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Image:Deo anastas ava.png
Biographical Information
Full Name: Deo Anastas
Homeworld: Tatooine
Physical Description
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Hair Colour: Red
Eye Colour: Blue
Trade Federation Service
Status: Retired
Ministry: Interior
Department: Logistics
Position: Pilot
Prior Service:



Early struggles in Tatooine

Deo Anastas was born and raised in Tatooine, living on the borderline of poverty alongside his dysfunctional family. He was born in the colony of Anchorhead during a rare phenomenon in which Tatoonie's twin suns aligned with one another. Shortly after giving birth, Deo's mother passed away.

Deo's father, Rayol Anastas, grew bitter over the lost of his wife. He blamed Deo for her death, yet he was obligated to care for him to honor his wife's memory. Throughout his childhood, Deo was incessantly beaten by his father, declaring that he was an omen, considering how his birth coincided with the alignment of Tatoonie's twin suns. Rayol Anastas, being a terrible moisture farmer, earned a meager salary. Furthermore, Rayol consistently spent most of his income on alcohol, leaving only enough credits to buy a minimal amount of food.

Being constantly under the threat of starvation, Deo was forced to take care of himself. He excelled in mathematics and computer operations, easily landing him a job in a local mining company. Deo lavished in the opportunity to earn a decent living. He spent many months as a miner and prospector, where his most natural talent, leadership, was discovered. Within a few months of service, Deo became the second-in-command for the small mining company. All was fine until, one fateful day, disaster struck. A large group of bandits raided the mining complex. Within a matter of minutes, all of Deo's friends were dead. Deo himself was badly wounded and left for dead -- and he would have been if it were not for a group of Jawas that found him hours after the massacre.

After recovering from his injuries inside the jawas' sandcrawler, Deo set off for a new purpose: revenge. Using his profound leadership skills, Deo assembled a small team of vigilantes. Armed with makeshift weaponry donated by his new Jawa friends, Deo and his team tracked down the bandits responsible for the mining massacre. The bandits were holed up in an abandoned mining complex, one that formerly belonged to the mining company that Deo worked in. Seemingly on instinct, Deo strategized a grand plan to expose the bandits to the open, and efficiently neutralize them with limited casualties. Using one of his SX-65 groundhogs as a makeshift bomb, Deo collapsed the mine right on top of the bandits. The surviving bandits were drawn out in the open, where Deo's team waited and efficiently neutralized them. After the battle, it was clear that Deo was also a natural infantry commander. Unfortunately, Deo's victory was cut short. The groundhog explosion and subsequent firefight attracted the attention of a nearby Tusken Raider camp. They quickly surrounded Deo's team in the mining complex. Deo was forced to take a defensive position and engage the tusken raiders. Despite being gravely outnumbered, Deo's affinity for warfare enabled his team to repel wave after wave of Tusken Raiders. After days of relentless fighting, the Tusken reserves were exhausted. However, the odds soon shifted to their favor. A massive sandstorm suddenly struck Deo's position. With his men's vision obscured by the perpetual storm of sand, the tusken raiders easily snuck behind their lines. Within a blink of an eye, Tusken Raiders popped out of the sand and eliminated Deo's team. Deo would have also suffered the same fate, but -seemingly on instinct- he realized there were tusken raiders lurking behind him. With military-like precision, Deo managed to disarm and eliminated the tusken ambushers. Desperate and alone, Deo fled from the battlefield. Fortunately, the Tusken Raiders' numbers were too depleted to persue, Deo escaped with his life. With nowhere else to go, Deo returned home. Rayol did not care why his son was missing for days, nor the fact that he smelled and looked like death. He routinely rebuked his son once more, but Deo went straight to bed. That night, Deo had a very intense dream where he saw the faces of all his friends surrounded by the void. Suddenly, he saw their faces fade into darkness as the bandits and tusken raiders dragged them to the void. Afterwards, he saw his father's face, and he too was taken to the void. The next day, Deo found his father dead. With everyone he loved gone, Deo realized that there was nothing left for him in Tatooine. He sold the moisture farm -being inherently his since his father's passing- and used the credits to travel to Mos Eisley. There, he begun searching for a new, better life, away from death and violence.

Serving the Trade Federation

While in Mos Eisley, Deo noticed an advertisement suggesting him to join the Trade Federation. Since arriving to the Mos Eisley, Deo gained a deep interest and appreciation for ships. Interested in becoming a pilot, Deo decided to join the Trade Federation, using a sizable portion of his life-savings to book passage to Taanab. He quickly, and easily, passed basic training and was placed into the flight team "Pathfinders." Under the command, and friendship, of his immediate superior Kopljanik Despotovic, Deo quickly attracted the attention of other members of the Department of Logistics. Though he has only served the Trade Federation briefly, his leadership, dedication, skill, and activeness shows that he has great promise.

Service Record

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