Dak Ironfist

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{{CharacterBox | ImageHref=Dak ironfistava.png | Name=Dak Ironfist | Homeworld=Unknown | DateOfBirth=Unknown | DateOfDeath=Unknown | Species=--- | Gender=Male | EyeColour=-- | HairColour=-- | Era=-- | Affiliation=TF_Ministry_of_the_Interior

Working in the Federation

Dak, joined the Trade Federation in 2008 and started out in the Department of Logistics while nohv still was the Director. soon after that he was moving up the ranks to FLO, CFLO, Deputy Director under Jas Nightblade, Director of Logistics and now currently Deputy Minister. Also Dak had a Temporary Leadership of the Commerce Guild once but that was only as a Steward until the new LeaderShip was decided.

Dak Ironfist is the current Dept Minister of Interior.


"Quite a smart man. Dak was gifted with a very brilliant mind, a mind that enables him to design something exactly as he sees it. With this ability he has been able to make incredibly high tech gadgets with incredibly low tech tools. This served him well during his time in a small military group that saw more than its fair share of war, earning them an early honorable discharge. Now Dak has set his mind to a new task. Designing an extremely capable star ship that he will one day call his own. Until that day Dak is willing to work for those who are in need of his skills and those who are willing to compensate him."

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