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| [[Jeeva Ob]]
| [[Jeeva Ob]]
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|[[Commerce Guild]]
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| Mining
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| [[Trade Federation]]
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The Confederacy of Independent Systems, known as the CIS, is a unique group centered on trade to help each allied faction develop. At the moment there are nine factions as members in the CIS. If there is a military threat to any one of the nine factions, a vote takes place if the other factions will support the conflict. The CIS is not a military alliance. The Confederacy was established with the Articles of Confederation. senatelogoweb.png



The Confederacy of Independent Systems is governed by a Senate. The Confederacy of Independent Systems Senate ensures the fiscal and entrepreneurial independence of each member faction. The Senate approves membership, passes laws, and regulates commerce between Confederate members. The Senate consists of 13 Magistrates, 9 Senators and 2 Tribunes. All of which follow the leadership of the Consul who, is in turn elected by all voting members of the Senate. The tribunes are typically the current Viceroy and Duceroy of the Trade Federation. The CIS follows laws defined in the Constitution.



The Confederacy of Independent Systems Senate ensures the fiscal and entrepreneurial independence of each member faction. The Senate approves membership, passes laws, and regulates commerce between Confederate members.

In the Senate, each Confederate faction is represented by one member who almost always is the faction leader with an exception to the Trade Federation. The Viceroy and Duceroy of the Trade Federation both serve as Tribunes to the Senate as the Trade Federation is considered the controlling government of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. As a result, the total membership of the body is 16. Senators serve a life term or until they are no longer a Confederacy Faction leader.

Along with the Senator, each Confederate faction is allowed one representative to enter the Senate Chambers with an exception to the Trade Federation who has 3 representatives (The three Ministers of the Federation Cabinet). However this representative is only an advisor and has no voting power. Representatives are known as Magistrates. Like the Senator, a Magistrate will serve a life term or until they are no longer serving in the Confederate faction they represent or they are removed by the Confederate faction Senator.



The Consul serves as the presiding officer of the Confederacy of Independent Systems Senate. The Consul is elected by a 2/3 vote of the Senate whenever the position is vacated. Only Senators are eligible to serve as Consul. The Consul must remain a Senator of the Confederate Senate to continue to hold office. In the event the Consul would leave or be removed from the Senate, the office of Consul would be open for election. By tradition, the most senior senator usually is elected as Consul of the Confederacy of Independent Systems.


Senators and Tribunes (Leaders of CIS Factions and the Trade Federation Viceroy and Duceroy)


Magistrates (Second-in-Command of CIS Factions and Trade Federation Ministers)


Members of the CIS Senate are present to express their interests and uphold the ideals of the CIS. Members are also to report to the Senate matters of urgency to the Confederacy in the areas of security, finance, and faction. They can open any matters they feel suitable for discussion by the Senate.

The Consul has the duty to moderate the Senate. They can open, close, and call to vote any matter that appear before the Senate.

Special Powers


-In the matters of a tied vote, the Consul would become the deciding vote. -In the case of Impeachment/Removal procedures, the Consul also has the duty to investigate any claims made against a member of the Senate. If sufficient evidence exists to the Consul, they may initiate further action defined in the Constitution.


-In the matters of a vote, Tribunes have veto powers over any and all votes put up by the Senate. In order for a veto to be valid, both Tribunes must voice their agreement with the veto. -If the Consul should step down or be removed from power, the senior Tribune (Viceroy of the Trade Federation) assumes the Consul's chair until a new Consul is elected by the Senate.


Amendments to the Constitution of the Confederacy of Independent Systems will be handled by introducing an amendment by the Consul. The Senate will have no less than five days to discuss the amendment before a vote on the amendment can be called by the Consul. An amendment to the Constitution must meet with a 3/4 vote of all voting members. No member has the right to abstain from this vote.


In the case of a faction lead vacancy, the Second-In-Command recognized by the Senate will fill the place of a faction lead until the faction appoints another suitable replacement.

The Consul ultimately decides if this replacement is suitable. If the Consul deems the selection unsuitable, the faction can appeal the decision to the Trade Federation court system or select another suitable candidate.

Removal from the Senate

Removal of a Senate member is introduced by any member of the Senate on the basis of security, finance, or faction suffering. The Consul will take these complaints under advisement and report cause for a vote if sufficient evidence exists. The removal of this Senate member is decided by a 3/4 vote of the Senate voting membership (excluding the accused).

Once a Senate Member is removed, the faction this member represents must make arrangements for a replacement approved by the Consul in the same manner as filling a "Vacancy".

The Consul can be removed by the same procedure. However, Faction Leaders (Senators, excluding the Chair) will decide by a simple majority that sufficient evidence results for a vote of removal. Removal is also done by a 3/4 vote by the Senate membership (excluding the Consul).


The Senate can impeach any member of the Senate by presenting cause defined in the removal procedure and obtaining a vote of 2/3. Impeachment is a formal indictment by the Senate that renders further investigation by the Trade Federation court.

New Membership Approval

The Senate will consider a faction for membership of the Confederacy through the following process. Any member, voting or non-voting, will bring a proposal for membership before the Senate. The Senate will review the proposal by inquiry for at least five days or until a vote is called for by the Consul.

To approve a faction for membership, the Council must decide unanimously to grant the faction membership. Any members abstaining do not affect the approval process.

Creating Confederacy Laws

Any Senator can present bills for consideration by the Senate for their action. The Senate will use these bills as the basis for creating laws for the Confederacy. The main interest and intent of these bills are to promote actions taken by Confederate factions in securing safety, encouraging trade, and promoting independence. These bills are reviewed by the Senate in a query session for at least five days or until the Consul calls for a vote. During this process the, originator of the bill can make revisions and answer questions about the bill's intent and benefit to the Confederacy. For any bill to become a Confederate law, the Senate must pass the bill by a 2/3 vote. Enforcement of the law will be handled by Confederate factions for their membership and, if necassary, the Confederacy's Court system within the Trade Federation government.

Declaration of War

The Senate can declare war on a governing body with a 2/3 vote of the membership. Any actions taken against a "waring body" can be decided by a simple quorum. They need not take the full voting Senate in order to expedite action and readiness of the Confederacy.

Members of the CIS

Member Factions of the Confederacy of Independent Systems (In alphabetical order)
Logo Faction Type Senators Magistrates
BAWLogo2.png Baktoid Armour Workshop Item Production Metyl Onyx Jeeva Ob
Image:09cgLogo70x70.png Commerce Guild Mining Pat Rulla [[]]
Image:Cmc.jpg Confederate Recycling Company Recycling Dakin Nerwalker Tobias Korabah
Image:Dmclogonew.png Dorinian Military Corps Droid Production Daniel Zorg Shaidar Haran
File:Tu_logo.png Techno Union Vehicle Production Dagur Amon [[]]
mtilogo.jpg MedTech Industries Medical Toran Slisik Gariad Highflier
File:Kdy_logo_70x70.png Kuat Drive Yards Ship Production Garon Lennister [[]]
file:Maintflogo.png Trade Federation Government Viceroy:

Jacob Jansen


Bub`ba Lou


Kage Renbukai

Morga Deva

Dominic Masters

Olwin Froon

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