Operation Strongarm

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Hosrel System, Centrality Sector – Live from TFC Hosrel XI Prime mere meters away from Stars` End Mining Company’s Headquarters:

Year 11 Day 234

Approximately one month ago Haor Chall Engineering, one of the Trade Federation’s close allies, fell victim to a heinous attack at the hands of Scott Hood. Mr. Hood began his assault on two of Haor Chall Engineering’s planets in the Trammis and Foh systems. Within minutes the planets fell into a state of chaos and Haor Chall Engineering’s governing bodies on the attacked planets were pulled out leaving the planets uncontrolled. Without a governing body, Scott Hood immediately launched his plan to conquer the two planets by founding new cities. In order to protect his new gained assets, Mr. Hood transferred them to the control of Stars` End Mining Company (SEMCo), a company that he led at the time.

Upon hearing of this attack, the Trade Federation Directorate gathered for an emergency meeting to decide what to do with the situation. It came down to one decision; we must show the galaxy that the Trade Federation will not stand idle while its allies are attacked. With that Operation Strongarm was put into full effect.

Placed under the command of Director of Manufacturing Metyl Onyx, the goal of Operation Strongarm was to wrestle control of Hosrel I from the hands of Stars` End Mining Company. With plans in place, Trade Federation Lucrehulks carefully made their way over to the planet and with the skilled builders inside of them quickly established a strong foothold. Stars` End Mining Company didn’t take this assault lightly. They immediately started their own counter attack and attempted to apprehend all Trade Federation forces in the vicinity. Unfortunately for them the Trade Federation Ministry of Defense along with the Royal Hapan Armed Forces and King Tylger’s personal elite guard the Chume`doro were lying in wait ready to pounce. Hundreds of SEMCo builders, managers, and personnel were arrested as soon as they dared to pop out.

The initial goal of Operation Strongarm was a success. The Trade Federation currently controls the planet of Hosrel I, but Stars` End Mining Company has managed to secure most of the territory on the planet. This is where the Trade Federation decided to play its trump card. Located on the secure Trade Federation planet of Hosrel XI nests SEMCO’s headquarters. Proving its almighty strength over its enemies, power was cut to SEMCO’s headquarters and its inhabitants arrested leaving Stars` End Mining Company completely crippled.

As this report is being broadcast to you now Trade Federation and Hapan forces are celebrating today the success of Operation Strongarm and the knowledge that when our two great governments stand together nothing can stand in our way.

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