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Jacob Jansen holds his hand up to quiet the army of press in the conference room of the Trade Federation palace. They are much louder than normal after TFNN released a tip that the Viceroy's announcement today would be of great importance. Off to the right of Jacob stands Regent Nohv Schiller, hands at his sides eyeing someone in the background. Slightly off to the Regent's side stands the entire Trade Federation Cabinet.::

Just as the assembled masses begin to calm down and take their seats, Jacob starts to scan the room from one side to the other, making sure eye contact was made with each reporter as his gaze passes over them. When finished with his long stare, he takes a deep breath and begins to speak.::

When I first joined the Trade Federation it was but a small faction without direction and purpose. Today it stands an Empire with no equal. The perfect opportunity for me to move ahead with my plans to retire.

Jacob waits a moment as reporters start to look around at each other in surprise.::

Today I am announcing my resignation from the position of Viceroy of the Trade Federation. This is a very heavy-minded decision I have been planning for some time. It's not easy to do so. Still, every leader must understand there is a time when change is needed, and I feel that time has come. I have been the commanding Viceroy of the Trade Federation since Year 8 Day 333 after the resignation of Viceroy Bren Morgarr. Just shy of a decade. That makes me the longest reigning Viceroy to date. Even so, I haven't always been just the Viceroy.

I started my career in the Department of Defense long before the Ministry of Defense existed and served as Trias Territory Military Governor. My first post was on the Carrack/S-class Light Cruiser TFN Peacekeeper. I then moved to the Corporate Alliance, our trade faction at the time, and worked very closely with my old friend, Garven Stalwart. I worked my way up in the faction till I reached Vice President. Returning to the Trade Federation after an offer from another good friend, Duceroy Centauri Tyridius, to lead the newly established Ministry of the Interior. I was promoted to Minister and was given access for the first time to the Federation Cabinet.

Shortly after that a leadership issue arose in the Techno Union. At the time it was our only ship producer. The longtime leader, Larbac Darkclaw, who I am sure none of you remember, had gone MIA and Viceroy Bren Morgarr had asked me to step in and take over as President to restore order and start up ship production. Looking back, this was my favorite post. Not only was I able to rebuild the faction from scratch, but I was able to manage the first ever production of Starwind-class Pleasure Yacht and even more important our very first produced Lucrehulk 3210 Battleship.

Waters in the Trade Federation became rough when Duceroy Tyridius resigned due to issues that formed between him and Viceroy Morgarr. I was nominated and quickly appointed Duceroy. This marked the beginning of my ambitions to become Viceroy. After some time as Duceroy and working with Viceroy Morgarr, issues again started to form between the Viceroy and myself. Right before the waters were about to boil over, I asked Viceroy Morgarr to resign. With the full backing of the Cabinet and a great act of loyalty to the Trade Federation, Viceroy Morgarr resigned and appointed me his replacement, Viceroy of the Trade Federation.

I will be the first one to admit my leadership was not without mistakes. We had rough times in the beginning of my reign. The Trade Federation was very different than it is today. Our fleet was no larger than 300 ships. Half of this was Y-Wings and other fighters. We only owned 5 Lucres. Our monthly income was under 50 million credits. Our structure was, in all honesty, a huge mess. My predecessors had established the Confederacy of Independent Systems, composed of some of our nationalized factions and close allies at the time. Allies like Kuat Drive Yards before it was purchased and Triumvirate Security Force before they became the Triumvirate Coalition. It was a large group of factions that were loosely tied together in the CIS Senate, and the Trade Federation, which was the unofficial ruling government. This naturally caused a lot of head-butting when anything needed to be done.

On top of the CIS, each of our nationalized factions had their own logistics, security, sales, and management teams outside of Trade Federation structure. This made for an everyone-for-themselves sort of feel and attitude with no clear line of command back to the Cabinet and the Viceroy. In fact, the Directorate did not even exist. The leadership body was the Cabinet (made up of a lot more members than it is today), while the CIS Senate was essentially the equivalent of today's Directorate. My main objective was to fix all these problems and streamline everything to become more productive and only have one objective: the advancement of the Trade Federation. What happened next was a lot of hard decisions, arguments, members leaving, and a few betrayals. A very difficult, but necessary transition for the Trade Federation.

Since then I will list of some off the major accomplishments:

- Peace treaty signed ending hostilities between the Galactic Empire and the Trade Federation. - Confederate Mining Corporation formed with Avarik Ragnos as its first leader. - Confederacy reverts back to Nationalized Factions once again. TC, TMC, TST, TSF and AAI withdraw. - Trade Federation joins the Imperial Union. - Starsign Shipyards merged with the Techno Union. - Metropolisation of Rafa V completed, TF population passes 200 billion. - Confederacy of Independent Systems disbanded. All Nationalized Factions are now merged as departments of the Trade Federation. - Complete redesign of Trade Federation structure. What we have today. This includes a ranking system spread out over the entire Federation and a reorganization of the chain of command. - Ministry of Production created. - Stennes Node Sector acquired in a trade from the Galactic Empire. - Trade Federation forms a full alliance with the Hapes Consortium. - Metropolisation of Nargorn completed, TF population passes 300 billion. - Galaxy Shift (Not an accomplishment, but to note when it happened) - The planet Neimoidia is once again under the control of the Trade Federation. - Metropolisation of Pengalan IV completed, TF population passes 400 billion. - Federation scouts locate the system of New Apsolon. - Trade Federation, along with Hapes Consortium, Mandalore, Tion Hegemony and Aurodium Legion, withdraw from the Imperial Union. - Trade Federation declares neutrality from the Galactic Civil War. - Citizenship program launched. - Trade Federation forms the largest neutral alliance in the galaxy, the Galactic Concordiate, with the ratification of the Treaty of Forsetti signed by Viceroy Jacob Jansen, King Alexander Tylger, Mand`alor Tyr DeMeer, Lord Hegemon Typhon Corbin, and Legate Dorn Zeke. - Department of Trade formed with Tanez Kalrade as Director of Trade. - The Avance Coalition merges with the Trade Federation. The merger includes most of TAC territory as well as factions Rendili StarDrive, Centurion Arms, and Alpha Medical Corps. - Trade Federation forces once again return and occupied the planet of Naboo after it is traded for the Abbaji System. - Trade Federation Market released and all Trade Federation sales are moved to the market.

Factions Purchased by the Trade Federation:

- Starsign Shipyards (Ship Faction) later merged into the Techno Union (Ship Faction). - Baktoid Armour Workshop (item faction). - Stars` End Entertainment (info faction) later dissolved. - Zone Supplies Limited (item faction) later merged into Baktoid Armour Workshop. - Creshaldyne Industries (item faction) later merged into Baktoid Armour Workshop. - Kuat Drive Yards (Ship Faction) later the Techno Union (Ship Faction) merged into KDY. - Rendili StarDrive after The Avance Coalition merges into the Trade Federation. - Centurion Arms after The Avance Coalition merges into the Trade Federation. - Alpha Medical Corps after The Avance Coalition merges into the Trade Federation. - Akheton Vehicle Corporation (vehicle faction) later merged into the Techno Union (vehicle faction).

It's been so long I know I am leaving something out. There are many other tax planets and construction projects not mentioned off the top of my head. Too many to list off. But this is how we got to where we are today. I can't claim sole credit for these. There were so many members who were heavily involved. This will be long, but I am going to try and give credit to everyone I can, starting from the beginning to present day.

Garven Stalwart My long time friend from the Corporate Alliance. I don't expect you to ever see this. Still you taught me a lot of things that have enabled me to rise to where I am today. Thank you for your help and friendship!

Centauri Tyridius I think every member has one person who made a difference to them when they first joined. For me you were that person. You helped me from the very start. Having the pleasure of working for you and then later with you as I assumed command of the Trade Federation. Your support was critical to my command. I am glad to still be able to call you my friend after all these years.

Bren Morgarr Viceroy Morgarr... Our relationship is not like most. It hit a critical point back when you resigned due to my actions. But I think both of us acted in an honorable fashion and as time passed for me at least I have a level of respect for what you did. If not for you, I would not be where I am today.

Marco Salo You came to us from a failing faction looking for a new home. We have had our ups and downs. But you are still here standing with me and I am glad to have served with you!

Xavier Dedoroff Even as you enjoy retirement now you are missed in the Cabinet. Your time here was greatly appreciated and valued. Thank you for all you have done!

Horley Cyan Your leadership of the Trade Federation brought us lots of advancements in a much different time. Your business thinking was what we needed and we benefited greatly. Later your council to me was highly valued. I am glad our friendship continues to this day and look forward to visiting your territory once my resignation takes place.

Kurner Dahtar I don't think most people here will remember your service. But I decently do. One of our greatest mining veterans who have ever served. You pioneered the Commerce Guild and later our Library and assisted the Federation in expanding our borders. You are missed and I hope to have you return one day.

Toran Slisik Most don't know your service to the Federation started with you co-leading it. As Magistrate you were around during the days of Corbin Esco, later parting to work with Horley Cyan and then acquiring MedTech Industries.

Rand Axim Out of all the Cabinet members and supporters at the time, you were by far the most crucial in my ascension to Viceroy. Definitely if not for you, I would not be where I am today. I never thanked you as I should have. You stood for me with no guarantee of success and almost certain negative ramifications. But it worked out in the end and you became my most loyal friend. Your service did not stop there. You played a leadership role in our first tax planets and early dealings and served as my Duceroy honorably and diligently. You were missed and I am glad you have returned.

Olwin Froon Duke, Regent, Duceroy, Minister, Director, Shipwright and Master of the Force. Did I miss any title..:-) You, my friend, are a shining example of what service and loyalty is. At the time when I purchased Starsign Shipyards I thought the prize was the YT-510 data card that came with it. I was wrong. The prize was Shipwright Olwin Froon. You decided to move with the faction and it was the best thing that could have happened to the Trade Federation. You have done far too much for me to list it off here. Reaching the highest honors, levels of command, and respect from your peers. Your name will forever be tied to the Trade Federation and I am honored to have served with you. Thank you for everything you have done and continue to do my friend! My retirement will definitely find time to tour the Vorsia System where we can drink the nights away reminiscing old times.

Alan Arcane Master Arcane, one of my first apprentices. You were my best solider. Your loyalty to me personally and to the Trade Federation will never be forgotten.

Jeeva Ob The only member to ever hold the title of Death Marshall. Your leadership of the DMC in the hardest of times prevailed. Later your tenure as CEO of the Commerce Guild was equally impressive. Beauty with an iron first.

Bub`ba Lou Your time as Duceroy was more important to the Trade Federation than most would know. I can't say there has ever been a Duceroy quite like you. One who thought so much like I do. It was a scary thing when our two minds would come together on how to lead and expand our empire. Your time with us was short, but never forgotten. Always remembered and respected you helped us move forward into the structure we continue to use to this day. Thank you for everything, my old friend!

Morga Deva The most beautiful green skinned Cabinet member to have ever served the Trade Federation. From Logistics to Recycling, your character follows you where ever you go leaving an imprint on all who served with you. Thank you for all you have done for me and the Trade Federation. Who knows...perhaps one day I might be working for you..:-)

Zanthea Zorg My favorite pilot serving the Logistics Corps. Your time in the Federation has always been memorable and I don't think there is a member who did not get along with you. Thank you for all you have done!

Salamku Derov Following the footsteps of the great leaders who preceded you is not an easy task. But you were able to make a name for yourself and demonstrate your own style of leadership and touch to the Ministry of Production and advance to Second in Command of the Trade Federation. A position demanding absolute loyalty, leadership, honor and commitment. Your commitment to the Trade Federation has never been overlooked. I am honored to have worked with you and have you serve as my Duceroy. I hope to see you continue to serve for many years to come. Thank you, Sal!

Ian Darkholm By far the best builder we have ever had in our ranks and likely every to have. Never have I questioned you or your ability to manage our expansion and construction activities. You are a true asset to the Trade Federation. I don’t believe I can ever repay you for everything you have done. I hope you will be with us for a long time to come and I will never forget all we owe you. Thank you, Ian!

Vas Felix So much happened with the Ministry of Production under your leadership it’s hard to point out your achievements. It would take far too long to go over all of them. But I will say you gave everything you had to leading the Ministry of Production and various other NATs within. Never once did you let us down. You are a prime example for others to follow and we are all lucky to have had you serve. Thank you, Vas!

Ted Winner Another shining example of the great leaders spawning from the Ministry of Production. Your command ability and leadership followed you to each NAT you served in and up the ladder to now Minister of Production. Your diligent work and time invested in the Department of Trade and our new Marketplace are immeasurable. Thank you for all you have done and I hope you will continue to impress for years to come.

Marcus Justinian Your leadership of the Ministry of the Interior alone grants you a place in the history books. But your cannon ability to write almost all of my public speeches as well as almost all other public articles sets you alone from everyone else! A leader always needs someone with your special ability at their side and I am very lucky to have been able to work with you. Thank you, Marcus, for everything you have done for the Trade Federation and me personally.

Tovakinpi Toshikhan After a long career in our longtime ally the Hapes Consortium you have come to the Trade Federation looking for something new. I think it’s safe to say not only did you find something new, you found your new home. Quickly moving up the ranks in the Ministry of Defense, you now are responsible for protecting our great Empire. I am glad to have you serve and I am thankful for all you have done. Thank you for your service, Tova!

Tanez Kalrade I have to say I am so glad the GE did not appreciate you as they should have. If they did, we never would have been able to push forward with our long time goal of becoming a true Empire of Trade. Your ideas were new and innovative and your work designing and leading the Department of Trade were and continue to be key to its success. We have the most successful sales team in the entire galaxy. No one can compare. This is directly due to your personal efforts and that of your staff. Thank you for making my goals achievable and I hope to see you continuing to expand our market showing everyone else what the Trade Federation is made of!

Carmen Sundane Another prize we got from the GE. Your work in the Department of Justice and the Ministry of Defense transformed the department into what it is today. Completing much of what was neglected for many years. Thank you for all you have done!

Navik Ikron Even as your actual time in the TF was short, you were key in many aspects of tieing together the TAC and TF into one. I hope you will be able to return to active duty in the near future.

Dail Llwybr Gwaed What can I say that we don’t all know about you already. You are one of the few members to hold such an important role in so many departments of the Trade Federation. Your ability to work and get along with everyone is one of your best features. You are a prime example of what all members should strive to be. You have reached some of the highest levels of command in record time. I hope the TF will be graced with your leadership for many years!

To the hundreds of others who have been part of the Trade Federation now and then I also give you my personal thanks. There are far too many for me to list off completely and I know I am forgetting someone.

If you were to ask me what I consider the most important part of my reign. Looking back what was the best thing I was able to accomplish I would answer very simply: building an empire. I had the privilege to find the Trade Federation just waiting to blossom. With the right direction and encouragement, it did just that. To stand back and look in awe at what we have achieved is the most satisfying thing you can ever do. Knowing that I can step away and the Trade Federation will live on and continue to prove there is no other equal.

Jacob pauses for a moment looking at the crowd. ::

I can't lie and say there were no perks as Viceroy. That would be the biggest lie in the history of lies. I have been able to meet some very amazing people. Form some great relationships and friendships that are still strong to this day. To meet the most dark and evil to the most kind and compassionate. From heads of state to Dark Lords of the Sith. Friends like Hapan Kings Jessy James, Alex Tylger, and Zayth Kadrim. Then the evil chills from standing next to Dark Lords of the Sith like Emperor and Master of the Dark Side Vodo Bonias, who on a number of instances I accompanied on his Super Star Destroyer for Imperial Union meetings. Then to be able to visit many places including pretty much every system under the Trade Federation banner. The privilege to command some of the most powerful and the most beautiful ships in the galaxy.

Yet with all the good things, comes the immense and back-breaking responsibility of leading such a group. The hours on hours of time spend on every corner of the Empire. I truly don't think anyone outside of people who have served in similar posts elsewhere fully understand the gravity of it all. The dedication few know and even fewer will ever experience while holding the office of Viceroy. A task I don't wish on anyone.

That brings me to one of the most, if not the most, important things I would ever do. Searching for a successor. I have always had someone in mind throughout my entire reign. As people retire and move on, my selection has changed. I have to look at a lot of factors. The obvious ones are loyalty, dedication, and experience. The more in-depth ones are ability to get the job done, such as commitment, diplomatic thinking, and big picture planning. Someone who won't rush into things or make decisions based on emotion instead of logic. Someone who is not afraid to make a decision that won't be popular but one they know is the right thing to do. Someone who has established relations with our allies and knows the political arena. Because if you don't think politics have anything to do with our position in the galaxy, you are very wrong. Someone who knows every department, every ministry in the Federation. Someone who has been in my own inner circle long enough to know every decision, every motive, and every direction we have gone in the past few years. Someone who I have absolute faith in and I can hand over the keys and sit back without a worry that my family and my home for such a long time will be okay.

This has been planned for almost a year now. To my dismay, the retirement of Regent Olwin Froon, who did not wish to become Viceroy due to personal restraints, was the first step. The next step was the appointment of Duceroy Salamku Derov and the inevitable promotion of our Regent Nohv Schiller, my successor.

Jacob turns to look back at Regent Schiller as he motions him to step forward. With a proud yet subtle smile, Regent Schiller walks to Jacobs side.::

It has been an absolute honor and privilege to serve as your Viceroy. I can't think of a better place to be in the entire galaxy. I have devoted so much and will continue to do so for years to come. This is my home and I will never leave it.

That said, I would like to introduce to you your new Viceroy of the Trade Federation. Viceroy Nohv Schiller!

The crowd begins to cheer and for a long few minutes both men just smile as excitement surges through the crowd. As it begins to get quiet once again, Jacob begins to speak again.::

With approval from the Cabinet I hereby resign from the post of Viceroy of the Trade Federation and surrender all titles and privileges associated to Nohv Schiller, your new Viceroy.

Jacob turns towards Nohv Schiller and hands over out the rarely seen Viceroyal Scepter. Nohv slowly reaches out and takes hand of the Scepter, holding it for the first time. Viceroy Jansen places a hand on the shoulder of Viceroy Schiller as he congratulates his successor. The Federation Cabinet join the two Viceroys as they wave into the crowd which has begun to cheer again.::

Viceroy Schiller, smiling at the exuberance of the gathering, signals for silence and, when he has it, looks to the Minister of Interior…::

You put the bar bill on my tab. I can tell.

Looking back to the audience, Viceroy Schiller settles Viceroy Jansen’s notes in his hands and begins to wing it.::

Today is a day I was not certain I would ever see. Nine years ago I began my career, and nine years from then I stand before you as a sentient unforeseen. I never intended to become Viceroy, even while serving as Jacob’s Duceroy. Nearly a decade of service to this galaxy’s preeminent leader had spoiled me into believing he would always be the face, heart, and guiding hand of the Federation. That in mind, I find myself grateful and overwhelmed to be chosen as the one to succeed such a man.

In recognition of his service to the Federation, for forging us into the galaxy’s premier economic power, my first act as Viceroy is to induct Jacob Jansen into the Order of the Viceroy. With this, he has right to the title of Duke and lordship over the system of Phateem.

Viceroy Schiller turns to face Duke Jansen, pins the medal on, and shakes the new Duke’s hand. Turning back to the conference room, he continues.::

Doing justice to the legacy of Viceroy Jansen will challenge us all, but we have advantages that Jacob did not in the opening days of his reign. We have all the efforts of his career and the careers of all his Regents, Duceroys, Ministers, and Directors, as well as Avancian First Seats, to build upon. We have a vision to achieve. And, in my second act as Viceroy, we still have Jacob himself. I hereby appoint Jacob Jansen to be Regent of the Trade Federation. Past Viceroys have not always had the luxury of their predecessor’s continued presence, and I have no intention of squandering his time.

It now becomes apparent to the crowd why Jacob never left the Viceroy Schiller’s side at the podium, and the chandeliers tinkle and sway threateningly from the audience’s explosive reaction to the revelation of Regent Jansen’s investiture. Viceroy Schiller waits patiently, smirking, as the entire assemblage insists upon another round of drinks and, briefly, some singing before he again signals for silence in order to speak at length about his plans to continue in Regent Jansen’s footsteps by promoting the Federation as an Empire of Trade, as well as fostering commerce throughout the rest of the galaxy. His speech ends on a sincere, pensive note…::

There are a great many people I have to thank for the place I now find myself. Many of them are present here today. I look out on your faces and am flooded with memories of good times, terrible jokes, and unwavering support. You have all given both the Federation and me much, and I believe every success of both would not have been possible without you. But. Today is not the day to list those I would honor. I will have all the days from this to thank you properly. Today is not my day. It is Jacob Jansen’s. Or, properly speaking, His Excellency, His Grace, the Duke of Phateem; Jacob Jansen, Master of the Evocati Order and Viceroy (ret.) of the Trade Federation.

Viceroy Schiller shows great difficulty controlling the smirk running rampant across his visage as the crowd collectively works through the double mouthful of Regent Jansen’s full title. Taking the opportunity afforded by the moment of confusion, he announces the proceedings to be at an official end, and the celebration to continue unhindered.::

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