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This bill lists what datacards the Trade Federation and its Nationalized Factions own. The bill will state what entities are used for military use and is restricted and/or open to anyone and what faction owns the technology.

-Technology colored in black is restricted technology only used by the Trade Federation. Only the Viceroy can approve a sale of this technology and/or datacards.
-Technology colored in Blue is temporally restricted and the restriction may be lifted at any time by order of the Viceroy.
-Technology colored in Gray is open to any faction/individual as long as they are not on the Trade Federation Black List.



Lucrehulk 3210 Battleship --- [Trade Federation]
C-9979 Landing Ship --- [Trade Federation]
Sheathipede-class Transport Shuttle --- [Trade Federation]
Scarab-class Droid Fighter --- [Trade Federation]
Marauder-class Corvette --- [Kuat Drive Yards]
Firespray-class Interceptor --- [Kuat Drive Yards]
Cloakshape/H Fighter --- [Kuat Drive Yards]
Cloakshape Fighter --- [Kuat Drive Yards]
Pursuer Enforcement Ship --- [Kuat Drive Yards]
YT-510 --- [Kuat Drive Yards]
YT-2400 --- [Kuat Drive Yards]
YV-666 --- [Kuat Drive Yards]
Starwind-class Pleasure Yacht --- [Kuat Drive Yards]
W-23 Star Hauler --- [Kuat Drive Yards]


Armoured Attack Tank --- [Trade Federation]
Single Troop Aerial Platform --- [Trade Federation]
FK-7 Airspeeder --- [Commerce Guild]
SX-65 Groundhog --- [Commerce Guild]


Battle Droid --- [Trade Federation]
Super Battle Droid --- [Trade Federation]
Destroyer Droid --- [Trade Federation]
Pit Droid --- [Dorinian Military Corps]
2X-3KPR --- [Dorinian Military Corps]
R1 Astromech --- [Dorinian Military Corps]

Items and Weapons

E-5 Droid Blaster --- [Trade Federation]
Battle Armour --- [Baktoid Armour Workshop]
Biological Sensor Pack --- [Baktoid Armour Workshop]
Camouflage Tent --- [Baktoid Armour Workshop]
Ceremonial Armour --- [Baktoid Armour Workshop]
Energy Sensor Pack --- [Baktoid Armour Workshop]
Security Control Panel --- [Baktoid Armour Workshop]
Mask --- [Baktoid Armour Workshop]
Riot Shield --- [Baktoid Armour Workshop]
Survival Pack --- [Baktoid Armour Workshop]
Toolkit --- [Baktoid Armour Workshop]
Combat Armour --- [Baktoid Armour Workshop]
Handled Shield --- [Baktoid Armour Workshop]
Macro Binoculars --- [Baktoid Armour Workshop]
Portable Power Fission Generator --- [Baktoid Armour Workshop]
Tent --- [Baktoid Armour Workshop]
Belt --- [Baktoid Armour Workshop]
Crafting Kit --- [Baktoid Armour Workshop]
Safe --- [Baktoid Armour Workshop]
SWLTR Helmet --- [Baktoid Armour Workshop]
SWLTR Suit --- [Baktoid Armour Workshop]
Tool Belt --- [Baktoid Armour Workshop]

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