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Biographical Information
Full Name: Victor o`Cuinn
Homeworld: Born on Kiffu but lived on Kiffex
Born: Year 9 (BCGT)
Physical Description
Race: Kiffar
Gender: Male
Height: 1.79 meters
Hair Colour: Dark Brown
Eye Colour: Hazel
Trade Federation Service
Status: Active
Ministry: -
Department: Ministry of Defense
Position: Crewman
Prior Service: -

Victor o`Cuinn is a Mandalorian, and a proud member of the o`Cuinn family. Often quite in large settings, Victor never seems to shy from a good time.



Born on the 157th day of Year 9 (BCGT) to parents Kelton and Rossalyn o`Cuinn on the planet of Kiffu, Victor's family was unique due to his father's Hapan heritage. Because of this and although his mother was a native Kiffar, Victor was not bound by the tribal culture like the other children and, as such, he felt like an outsider and had a somewhat solitary childhood. Around the age of six he began experimenting with the broken droids and small vehicles, such as speeders and swoop bikes, learning how to disassemble and eventually repair them. He was able to use the knowledge to aid his father's trading business, repairing the new pieces of equipment that required maintenance. His father would buy the broken droids and vehicles, repair them with Victor's assistance and then sell the working items for profit. By the age of ten, Victor had begun being taught basic hunting and trapping skilled by his father Kelton, who seemed overly knowledgeable of, especially for being a foreigner on the planet of Kiffex. When Victor reached the age of thirteen, his father instructed him to pack for a special weekend hunting expedition and to prepare himself for a uniquely rewarding trip. Victor, overly curious since his father was acting differently than he was accustomed, did as he was told and packed for the trip. The week leading up to their departure saw Kelton speaking very little to him, and even less when the trip began. Upon reaching a small hut hidden on a cavernous plateau that was shrouded behind a waterfall, Kelton informed Victor that he was actually a Mandalorian and he believed it time for Victor to learn of his heritage and of the Resol'nare. After this admission, Kelton removed a set of armour from a trunk hidden in the hut and, after handing it to Victor, stated "Ba'jur bal beskar'gam, Ara'nov, aliit, Mando'a bal Mand'alor— An vencuyan mhi". For the following seven years, Victor trained with his father in the ways of the Mando'ade. They would venture on a secretive hunt every year, tracking and slaying a multitude of increasingly dangerous creatures in the mountains and forests of Kiffex. During these moments, Kelton would tell Victor stories of the old wars and teach him the true ways of the Mando'ade. In addition to the hunts and knowledge, Victor learned how to properly wield all sorts of weapons during numerous training and sparring sessions. One year, Victor was made to hunt and kill a katarn with nothing but his bare hands and armour. Victor enjoyed these experiences immensely until, one year, Kelton was called to battle by his aliit'buir. It was a long five years that Victor waited for his father to return, but Kelton never did. With a heavy heart, Victor gathered his belongings and kissed his mother goodbye. Honoring the ba'jur from his father, he took his beskar'gam and set off into the vast galaxy, intent on making his own name. In his mind, he was already Mando'ade.

===Clan Vel===

Victor's mother Rossalyn o`Cuinn (maiden name, Rossalyn Vel) was sister to Sintas Vel, with both being members of the Kiffar clan Vel from the planet Kiffu. The qukuuf for clan Vel are three diagonal black lines starting at the check bone near the nose going to the jaw line on both sides of the face. The clan symbol is three straight vertical black lines with the center line being slightly longer on both ends than the outer lines, inside of a burnt orange circle. Although Victor trained with and eventually followed his father's footsteps as a Mandalorian, he still learned much from his mother in the ways of the Kiffar and was even a member of the Kiffu Guardians for a brief period after his father departed. Victor was known only as "The Raven" while a member of the Kiffu Guardians. Rumor has it that Rossalyn was also a bounty hunter, much like her sister, and through that she met and married Kelton o`Cuinn, eventually giving birth to Victor. Although Victor has heard these rumors, neither of his parents ever confirmed or denied them. Rossalyn also introduced Victor to Torbust, the Kiffar god of war and conflict.

===Trade Federation===

Victor swore his oath to the Trade Federation on 85th day of year 18. Currently Victor is a member of the Ministry of Defense, House Systkin, and the Library Team.

Victor's TF ID card
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