be the official interpretation.
  • The Chief Justice will conduct all court cases concerning the members of the Trade Federation. The court will consist of the Chief Justice as judge, a jury of all the Cabinet members plus an equal amount of randomly chosen Trade Federation members, and two CIS member appointed lawyers.
  • Once the Chief Justice has made a decision in court only the Viceroy can overturn the decision.
  • The Chief Justice has jurisdiction solely over the Justice Department and reports directly to the Viceroy.
  • The Chief Justice will serve a lifetime term or until the Viceroy who appointed him/her Chief Justice is no longer in office.
  • The Chief Justice can be removed for the following reasons: treason, theft of Federation property, and under strong recommendation of the Viceroy. The Chief Justice may also be removed for incapacitating illness and death. If the Chief Justice feels he can no longer continue his duties, he may step down from the position in honorable discharge.

Department of Justice Courts

Trade Federation Sector Courts

Zeemacht Region

  • 1. Zeemacht Cluster - Vacant (Taanab High Court)
  • 2. Nouane Sector - Judge Belloq Tull (Obroa-skai Sector Court)
  • 3. Anthos Sector - vacant (Pengalan Sector Court)
  • 4. Prackla Sector - vacant (Gravan IV Sector Court)
  • 5. Ktilac Regions - Judge Selven Page (Berri Sector Court)

Orus Region

  • 6. Orus Sector - Justice TBA (Poderis Court)
  • 7. Darlonn Sector - Judge Ted Winner (Vurdon Ka Sector Court)
  • 8. Adari Sector - Judge Daisy Smith (Sochi Sector Court)
  • 9. Zaric Sector - Judge Marco Salo (Kloper Sector Court)

Extended Territory

  • 10. Balmorra Sector - Justice TBA (Neimoidia Court)
  • 11. Neshig Sector - Judge Tovakinpi Toshikhan (Manress I Sector Court)
  • 12. Terr'skiar Sector - Vacant (New Apsolon Sector Court)

Moddell Region

  • 13. Moddell Sector - vacant (Endor Court)
  • 14. Vensensor Sector - vacant (Bomis Koori IV Sector Court)
  • 15. Wornal Sector - vacant (Goratak I Sector Court)

Stensen Region

  • 16. Watza Sector - vacant (Cuthburn II Court)
  • 17. Koradin Sector - vacant (Coveway Sector Court)

Zuma Region

  • 18. Zuma Sector - vacant (Firrerre Court)
  • 19. Bakura Sector - Judge Con Semper (Bakura Sector Court)
  • 20. Pacanth Reach Sector - Judge Jaydon TaVolarian (Bunduki Sector Court)

Justice Ranks

Chief Justice (HC-2)
The Chief Justice is the supreme keeper of order and justice within the Trade Federation. He presides over both tiers of the Federation Courts and answers only to the Viceroy himself. He will also address complaints and grievances from all sectors of Federation-controlled territory who do no have access to a Sector Court. However, for those sectors that do house a Sector Court, a ruling can be appealed at the discretion of the Chief Justice and if denied, the lower ruling will hold as the final opinion of the Court, unless reversed by the Viceroy.

Justice (C-5)
Justices are senior members of the Federation's Department of Justice, and preside over Sector Courts within the core territories of the Trade Federation. A Justice may either be appointed by the Viceroy from any deserving Federation citizen or be promoted from the rank of Sector Judge. They have also been, from time to time, members of committees created by the Chief Justice for the purposes of reviewing and maintaining the laws of the Federation.

Sector Judge (O-5)
Sector Judges are legislative members of the Department of Justice whose position is of less power than that of the Justices, but still of big importance. They work for Justices, acting as their assistants, and can hold court and preside over trials.

Clerk (E-5)
Clerks are the lowest members of the High Court of the Federation. They serve as general, all-purpose aides to the Sector Judges, Justices and the Chief Justice. They assist them in all kinds of legal matters such as drafting, editing and reviewing documents and laws. Unlike the Chief Justice and Justices, who are directly chosen by the Viceroy, the people for the position of Clerk can be selected by other members of the Department of Justice as well.

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