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Template:CharacterBox Wesley OyKi is a member of the Dorinian Military Corps in the Department of Robotics.

The Beginning

It all started at Naboo, the beautiful home planet of the Gungan's Once there was born a fellow Gungan called Wesley Oyki, He had great parents and when he was only 6 years old he started to build droids As the years passed, he became better and better. but on his 16th Birthday his parents were murdered by some Bounty Hunters. So Wesley OyKi hopped on a Trading Vessel and hid there with his fellow 3PO droid. Upon arrival he saw a big ship of the Trade Federation and he was searching for a job.

The Trade Federation

When Wesley Oyki was looking he found an leader talking about Battle Droids. that was when he found out that there was something here for him. So he talked to the leader and asked him about a job, and the leader said: "It is possible but you have to pass the Exam." So Wesley OyKi ran as fast as he could and he was just in time to do the exam.

Upon the result he heard that he had passed and so he made plans to join the Dorinian Military Corps. And so he started his own adventure. Collecting droids and ships and building them for the faction and starting factories. He earned a living on the Trade Federation and started to make some money so he could buy his own Ships and Droids for his protection against fellow bounty hunters or other dangerous Creatures.

And he also found some Riflemen that needed a job so he took some of his money and gave it to them and they accepted. So Wesley is now a Droid Builder / Commander / Captain and a member of the Trade Federation.

The Library

Upon completing many missions Wesley had some spare time trough his mission and he said to himself "I wanna find a way to help the Trade Federation even more." So he looked at the Holonet and saw an advertisement of a Library Leader that was looking a Team. Wesley thought he could learn something new and help them so he sent an application to the Leader and he got hired.

And this was the story of how Wesley Oyki joined the Trade Federation until this day he is still alive and happy.

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