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The Department of Recycling of the Trade Federation embodied in Haven Corporation manages skillfully controlled demolition of various entities from the smallest vehicle to the largest space station, without forgetting the tallest skyscrapers, be they obsolete, damaged or simply in the way. The Department is a part of the Ministry of the Interior

This Department is heavily involved with the Department of Industry into adapting new territory to the high Trade Federation construction standards, as well as adapt current planets and systems to changing political and economic policies. Recycling also works hand in hand with the Department of Resources in relocating populations and industries when resource veins are found in crowded areas, but it has to heart the handling of in-depth restoration of depleted mining sites as well.

This expertise in restoration and decontamination of soil has been put to test with the decolonization of the Forest Moon in the Endor System, giving back the moon to its luxurious growth and its natural inhabitants: the Ewok and Yuzzum. No one is better qualified than the Department of Recycling in taking care of restorations, after seeing so much destruction, its members recognize beauty in creation.


  • Director: Abygar Seranor

File:Abygar seranor ava.png

  • Deputy Director: Vacant


Recycling Equipment


Lucrehulk 3210 Battleship
The Lucrehulk 3210 Battleship has for a long time been the backbone of the Trade Federation. Originally designed as a huge cargo ship, when the leaders of the Federation realized they would need a ship capable of taking part in warfare, they decided the best option would be to convert an existing ship rather than undergo the extremely expensive process of designing a warship from scratch.

The Lucrehulk was the obvious choice for this. With its excess of space and intimidating size it was quickly converted, with a wealth of new weapons on the hull, while still keeping the majority of the cargo space. This allows the Lucrehulk to not only hold its own in a battle, but also to bring in its own support. A single Lucrehulk can hold a fleet within itself, as well as an invasion force, making it a very efficient tool.

In the Trade Federation, the formidable Lucrehulk serves as a flagship for each of the Federation fleets, leading them in operations.


Mammoth-class Heavy Hauler
It is rumored that when the Mammoth was in development, the CEO of its manufacturer would visit the complex housing the ship's design team every day and say "It's too small, it’s just too small," and every day, they would increase the ships proportions. They later learned, only after the ship went into production, he was talking about the building, and not the ship design. In the end, what they ended up with was a cargo ship that dwarfed the mighty Star Destroyers of the Empire. The Mammoth has a downright cavernous cargo hold, one that could arguably carry enough raw materials to build the infrastructure of an entire country. If the ship were equipped with a large enough opening, it could conceal in itself the flagship of the Black Sun fleet, the Darkstar Battleship, or four of the Hapes' Nova Battle Cruisers. However, the ship is an easy target for raiders and pirates. It is slow, carries no weapons of its own and has no docking bay for support vessels. Another rumor exists that the manufacturer has plans for a modification package that would allow it the luxury of a small, six-ship docking system. Whether this innovation ever comes to fruition or not, is anyone's guess.


BFF-1 Bulk Freighter
One advantage of this type of transport is that despite its significant size, the BFF-1 has the ability to land. Besides cargo of all sorts, the manufacturers managed to make later versions acceptable for passenger transport, making room for about a hundred people. One other important attribute is the BFF-1's tractor beam. This is very handy if there's even more to haul, but it also helps multiple ships to stay in formation which is very important because these ships tend to travel in convoy.


EVS Construction Droid
The EVS is a colossal vehicle, dwarfing many of the structures it consumes. It closely resembles, and largely functions as, a sort of mobile grandiose factory that trudges its way across surrounding real estate. The EVS is limited by its size which makes the vehicle extremely slow and awkward to maneuver. The EVS destroys unwanted buildings by using its two front-mounted, mammoth arms. It scoops any salvageable wreckage into a mouth-like gap located at the front of the vehicle. The wreckage is then recycled; an action which drastically decreases the environmental impact of the EVS and provides some of the required material for new construction projects.


GRZ-6B Wrecker
GRZ-6B Wreckers are equipped with a huge range of specialized equipment for use in deep space recovery operations; the most obvious being the pair of arm cranes extending from the front of the ship, used for everything from picking through wreckage to clamping hold of the hull for use in tugboat operations. Internal pump systems allow for the Wrecker to function as a self-manoeuvring fuel umbilical for capital ships, freighters and starfighters that have run out of fuel, provided that a tanker vessel is available. Similar pump systems connect to internal reservoirs of fire suppression chemicals for dealing with fires in areas of the ship that haven’t been exposed to vacuum.

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