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Navigational Information
Planet: Bak (11, 4)
Sector: Bakura
System: Bakura (-235, -250)
Sun(s): Bakura Sun (9, 5)
Geographical Information
Size: 6x6
Atmosphere: Hot/Toxic Atmosphere
Climate: Hot/Toxic Atmosphere
Social Information
Goverment: None
Governor: None
Magistrate: None
Population: 0 inhabitants
Civilisation Level: 0.0000%
Native Species: None
Languages: Galactic Basic
Industry: Unknown
Taxation Level: 5.0000%
Currency: None
Planetary Income: 0 credits
Tax Income: 0 credits
Important Cities: None
Point of Interest: None
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Dry, hot landscapes and a dense atmosphere of dangerous gases, this planet is one of many hazards in the galaxy. Due to the composition of its atmosphere and a runaway greenhouse effect, this planet is toxic to most biological life. Only the hardiest and most specialised forms of life can survive here, with native sentient life forms an even bigger rarity. Not to mention that volcanic activity is common, adding yet more danger to landing on this planet.

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