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Welcome to the official Trade Federation Archives. The Trade Federation Archives is a collaborative encyclopedia of everything related to the Star Wars Combine and the Trade Federation.

Featured Article
Viceroyal Palace
The Viceroyal Palace is the permanent abode of the Trade Federation's leader, the Viceroy. Located in the Federation capital of Fosetti on Taanab, it serves as a symbol of the Federation's power and authority.

The first Viceroyal Palaces were built on Neimoidia, and were carved out of dark stone and metal. These structures were used as status symbols by the Neimoidian leaders of the old Trade Federation. In the constant bickering for power between Neimoidian rivals in the Federation following the fall of the Old Republic, these palaces lost much of their significance. Each new Viceroy insisted on wasting the languishing Federation's scant resources on constructing a new palace for himself, lording it over his rivals only to be replaced in due course. With the complete collapse of the Federation into bankruptcy, all of these palaces were sold off at fire-sale prices. Read more.


Member Spotlight
File:Rik_noiz_ava.png Rik Noiz was born into a primitive village deep in the mountains of Bakura-7 in the spring of Year -13. His parents had chosen to distance themselves from the modern metropolises that speckled the planet, some years before. Bondon Noiz, Rik's father, lead an effort to grow and study the medicinal effects of Nova Grass. The local government of Bakura-7 did not recognize Nova Grass as having legitimate medicinal value, and in fact growing the plant species was criminalized. The research co-op was forced to retreat to the wilderness far from the reach of the establishment where they could continue their work in peace.Rik's childhood was not the typical one most Avancian younglings experienced. Growing up in the bush allowed him to embrace his connection to the environment around him, without being distracted by the ever constant noise and distractions big city life provided. Modern technology was not prevalent within the woods, Rik quickly learned to use what was available. He could be found often foraging through wreckage trying to salvage things to improve his every-day life. Read more.

Recent News

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  Nationalized Companies

Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Baktoid Armour Workshop
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Centurion Arms
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Commerce Guild
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Dorinian Military Corps
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Haven Corporation
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Kuat Drive Yards
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Rendili StarDrive
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Techno Union

  Detached Departments

Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Evocati Order
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Citizenship Approval Board

  Other Combine Wikis

Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Holocron
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Galactic Archives
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Royal Hapan Library
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Corporate Alliance Codex

A special thanks to the following people (in the past and present) who have dedicated a lot of time and hard work to developing this wonderful database of history on our great Empire of Trade!

Kurner Dahtar, Dominic Masters, Jacob Jansen, Ashley Perkins, Tyrie Da`jek, Alex Track, Daniel Zorg, Jeeva Ob, Surak Nemoid, Kage Renbukai, Grimaldus Helbrecht, Sephiroth Rhapsodos, JoCon Illmar, Siejo Kutol, Jordanus Starscream, Deo Anastas, Wesley OyKi, Ted Winner, Otto Kipler, Jeb Voorhees, Phlar Vran, Jecal Nadrihm, Dail Llwybr Gwaed, Jaydon TaVolarian, Mateo Umia, Victor O`Cuinn, Fernando Gomes, Khoan Tane
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