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The Insignia of Starsign Shipyards
Faction Information
Name: Starsign Shipyards
Classification: Production, Ships
Date Founded: Year 6 Day 40
Owner: Trade Federation
Leader: Solomon D`Ark
Second-in-Command: N/A
Notable Members: N/A
Territorial Information
Territory: N/A
Population: N/A Inhabitant(s)
Capital: N/A
Most Populated World: N/A
Starsign Shipyards Website


Starsign Shipyards was created in Year 6, day 40, from the personal funds of notable trader and middleman, Syn, and with the support of a number of individuals to whom the company extends its thanks, including (in alphabetical order): Drunkbacca Gould, Eric Jackson, Jakob Sensar, Jeric Sensar, Nom Nahk, Nyrat Odle, Phryss, Selatos Evazan, Tembre Fe`ll and Tom Servo. The company was designed to provide the galaxy with a neutral and motivated ship production company willing to cater to other companies, governments, businesses, and individuals without bias. Headquartered in Sharingan City in the small sector of Rachuk, Starsign Shipyards strove to provide only the best services and products to the galaxy at reasonable costs.

It currently holds the datacards for the YT-510 and YT-2400 personal freighters, as well as the YV-666 and Escape Pod and production is scheduled to begin at the earliest opportunity.

Several months after its creation, its Director of Transportation, Tom Servo, departed to found Starsign Mining, an affiliate of Starsign Shipyards aiming to meet the ship production company's increasing material needs. Once it was no longer required to provide support in preparation for production, Starsign Mining was sold, and it is, therefore, no longer affiliated with Starsign Shipyards.

In Year 8, day 183, the Trade Federation bought Starsign Shipyards and started to build a new headquarter in the Glythe Sector system to combine the logistics with the sister faction of the Techno Union.

Recent Times

Following the new acquisition, the Trade Federation owned approximately 90% of all Starsign stocks. Approximately 8% were still owned by initial owner Syn. Starsign, then for approximately two full galactic years (years eight to ten) operated primarily as a producer of civilian ships. It's specialties included the immensely popular YV-666 and Starwind class Pleasure Yacht, as well as the incredibly useful YT-510, YT-2400, and W-23 Starhauler. Then the Trade Federation Cabinet dropped a bomb shell. They announced that Starsign Shipypards would be Merging with the Techno Union because there simply were not enough people to keep up production.

The Cabinet decided that all SSY members would be transferring over to the TU, and that SSY CEO, Solomon D`ark would become the new Techno Union COO. Starsign Shipyards then on Year 10 Day 174 merged with the Techno Union ending a faction that had grown from a 90 million net worth, to over one and a quarter billion credits, one of the largest, if not the largest non-governmental factions ever.

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