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Image:Daniel zorg ava.png
Biographical Information
Full Name: Daniel Zorg
Homeworld: Gand
Born: Year -16
Physical Description
Race: Gand
Gender: Male
Height: 1,67 metres
Colouring: Green skin
Hair Colour:
Eye Colour:
Trade Federation Service
Status: Retired
Ministry: Production
Department: Robotics
Position: Director
Prior Service: Ministry of Defense

Daniel was a hard-working and long time loyal and serving member of the Trade Federation. With many years of commitment and experience in Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Production, his primary goal was to help with the continued growth of the Trade Federation and it's NATs.



Young life

Born 28 years ago on the planet Gand, Daniel Zorg was the first son of Venator and Thrasea Zorg. Daniel's known family consists of two brothers, Wacko and Chronos, and one cousin, Zanthea Zorg. Eager to make his way in the galaxy, Daniel left home at the very young age of 16, not to return for many years. Daniel spent years drifting, subsisting off of small trade contracts within the Glythe and Centrality sectors, until he met a "lovely" young woman named Countess Jeeva Ob. After lengthy "discussion" Daniel decided to join the Trade Federation under Viceroy Corbin Esco. His parents, Ventor and Thrasea, encouraged Daniel's skills at academics during his youth and was the youngest Gand to enter the Trade Federation academy.

Life in the Federation

Daniel received high marks during his time in the Trade Federation Academy and was quickly inducted into the government's leadership program. Viceroy Corbin Esco saw promise in this new recruit and his progress was watched by then Duceroy Bren Morgarr. Daniel was drawn from the start to the Ministry of Defense, where he quickly accepted a position under the command of Minister of Defense Centauri Tyridius. At that time the Trade Federation was relative chaos and thus Daniel stagnated at the position of recruit for over a year despite constantly proving his worth. At the first opportunity for promotion, Daniel seized it. At that time Bren Morgarr became the Viceroy of the Trade Federation and Centauri Tyridius was promoted to take the position of Duceroy. Mas Raraf was promoted to the Minister of Defense and Daniel jumped to position of Fleet Admiral. Eventually Mas Raraf transferred to the Confederate Bank, Marco Salo was promoted to take his place and Daniel was promoted to the position of Deputy Minister. Daniel served his time as Deputy Minister well and the Trade Federation was reorganized, creating the rank of Regent. Jacob Jansen was appointed Viceroy of the Trade Federation, Centauri Tyridius was promoted to Regent and Marco Salo was promoted to Duceroy. Following Daniel's success as Deputy Minister, he was promoted to full Minister and served for a number of years during a period of rampant growth. The Ministry of Defense grew to the point that it was split into the Army and Navy, doubling Daniel's responsibilities but he took it in stride, bringing the Ministry to heights no sentient could have dreamed of years before. At this point Daniel felt that it was time to settle down and raise a family and thus he married Nauthwa Sol, a young recruit from the Department of Logistics. Daniel also felt that it was the right time to begin preparing his replacement in anticipation of retirement to a quiet corner of the galaxy with his beloved Nauthwa. Thus Daniel decided to take an eager young man named Kage Renbukai under his wing. With Daniel's expert tutelage Kage quickly rose to the rank of deputy minister. For his actions in the course of his career Daniel was awarded medal after medal recognizing his achievements. Daniel even found work for his dear cousin Zanthea in the Department of Logistics. Marco Salo left the Trade Federation to head a new Confederate faction and Daniel, being the longest serving minister, seemed to be in line for promotion. Ever the military man, Daniel lacked the requisite diplomatic skills to hold that position and thus he was passed up for promotion in favor of Bub`ba Lou.

Disaster Strikes

Having spent so much time away from home, Daniel was surprised to suddenly hear from his parents back on Gand. Daniel had always possessed the token title of Protector of House Zorg, but the time had come to fulfill his obligations to his family. Daniel had to take an extended leave to return home to care for his dying parents. Not wishing to leave his life in the Trade Federation behind Daniel requested, and received, the rank of Special Advisor to the Ministry of Defense along with a gold seal commemorating his time in the Ministry. Instead of retirement, Daniel's protégé was called to service as his replacement in this time of need. Kage Renbukai became the Minister of Defense and Daniel Left for home. Upon arrival Daniel discovered to his dismay that he had arrived too late to comfort his dying mother. She had passed of complications resulting from a rare type of cancer that defied all the efforts of the greatest doctors in the galaxy. Thrasea was born with a predisposition to this otherwise rare cancer, the predisposition was not discovered until the damage was done, however, and Thrasea fell ill with the cancer. Her death was quick and relatively painless, her husband's was less so. Ventor Zorg had reached a rather advanced age since Daniel had seen him last and this weakened him. Thrasea's death pushed him over the edge. It all began with a bout of influenza that turned to pneumonia. Compounding these factors he became increasingly unstable. His death lasted months and this pained Daniel dearly. When death finally came for Ventor it was merciful. Daniel could finally attend to the details of burial and the long process of mourning for his parents. Luckily for Daniel, Nauthwa was at his side during this process. None can know what Daniel would have done without her support.

Reintroduction to the Trade Federation Directorate

Ultimately all suffering must come to an end and Daniel returned to active duty in the Trade Federation. Duchess Jeeva Ob chose to resign as the head of the Dornian Military Corps. Daniel was selected to take her place. He was instructed to restart the production of droids through any means necessary. The Dornian Military Corps was in shambles following the loss of Duchess Ob and Daniel spent months on recruitment alone to replace the manpower lost following the resignation of Duchess Ob. Eventually though, as always, Daniel got things back on track and he was soon in constant meetings with the Board of Directors of the Dornian Military Corps and the Minister of Production Olwin Froon on how to work on new opportunities for the Dorinian Military Corps. It was during one such meeting that he was rudely interrupted by a phone call.

Disaster Strikes Back

This phone call was from an old friend of Daniel's from his days in the Ministry of Defense. He carried the news that Nauthwa Sol, the love of Daniel's life, had died in a tragic accident involving her freighter. Crushed, Daniel had to take leave to see to her funeral and see to his own mourning.

Dornian Military Corps

Daniel snapped out of his downward spiral of despair and poured all his emotion into running the Dornian Military Corps. Under his leadership the Dornian Military Corps single-handedly captured the Telti system for the Trade Federation along with assisting in the securing of many other systems already under Trade Federation control. The complete details of the Dornian Military Corps participation in this latest operation are highly classified as are the details of Daniel's plans for the future but he does plan on increasing the production capabilities of the Dornian Military Corps for the foreseeable future.

Awards and accomplishments

Daniel is featured prominently on the Trade Federation Memorial Wall and a full list of his Medals, Ribbons and Commendations is also located there.

Service Record

Rank Insignia


Promotion Date

Image: HC-2 mop.png


Award Image

Award Name

Given By

Date Received


Distinguished Flying Cross

Jacob Jansen

Year 7 Day 167


Federation Star

Jacob Jansen

Year 9 Day 319


Gold Seal

Jacob Jansen

Year 10 Day 156


Production Veteran

Jacob Jansen

Year 11 Day 327


Housing Project

Jacob Jansen

Year 11 Day 327


Cabinet Ribbon

Jacob Jansen

Year 12 Day 169


Federation Star

Jacob Jansen



Directorate Ribbon

Jacob Jansen



Tour of Duty 1 Year

Bren Morgarr



Tour of Duty 3 Years

Jacob Jansen


Personal Information

Private Life

During his time in the Trade Federation Daniel Zorg opened a private facility construction business. Around the same time Kendall Holm opened his version and Daniel Zorg; being the ruthless businessman he is, quickly bought it to prevent competition. Daniel branded this new company Zorg Family Civil Engineering with Kendall Holm acting as the co leader. However Daniel couldn't have been more correct in his desire to purchase Kendall Holm's company as it was soon revealed that he was siphoning away Trade Federation and Zorg Family funds to his own ends. It was Daniel that ultimately revealed him for what he was and Kendall was expelled from the Trade Federation forcefully, saving many investors their savings. Daniel used his hero status to revive his company and, together with a new partner in Kage Renbukai, renamed it The Blue Horizon Corporation. At the time of the renaming Blue Horizon had relatively few builders at its disposal and it focused on producing ships. Today Blue Horizon has many more workers at its disposal and Daniel anticipates a return to his original business of civil engineering.

Personal Fleet

Daniel currently controls 3 planets. 2 he built up himself, while he got one from Trade Federation to manage as planetary governor. He also owned a 3rd planet, but Kendall Holm took control of it before he was forcefully removed from the Trade Federation. On one of his planets, Daniel and The Blue Horizon Corporation offer a place for all members of the Confederacy to build their cities in the event that they can't find a better place among the stars.

Daniel enjoys the pursuit of ship collecting. He has at least one ship of the following types:

  • ZFS Lord of Thunder

Neutron Star-class bulk cruiser produced in his private shipyard.

  • ZFS Naga Queen

C-3 Passenger Liner also produced in his private shipyard.

  • ZFS Magog

Bayonet-class Light Cruiser acquired meany years ago, being a rare ship now, Daniel keeps the ship docked and rarely uses it.

  • ZFS Dwarf

Marauder-class Corvette bought of the market, never left the docking bay after purchase. TBHC produced several Marauders, but since he already had one, all were sold to the public.

  • ZFS Master Genie

Y-Head is the last purchase Daniel made. Bought from TF directly, it is currently being transported by TF to make over coordinates in Varn system.

  • ZFS Pit Lord

Class VI Bulk Freighter is used in close range RM transports.

  • TBHC Mummy
    Bulk Freighter "TBHC Mummy 1"

BFF-1 Bulk Freighters are the most used ship in TBHC. Used for RM hauls for ship and city construction.

  • ZFS Vamire Lord

CR-20 is a ship bought only for teh sake of having it in his inventory, curently being transported to Glythe sector.

  • ZFS Ogre Magi

H-type Yacht is a rare ship in Daniels inventory safely docked in his yard.

  • ZFS Imp

Aggressor Assault Fighter is with the most ships, docked in his yard.

  • ZFS Feary Dragon

YT-1210 was one of the first ships Daniel bought of the market. He had several of them, but curretly only one can be found in Daniels inventory. Being a rare type of ship, it is docked in his private yard.

  • ZFS Cerberi

Rho-class Shuttle also found place in ZF Fleet. Safely docked in one of his yards.

  • ZFS Wolf Rider

Delta-Class DV-7 Escort Shuttles were bought a year ago in a small deal. Rarely used ship.

  • ZFS Horned Demon
    PES "ZFS Horned Demon 1"

Pursuer Enforcement Ship is commonly used ship. Always docked in Daniels capital ship.

  • ZFS Archangel

Sprint-Class Rescue Ship was purcahsed roughly a year ago. Always docked in Daniels capital ship.

  • ZFS Sacred Phoenix
    YT-510 "ZFS Sacred Phoenix 1"

YT-510 is the most used ship. Although he has several of the yt's in his inventory, other are stationed in his hangar while the original, ZFS Sacred Phoenix 1 is always with Daniel, docked in his capital ship until the yt is needed.

  • ZFS Sprite

HWK-290 was purchased because Daniel wanted to have one of these. Never left the docking bay.

  • ZFS Hell Baron
    YT-2000 "ZFS Hell Baron"

YT-2000 is also docked in Daniels capital ship. Commonly used.

  • ZFS Efret Sultan

YT-1300 is docked inside his yard. Rarely used ship.

  • ZFS Pixie

GAT-12h Skipray Blastboats are the latest additions to ZF Fleet. During his last credit spending spree, Daniel bought several freigter and fighter type of ships worth 85 mil credits.

  • ZFS Silver Pegasi

YT-2400 was a gift from Trade Federation. For his 6 months of service withing the TF, he got this ship.

  • ZFS Cyclops King

Star Saber XC-01 Starfighter MkI was one of the latest additions to the ZF Fleet.

  • ZFS Archer

C-Wing Ugly bought only to have it in his inventory.

  • ZFS Santa Gremlin

Y-wing BTL-S3 squad purchased a yaer ago. Docked safely until needed.

  • ZFS Dendroid

R-41 Starchasers were one of the latest additions to the fleet, several were bought over the market.

  • ZFS Gold Golem

X-ceptors were bought from Haven Corporation before the faction disolved.

  • ZFS Iron Golem

Y-Ties were, the same as x-ceptors, bought from Haven.


N-1 Starfighter, a single one in his fleet, one of the first purchases on the market. Docked safely in one of Daniels yards.

Daniel also has several ground vehicles in his collection, most of them being FK-7 Airspeeders. Daniel also possesses several space stations, including the ones for ship production The Blue Horizon Corporation uses.

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